Queers of War

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After many late night sessions of Gears of War in the NG office, we decided it would be fun to have a Cartoon Slumber Party, where everyone made their own gay spoofs of GoW.

This collab is the result of that evening.


I love dick jokes!

See, this is me kissing your flagged submission better.

:-* :-* :-*


Wow alot of this was just a sasauge fest. I know this is sapost to be a Gay Gears of War but some of the d!cks weren't needed. This flash is kinda weird tho. Through the whole flash I think "omg this is (litteraly) gay" but then I laughed at the end of everyone. But I am sad to not really at Tom's flash. I mean it was just the guy jerking off for a minute and then just jumping out and "doing" something to him. lol I also like the last one you have to unlock. It was, of course, the best. Well I hope more collabs are made like this one (except for the d!ck parts).


That was hilarious.

Everyone's part was really funny. The only suggestion I have is maybe use the Flash savedata feature so every time I want to see James's amazing part (lol) I don't have to watch all of the other ones again.

I love you guys...

That was hillarious, at least some productivity came out of all those long nights.
Poor Jim... oh and, no Wade?

Can we say 'Amazing'?

This is the most epic collab ever on Newgrounds! An 'orgy' you could say of the very best NG artists coming together and fucking shit up. Animation so beautiful it could make Jesus cry. A tale of courage and friendship, and sticking together for the very worst of times. "Hold up, I need more ammo." Indeed, INDEED!!! Triumph!

'Queers of War' could very well be comparable to such classics as Final Task, Dad's Home, and Barnyard Shenanigans. This little Flash contains so much exhiliration that you must catch your breath at every fucking moment just to see everything that happens. Even Jack Thompson can't say no to this masterpiece. INDEED!!! Triumph, ONCE AGAIN!!!

And yes folks, Liljim's part in this movie is amazing. The 10-minute long scene contains everything from Pico to Samurai Asshole to even the BARNEY BUNCH! Yes, folks, you heard that right. Also included is a free play demo of Castle Crashers for the PC! Who could say no? TRIUMPH!!!

10/10 on every level. God bless you, Newgrounds.

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Jan 14, 2007
5:06 PM EST
Comedy - Parody