Happy Ending - horror

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This was one of my earlier works back in 2003..
based on an incident where people were committing suicide in this particular part of the mountain..
this is my interpretation..


Not exactly scary, but slick

Your graphics are great, but the sound was tinny and detracted a bit from the overall effect.

Also, you should spend a little longer building up to the gotchas, or they seem too predictable - the first scene was well timed but the lakeside one turned 'creepy' too fast.

Overall an excellent animation though!


i liked the first person perspective. it added a wonderful effect to the whole thing. it was beautiful and nicely creepy. have you ever thought of doing an entire movie in first person perspective? i think that would be interesting to see.


very good

i thought this was well animated but...
the Happy Ending threw me off. i thought it was about a massage parlor.

great work

i recently downloaded the free trial for flash, mans i now have alotta respect for stuff like this. how the hell can you do that. well, this was great. cept I didnt like that guy all the much. It was just some blue emo chick that wnated to talk. instead the guy freaks out and thta frekas her out and then he gets hung. nothing wrong with that. He could of just told her to skidaddle or scram, instead he freaks. Someone like that deserve what they get. Smoking is bad for you anyways, he would of died later on. Theres also probably bears and shit running around that forrest. great flash.

This one made me smile.

At the first jump I thought to myself this might be good, so I shut the door and turned out the light, this was realy good I don't think I have seen a horor flash on Newgrounds before and if I have it must have sucked balls because I don't remember.

Realy good stuff.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2007
9:09 PM EST