Ultimate Prophet Episode9

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After defeating the Wyvern, Thalius ventured deeper into the gorge in search of Terra. After days of trudging through the deep abyss, Thalius finally has come to a palace. This could only be stronghold of Terra. Thalius must now enter the palace and defeat Terra once and for all.


it didnt play!

like the other 8


they dont play! and the score for this flash is 0.00! lol

You must not have gotten the memo

"Surprises" like this got old long before your time. Now their just yawners and free blam points.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you posted this yesterday. Thanx for making it clear that I made a mistake in doing that.

It's quite likely that I have far more time on my hands than you do and I've found that finding ways to use it constructively is far more entertaining than annoying people gratuitously.

You should give it a try sometime. You do ok with words. Try posting in Rants and Raves on Craigslist to develop your talent.

You're doing this on purpose

Stop it, jeez, you've got a bad sense of humor. Are you just doing this to make it LOOK like you're a flash artist?

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2.58 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2007
8:57 PM EST
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