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Space Fortress Macross

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Jan 15, 2007 | 9:12 PM EST
  • Frontpaged January 17, 2007
  • Daily Feature January 17, 2007
  • Weekly 4th Place January 17, 2007

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Author Comments

For more info on the film, check out: .com/

In the year 1999, an alien vessel crashed on Earth. Ten years later, a united mankind has sought to rebuild the fallen space fortress and travel to the stars. Our story begins here…

This film is not based on the mythos set by Robotech. It's based on the original source material for Robotech's Macross Saga and its film version, Macross: Do You Remember Love.

Certain scenes were taken from the 15th Anniversary Playstation game.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Please read!^^

First the flash: It was good...the graphics, the storyline, camera angles...all was perfectly set up for being a cool anime style. But here comes THE PROBLEM!

I watched the animated starcraft series here on newgrounds, people might know what Im referring to... And both of you got EXACTLY the same problem: Animation and Drawings! I like this submission and you should definetely continue the story...but get someone to do the character art for you...and maybe someone who can animate. I swear you`ll get more 5ves when doing so, and you´ll be able to beat the starcraft guys...

But listen: you´re destroying your own work when not giving it all to your project...It only needs the last kick to be freakin awesome! So go out and get´s really a pity...

MedMapGuy responds:

Well! I never expected to be compared with Starcraft - of all things. That film has one of the ugliest character (humans) art imaginable. I almost went the collab route with this production, but the thought of coordinating with people wasn't very appealing... I guess the best thing to do would be to increase the detail of characters!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


well i guess this has to be for macross fans because i was soooo freakin bored watching this ... (i hate macross so much)

brain function...slowing...downnnnn. .............

but anyway.. you did a great job animating and i respect the style (from what i saw).. very nice and clean.

i gave you a 7 just cause i felt like there could have been more to it. just something was missing.. but hey.. it's more than what i can do at this point.

MedMapGuy responds:

At least, despite hating the source material, you still gave the flash a fair review. Thanks.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice but.. (some rant)

..this is the kind of "movie/anime/show/whatever" that i HATE the most, because there is absolutely no logic whatsoever, and its also extremely "cliché":
The ennemy is super-powerfull, they got the numbers, have a tech level ten times more superior than the good guys, they got an full scale invasion force all over the planet and have total control of the planet orbit with their uber-flying-battlestations with mega-guns-of-doom.
BUT, they become ridiculously incompetent and fragile the instant the Hero(s) (and anything related to him and his mission, such as the Macross here, that the ennemies for some reason fail to destroy in a flashy and eye-catching one-hit kill from orbit, despite the ship being city sized) get into the picture.
Why does the ennemy even bother invading the planet? They can comfortably bombard it from orbit back to the stone age and then invade it.
Screw logic, screw tactics, screw logistics and screw the fact that the hero have like 100 superior ennemies shooting at him plus the support fire from very accurate orbital lasers, he just cant lose. Its why i hate the gundam series too. Its like a bad sitcom for Sc-Fic kids.

But enough ranting, lets get to the good points.

I dunno how the Macross series look like (but it look like gundam a lot IMO) but you put a lot of attention on the scenes steps.. i dunno how to say that.. lots of eye candy just to see the fighter launch for example.. but this is a bit too typical of that kind of anime, it would be good to do less and focus a bit more on the hero.
The animations are well done, in fact, very well done. You certainly took a lot of inspiration from animes.
The voice acting.. i guess its taken from the series, there was some good quality sounds here.
Why does the hero is blue skinned? Is he a evolved smurf?

So its technicaly very good, but lack originality (it should not be a problem for you with what i saw), but i personally hate the story and everything that goes with it.

MedMapGuy responds:

Well, it's okay. The TV show Macross does have some kind of explanation for the enemies holding back, but I couldn't go into detail for this film due to the running time...

Would ya believe, I used to hate anime too, (I won't name names) but the sci-fi stuff the Japanese do is quite interesting. The voice acting all come from the Voice Acting Club... The intro is the only place where I got voices from the film (I couldn't achieve those odd echoes the aliens make when they talk). The heroes are tinted blue because of the helmet. Actually, I don't know why they're blue. :P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Bang up job,

First off I must say that this made me get off my arse and sign up to the site to say two things.

One is that you did an excellent job, far better than I can achieve at the moment.

Second off the connection to Robotech, Carl Masac, the original diabolical mastermind of Harmony gold, decided that he wanted to make a show.

From that decision came robotech, a completely desecrated, torn asunder, and mauled version of the original Macross. But not only Macross, he also decided it would be great to take two other series that are not immediately related to macross, Super Dimensional cavalry southern cross, and Genesis climber mesopedia.

The original sentinals movie was actually going to take scenes from a lesser known set of movies called Megazone 2-3, but that was scrapped when Harmony gold realized Robotech had declined too far in popularity to be bothered.

In a freakish way the anime fans of North America still need to thank Carl Masac for his contributions, it helped many people realize there are other, better shows out there than what is produced from NA, and also showed us just how low NA distribution can go in editing and dubbing.

To quote one of his statements from a texas talk show "We outsourced our animation department to japanese artists for the Robotech project."

Meanwhile he was hackjobing the whole thing into something that only vaguely resembled the original simply because they used the same images.

it also scarred me from the name Minmay for life...

Anyhow that's my two bits, have a good one!

MedMapGuy responds:

Thanks for shedding some light on the Robotech connection to Macross. I guess I was so tired in explaining to people the differences (especially when I made the Sentinels serieS) that I forgot that Macross/Robotech is a very niche property...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was awsome

I think u only missed to include Minnmay in some way, not just in the ending song. Appart from that, this is the most incredible flash movie I have ever seen...I almost reminds me Macros Ai Oboete Imasuka and Macross Zero in some ways !