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The Supermilitia

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Jan 15, 2007 | 10:06 AM EST

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What would happen, I thought, if I based some superheroes on people I knew 25 years ago in my small, rural high school? And what if, instead of dropping them in a post-apocalyptic wasteland or crime-ridden city, I put them in southern Missouri? Well, I found out why most successful fantasy art is not conceived in such a manner. It was a good excuse to try a little voice acting, however, and
to animate some mouths, and to get my daughters in on the fun.

This Flash is a project I started over a year ago, but let it sit when it seemed to be lacking something. Last month I dusted it off and fleshed it out a bit. The underlying story expanded along with the filesize resulting in my
splitting it into two parts, the first of which is presented here. If you're old enough to remember the cheesy Filmation Superfriends cartoons from the early seventies you'll see a reference or two. Otherwise the humor may seem utterly nonsensical, though I hope you enjoy it anyhow.

P.S. If you recognize the ancient PC the robot is based upon I will proclaim you a true old-school computer nerd and hold you in high esteem.



Rated 4 / 5 stars


And AGAIN you have amazed me. This seriously had me laughing for forever. It's so random and unordinary, but in a way that you can still watch the whole thing without being too lost. Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot of movement with the characters going on, but then again, it's an interesting style to use, and you pulled it off well. Wonderful!


AeroHead1966 responds:

Thanks again. If you search YouTube for "Superfriends 1973" you'll see the kind of cheesy animation that skewed my 7-year-old imagination and led me to create Flash cartoons like this one.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I was suprised

I realy like this style, the oldschool background with the polished chars in it, it was suprisingly new, also the sound didnt sound that bad to me but there is one thing to improve on.
Story, the story is just way out of the blue, not a thing to relate on. If you gonna do a story like this then imo the humor lvl should be way up high!

Goodjob keep up the goodwork and polish it some more :)

AeroHead1966 responds:

Thanks for reviewing! It's indeed a struggle to find that humor vibe, as in "Dad's Home", that strikes a chord with everyone. Mine ends up kinda Monty Pythonesque: alot of folks say "Huh?!" Honest opinions are invaluable in perfecting this art, thanks again.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Awesome style, minor production faults, nice flash

This is pretty nice. It not only captures the beauty of old school television cartoons, it emulates the style. The characters are somewhat stiff, though, not well animated. It IS part of the joke but so isn't how the superheroes resolve their struggles.

The main thing that struck me was the coloring style of the backgrounds. They sharply contrast with the styles of the characters themselves. This I've picked up from cartoons over the years until recent times. It instantly draws you into a very different world than what you're used to.

If I had a complaint, it is the sound quality. Lots of things sound muffled. You probably used a basic sound recorder, though I'd recommend Audacity if you don't have it.

I look forward to part II and maybe someone will put this on the Front Page since the unique execution already embodies enough nostalgia to warrant a look from everyone.

AeroHead1966 responds:

Thanks for the Audacity advice. Your ear is correct: basic sound recorder it was, and rather clunky. I learn something valuable from each Flash - the next will sound better.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


The gags were funny and the concept is fresh. Could do a little better with the animation but it was well drawn regardless.

AeroHead1966 responds:

Yes, the characters were a bit stiff. This is the first time I've tried animating mouths and it was alot of work, so I admit I was a little lazy on the overall animation.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I thought this would be crap but it turned out to be something I am looking forward to seeing another installment of! keep up the great work! this is the most original thing I have seen on newgrounds for a very long time!! 5/5!

AeroHead1966 responds:

Woohoo! Thanks much.