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Mind Boggle

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This is a simple puzzle game with different levels. The object is to slide the squares to formulate the target pattern. If anyone solves the game please post a message and let me know. Good Luck!



You have a good game here but I always hated this sorts of puzzles. You get one section lined up but then you need to ruin it to make the rest of it fit...grrr. Still, it's a good game.

Advanced is advanced

I've never been able to do the rubiks cube or pyramid and despite half an hour of effort couldn't make it through this on advanced.

What I really liked, though, was beginner mode. It was easy enough for me to manage - although when I first approached it it seemed difficult, I soon got my head around it and upon returning I tried it a few more times, managine it within seconds (to see the great quotes).

I think 'beginner mode' could be turned into more of a game, to provide some intermediate stages. How about letting us try it with some arrow pairs missing?

Any chance of you making that?

atkman responds:

Thank you for your input. I have added an intermediate stage along with more sound and better graphics. It is definetly more of a game with an end.

Its okay

Not bat, it could have been a little harder but all around pretty good.
Make a harder one!


don't listen to that other guy... he's just sore that he couldn't beat it on beginner ;) i think it's a puzzle that should make it through without mych problem. my only problem is that the advanced is fricken hard! rock on.

It was boring.

Sorry, but that sucked. I may just be a stickler for action, but it was just boring.

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2.33 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2007
10:10 AM EST
Puzzles - Sliding