Queers of War

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After many late night sessions of Gears of War in the NG office, we decided it would be fun to have a Cartoon Slumber Party, where everyone made their own gay spoofs of GoW.

This collab is the result of that evening.

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The guy masturbating was me listening to natural science by progressive rock band RUSH

Jeez, the music was disorienting and headache inducing! Especially when it started to lap over each other... I can hear my ears ringing from it!

The video was rubbish for you guys, I don't even want to go near it!

this shit never get's old

You know, for something that was literally nothing but gay jokes, this was very fun. It's probably because of how unique the different segments are. I think my favorite would probably be DanPaladin's. It was interesting to see their genitals escalate. I can believe DanMalo's was drawn with the mouse. We all know what that's like.

This was better than a compilation by the Star Syndicate. It actually has different things and isn't just loops. That music on the menu does get a little annoying, though. It's great to see Tom Fulp animate. He isn't that bad.