PacMan Platform 2

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** Frontpage too??! Thanks a lot(again)!!
** Daily 2nd!? Didn't expect that, thanks a lot everyone!

Up key - Jump
Right/Left key - Move right/left
Q - Change quality

It's finally done :) It has been a while since I submitted the first PacMan Platform, which also was the first game I made. Now I have more experience and I think that this is much better than the first one.
I also invited a friend to be a part of this by making a minigame which ended up in "The Adventures Of PacMan" :)
Hope you enjoy!




it was good..... for a while. the game got boring real quick. Make more action to add, not just swallowing ghosts

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Pretty good...

..But it gets boring after a while.

Graphics - 10 - Well it is a pac-man game after all, so i don't really want first person shooter graphics
Sound - 7 - Music put on a loop, but is that crash bandicoot i hear?
Gameplay - 7 Good but gets boring after a while, needs new features implemented early in the game to keep users interested.

And thats all i can think of reviewing.

P.S. Thats crash bandicoot music, isn't it!

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Anything Pacman

It's hard really to go wrong with pacman. He is one of those characters that just makes you smile no matter how the game present him. When you made this game you made something diffrent, everyone likes the old arcade style pacman. However it's been over used, everyone does it. No matter how many tributes and demos people make pacman will always be the same game.

This game.... However... Reaches a new height of excellence for pacman, and you should be proud of it. The art work is fine and there is some soothing sound effects for constatnt failures. There is also plenty of things in pacman that many would'nt have included in a platform game and were included in this submission, it's nice to level up with the pac-ghosts in platform mode.

The onyl issue is like all platform games, this game is of a high difficulty, it would be a reasonable decision to add in the classic, easy, medium and hard modes. Nohting to complex all they would need to do is determine how many lives the player starts with. Example, Easy: 6/6, Medium: 3/6, Hard: 1/6. Some simple system like this could really go a long way.

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the music in the forest minigame is saria's song from da legend of zelda im like a zelda freak i even got an ocarina just like link and ur game iz too easy but in a good way. :P

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this is great keep up the good work I hope you make more..

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4.06 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2007
8:37 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other