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[KK] You Are Teh Pirate

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Why did the pirate go see a movie......it was rated 'arrr'

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A half decent Kitty Krew

Not that good. Just okay.

Random, but decent. The penis jokes almost ruined it.

The song was possibly the best bit, it made me laugh. The girl singer was definetly the best.

None that I can think. I'm kind of glad, excessive violence can ruin potentially good movies.

I chuckled a bit at the song but there wasn't much else to it. Not amazingly funny.

Although it had its flaws, it's actually the best Kitty Krew flash I've ever seen. There was a lot of room for improvement, a remake with better graphics and a corrct description would be great.

*Best points*

*Points to improve*
Animation, just so they look a bit more realistic.
Needs a correct description.
Should probably contain less nudity as it wasn't sexy or funny.

It wasn't good enough for me to give it anything special, nor bad enough for me to give it any bad awards.

A lot of room to improve.

That was disturbing...

But it ws great animation! And a good song too. But I don't like the humor.

Suprised me

Normally stay far away from any KK submissions. ALtough ive seen this flash in a different way, its still not bad

wow, this was actualy pretty decent.

this was actualy a decent KK submission since:

1: it was actually funny
2: it did not flame all of us at the UU
3: it was amusing.

keep this work up. i was planning on making an anti KK movie, but it is being swapped to be an anti SS movie due to their profound actions against turdUzi :-)


This was a [kk]submission that was actually half decent/funny. Most of the things submitted by this troup are not of any merit at all, but this is actually kinda funny.

True, it's not a new idea, but it's still decently made nonetheless. If only the rest of the [kk] submissions were of this calibur...