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"Tell The Truth"

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~http://www.urukvideomach i ne.blogspot.com/
~http://www.myspace.com/u r ukvideomachine
Submitted with permission on behalf of "urukvideomachine".
~http://www.freedocumenta ries.org /
Watch "Century of Self".
It talks about Sigmund freud, Edward Bernays, and wilhelm reichs' theories being used in advertising, politics, and those in power to manipulate the "mob mentality"! It's so important to understand how we are being told how to live! I beg you all to open your eyes and understand it to see through it all.

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Oh wow flash first?


WOW, thats deadly cool

fukin A man, more poeple need to know the facts of America, too many are developed drones always listening to their T.V as some sort of answer to worldwide problems but only get the cencored parts of whats actually goes on keep up the truth even if it means using lies

Laiderdaiv responds:

Keep up the truth even if it means using lies?

o_O....Mind explaining what that means exactly?


I understand everything about this and the message. I also know that the illuminati are reptilians and freemasonry is a
secret society, there trying to have a one-world-government.

Laiderdaiv responds:


Watch "Century of Self".
It talks about Sigmund freud and Edward Bernays' theories being used in advertising, politics, and those in power to manipulate the "mob mentality".

Very amazing insight to see through it all!

that was sik

thats the best thing ive eva seen on newgrounds (except for the punk-o-matic). i agree witheverything in that movie. the graphics were mental, and the song was great. rock on

ahahaha another gullible conspricay believer

I dont believe in conspiracys I cant even say or speak the word. It was you Blue State left culture liberals that knocked down the towers, but the muslims and terrorist actually did it. As for the flash whover made it did an okay job nice catchy tune clear crisp graphics and I think it looped I didnt watch the whole thing.

Laiderdaiv responds:

Please delve into the history of 20th-century social control by watching "Century of Self".
As someone that doesn't believe in conspiracies, I would think the ideology of the blue state left culture liberals" would be a conspiracy. Or, am I confused?
The unconstitutional Federal Reserve being allowed to print a nations currency and produce revenue for the owners is a conspiracy. Know anything about that?
A well planned out scam, basically.
A group of rich people met on Jackal Island, went by an alias & went about lobbying politicians to make it pass. Their first attempt was unsuccessful but tried again over winter vacation when most voters were away for the holidays....How is that not a "secret plan to do something illegal"?- The very definition of a conspiracy.

I don't consider myself a "gullible conspiracy believer" however I do exercise a credulousness towards proven truth with documented evidence. Listened to what some have said? The same politicians that told us it would be "duck soup to go into the Iraq War" are the same exact people that are saying it's a mistake to leave. (I think Cheney/McCain/Bush hold the aforementioned view)
We're repeating the mistake of the Vietnamese War.

How do you describe the astounding video uncovered from the archives of the BBC reporting on the collapse of WTC Building 7 over twenty minutes before it fell at 5:20pm on the afternoon of 9/11? The footage (it's on utube) shows a BBC reporter talking about the collapse of the Salomon Brothers Building while it remains standing in the LIVE shot behind her head. LOL
Wait, it was reportedly scheduled to be demolished and the news anchors simply presented it too soon or something...

Having not accepted a general belief that conspiracies exist, you have discredited your entire argument. For all decency, prove me deceitful if I've contaminated what I said with false information or sourced a bullshit video that was misleadingly presented.
You should watch "Century of Self"
It talks about Sigmund freud, Edward Bernays, and Wilhelm Reichs' theories being used in advertising, politics, and those in power to influence the "mob mentality".
Feasible subjection.
I hope that you seek truth and realize that conspiracies are apart of our reality.

Is that overburdening your shoulders?
Perhaps people just don't give a shit.
Please at least get an education in the history of 20th-century social control by watching "Century of Self".

A fascinating documentary and if you have some time this weekend, be sure to check it out. You'll come to understand how important it is to sell ideas and associations on top of every product or service you provide.

"Change we can believe in."

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3.77 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2007
10:08 AM EST