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Webcam Confessions

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The somewhat vague revelations of a confused video blogger.

I have no explanation for this movie. Enjoy!

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Was that actual footage from an actual webcam? I truly appreciate how realistic you are making it, then. I admit it's a bit too short. It's still nice to see this gorgeous animation. I mean, I guess it's drawn pretty realistically. I like these voices.

Again, they're not voice actors, are they? The effects are quite nice. I can believe that this is an actual thing people said on a webcam. Then again, people will say anything nowadays. Either way, it's good.



That was the funnyist thing i saw today!

What the fuck man?

That was the funniest shit ever... I'm laos quite fond of things.
I can't believe how fucking much I laughed at this.


Awesome. Looks like 90% of all vloggers have one of these vague moments every once in a while, so it feels like a weird dèjá vu to me. Very well done.