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Mega Man X Blooper Reel

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(EDIT) Since majority seemed to hate the laugh track, I went ahead and removed it.
(EDIT) I altered the Chill Penguin joke. So much for the "bosses have infinite supply of energy" concept.

I've been playing these Mega Man games for a long time, playing every game I could get my hands on. While playing the X series, I couldn't help but notice they didn't focus a whole lot on comic relief. Being a less-than-serious guy myself, this was something I just HAD to do now that I finally have access to Flash MX. Only fair to warn you - this is 100% humor, so don't expect any storyline or seriousness. Enjoy ^_^

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Oh My God! I remember this Flash animation in early 2015!!!!

Especially when Sting Chameleon takes off Megaman X pants, I'll never forget that moment!!!!!!

LOL! These bloopers are hilarious!

lol funny

Dude......just... hahahahhahahahahah! Excellent comedy dude! i am a big megaman fan and thanks!