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Ichigo Vs.Link p2

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it took a while but its finally finished ichigo and link battle in the second half.



i mean i could watch this over and over with loads of endings in fact i think i will

jjmarth responds:

great that you liked it but why a zero?

That was a great way to end the flash

Lol nice job on explainin why link could hit and see Ichigo the graphics and sound are pretty much the same as the first but I like how the endings have two parts one where the winner would totally dominate the other or the other one where the loser could have a chance to escape or to win so overall nice flash here

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Shut up, D-SuN!

Hey, creator of this movie! I liked this movie, especially with Oni-Link! And, D-SuN, reviewer before me, shut up!

3 minutes, 8 Megs....

This movie wasent very ling, adding up all the scenes, there is no need for it to be 8 megs. should only be tops 1.5 megs.

sprites, i like ichigos sprite from Jump, Links sprite are discusting. The background was awfull. the graphics of sprites can be good, but in this movie. nope. 4

wow. Link vs someone again. At least this time its Ichigo. somehting new. 3

- Sound -
midis sound like shit. only 1 sound effect. 0

-Violence -
lots of slashing and dashing. not no blood, but nice stabs in the chest. 8

- Iteractivity -
scene selection. nice, could be a bit mroe colourful. 4

None. but it not supose to be funny anway. 0

-Finishing Comment -
Reduce the file size. your animation skills are fairly low, keep practising and u'll get better.

Ichigo pwns Link any day.

Links one dead 8-bit boy.

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3.52 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2007
6:26 PM EST
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