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Thundercat: The Movie

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Hi, completely new to NG, although have being an avid viewer for ages. Anyway, this is my first attempt at a flash movie, thus the basicness of it :P

I play Counter Strike Source in the UK, on a server called the Red Lion. There are loads of differant characters to be found on this server, and one player is called Thundercat. He's 37 years old, still lives with his mom, doesnt have a job and smokes weed and plays CS:S all day. This is how i think he trains to be the best

Happy viewing (and be gentle on the reviews:P)


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fuckin right!

haha thats awesome xD id say his training is more involved with cheetos if hes smokin weed all day, but hey, that was awwesome the belt at the end tho shgould be CS:S not C:SS lmao


Dude you just put my whole life into flash (but i'm not 37, i'm 14)


just too damn funny!

as a proud member of another mmo i think it's funny as hell that there are more 'normal' people out there who are just casual gamers...

...and this is a perfect way to poke fun at those who do nothing but live online in their games!

once again, nice job!

Freakin' Awesome!

I love CSS, and I love this movie! Nicely done! The only things that I would suggest is making the characters movements a little more smooth. I recommended this for the Counter Strike section. It makes me want to play that game, so I shall, nice movie. :0

It's great when your blaming a lot of crap and...

then you actualy hit somthing worth watching, And some times you actualy hit somthings that's worth, not only to watch ,but to shift through all this other crap and watch one flash.
I liked it, good job and I would deffenitly at some point in the near future love to shift through a bunch of more crap and then find some more of your good cartoons.
This long sloppy writen review in short; I liked it, keep up the work.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2007
10:11 PM EST