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"The Shadow"

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Made the movie at the end of the last year, but fixed a few bits now, so it's ready for submitting. AuntyRae did great job with sound for your pleasure. Enjoy!

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What's so hard to understand?

Perhaps that animation style seemed abstract, but considering the bird's headspace, it seemed appropriate. This film was spot-on in it's message, I thought. The style was well-rendered, the sound wasn't overbearing to the bird's plight, and the spectre's visage was wrought with a stark humor. I enjoyed this film thouroughly.

Awww, poor bird :,(

This was rather abstract. Now normally I would suggest you improve your drawing but the style was such (abstract) that I don't think it needs it if you are to make similar animations.

You don't get high marks for graphics but that means nothing in this case, I can't imagine it being any better with improved graphics.

The music was an interesting choice but I liked it, I think it fit reasonably well.

And finally, the poor bird, I thought it was going to be funnier than it was, it turned out to be sad. I'm actually not quite sure what to think about your animation when it comes what emotion it envokes. The style was humorous but the animation was ultimately sad... I'm actually confused right now, but in a good way.

Anyway, I liked this, I hope you make more :)

you seem like a good guy

this kinda reminded me of shoo fly, only with poor budget and a different storyline, it was a good watch, you should make more of these, make the sound a little better though, and maybe better animation, it was kinda hard for me to follow, but the ending was pretty cool, i liked that.


very different, but i liked it

FREELENS responds:


Strange movie.

This is definitely a movie worth watching once. Kinda strange though. The sound could have used a little work, the running away music that played with the bird was kinda sloppy and somehow i think it needed more repetition. But this is my opinion. Your the artist and I am merely the spectator.

FREELENS responds:

Spectator is another face of the artwork.

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4.58 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2007
5:21 PM EST