Rage 2!

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********ABOUT THE "UNDEFINED" GLITCH**********

This only happens when you try to LOAD an UNSAVED GAME. If this glitch happens to you just re-open the file. :)

For those of you who suck, and want to get the cheats the easy way, just take a look at the reviews; many people have posted them.


One of the best games i've played in a while

lol sephroth must be a real noob if he doesn't know how to play this game. The controls are pretty basic.

A=aierial roll/dash
W=shoot a gun
F=throw gernade
Q/E=switch sword/gun
up arrow=jump
arrows=move around

this game is pretty simple once you now all of the controls. Oh and a hint to you beginners....on tanks, use gernades. 2 or 3 nades should kill it. if u dont have any nades then just use up some of the pistol ammo then use a sword.

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dude this game is impossible
how do you possibly %$#@ing beat 1 %$#@ing guy i this game is unimaginably hard i mean jebus its impossible

Cosmoseth responds:


two thumbs up for sticks challenge!!

Well , ive registered to newgrounds only to review that flash.

Graphic : Awesome , really stick , plain world , i really enjoyed
Style : Stick fighting is the best kind of fighting , really nice animation!
Sound : Awesome , i loved to death first world and third (green world) music , Arcade mode music too i loved. Can you give us a hint where you took that music? :)
Violence : blood , bashing , berserking and enjoying all this
Interactivity : well that game was hard and kept me around for a good hour , loved it
Humor : theres no humor in this

Ok , what i think could be better. Theres a kind of recoil when you get hit and make it impossible to shoot or making a combo. I think that was a lack because it took away the feeling of true wrath and melee. You should improve combo. Ground , air or matrix style combo without interrupting the flow of it or make a kind of 10% chance to get recoil. More melee weapon like staff or anything , like in stick fighting. Thats not thats its not good but certain person prefer easy game. Stick fighting is about to be the best , you should put more stages and more reward in easy area and like an elite stick battlefury endless rage mode for the pro ;).

Anyway , thats little to say compared to how much i LIKED it .. still playing though :D

Kick ass game.

I suck at this but it is still awesome.


awsome game dude, everythings perfect and violent. im totally impressed.

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2007
5:41 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other