Rage 2!

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********ABOUT THE "UNDEFINED" GLITCH**********

This only happens when you try to LOAD an UNSAVED GAME. If this glitch happens to you just re-open the file. :)

For those of you who suck, and want to get the cheats the easy way, just take a look at the reviews; many people have posted them.


I've made my decision

I recon this game is the best thing on NG!!!!!
the music rocks the new rage attacks are amazing
the guns own also the granades are a gr8 addition
to rage!(tm)lol!!!!!!
and the swords are kewl as well
my rating 1000000000000/10

Cool game

This game is so cool, but i have a question

What is the name of the music track on arcade mode??? please tell me

It's All The Rage! ^_^

No way, dude! I can't be you've made Rage 2! and it's way better than I thought! The way I saw and used new attacks, I was impressed, mostly the forth one. Now this what we called Rage, our emotion and our ULTIMATE power! Maybe you could make Rage 3, that way, we can be more powerful and more invincible. You've made me feel happy and powerful <3. Good luck!


The only code I remember is this:


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I cant beleive how good this guy is!

There should definetly b a sequal cos this game is awesome! it is, if possible even better than the original rage!!! lol

loved it loved it loved it loved it

that was teh bombZoRZ. you should make anouther one and have a story line and more weapons

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4.07 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2007
5:41 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other