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Luis is an Animator...

rated 2.41 / 5 stars
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Jan 19, 2007 | 12:17 PM EST

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Author Comments

I need to catch a train. This is to humiliate Luis. Bye!




Rated 5 / 5 stars


You've been favorited

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LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Finally - a review from Luis! Glad you liked.

I first thought you were talking to me, but no - it's submission that's been favourited.

You love animation so much you speak to animations in the 2nd person!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I found the idea of this funny. I liked how you had Luis' awards and it seemed like an endless list. The graphics were funny and so was that great song.

The graphics could have been improved but as you said you had to whip this up fast. But the graphics added to the humor.

A funny flash

~Review Request Club~

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Glad you liked!

The song was all recorded within the 1h 20mins!

Stay funky,
- Bez


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
Graphics were pretty good. I like the sketchy, artsy type drawings in this. An interesting submission.

^^Needs Improving^^
I couldn't hear a lot of the lyrics in this, possibly because they were just sung too low to really hear well. I didn't know at all what was going on in this movie.

Review Request Club

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Cheers man!

I guess I should've boosted all the volumes. Or maybe you could boost the volume on your speakers?

Luis is an animator
Who often gets the Newgrounds Daily Feature.
His animations are so pimp.
It seems to be a true passion!

But Luis...
Where's Murray the Monkey?
Please don't let him die...
You abandoned episode 2 repeatedly
And you almost made me cry.

(You made me cry...)

But today is July the 19th
So eat some cake (CAKE) and brush your teeth (TEETH)
I hope the coming year is good (good...)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I found this rather boring.

Although the submission itself wasn't bad at all, I just found it really boring. I mean, the graphics were rather lousy for the most part and I did not enjoy it that much. The storyline was rather dull and monotonous and I again, found it hard to really enjoy. It was nice that you made Luis seem like some animation guru or something, but other than that this submission really did not have anything to offer. Not great.

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Ah well.

I'm still happy with it considering the time invested. ;-)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


There really any animation except some little movie clips. Also the white background doesn't add anything. Make some other cool, not blank, background. The music wasn't all that good so get some other music. No violence so show yourself or someone killiing Luis (if thats what u want) or something. Add some humor in some way

You can do better

Review Request Club

LuckyLollipopLad responds:

Hmmm... I guess I could've changed the colour or put in some blots of colour...

The music was composed and performed in honour of Luis. That's half the point of the animation - the music I made for him.

I really wouldn't want to kill Luis. Just embarrass him.

Yeah, I guess it's not for everyone.

If I ever finish a Gogan&Bakura episode, I'm sure you'll prefer that.

Stay funky.