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Nut Drop.

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The object of the game is to catch all the nuts without letting them hit the ground, if they hit the ground you lose a life.

Green - make you faster
Pill - Bigger
Squirrel - 1 up
Crazy pill - find out.

Red - slows you down
Spike - takes away life

Gotta love the crazy nut :D.

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^^Good Points^^
Definitely the best game I've reviewed so far today. The graphics were nice, the backgrounds were drawn pretty well, and I liked the animations of the squirrel running. The game was pretty cool with all of the different upgrades and downgrades, and the game got progressively harder pretty quickly. A fun game overall.

^^Needs Improving^^
A few times my mouse fell off the screen and I lost a few lives, but I guess that was probably of my own fault.

mm mmh..

Its.. good, but nothing new or really interesting. The whole concept of the game have been used in a couple games of the same style.

ahh nice and relaxing...

ahh nice relaxing music getting nuts for the winter cute litle squirel getting nuts on his head and seems quite happy about it cuz he's doing it over and over again. nice tree fluffy little tail wiggeling on the branch. nice and relaxing like a summer breeze.

huh? cool a color switching nut!

eh!? ooooh it's the illegal drugs nut!

very cute

very cute indeed a nice little relaxing game.. untill you got to the coulourful nut

Epileptics Enemy!

Wow, this game was a pushover, i scored 1436 before getting bored then reviewing this game, so obviously i liked the game, the crazy pill was fairly annoying but while it was falling it was good to look at. Keep up the good work.