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A moment of violence

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Author Comments

This is my first completed anim, im not to good, but whatever, i edited the blood with new stuff, which i guy i know (pepper ) gave to me, theres parts i dont like, but whatever, enjoy!

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a rather random animation, but a moment of violence is a major understatement.... quite good actually.


This animation was a half good, half not-so-good. The graphics were not that great, dont get that confused with the animation (I'll explain that in a second). The graphics, well they were just circles, the guns looked traced and there was no real enviorment. The animation on the other hand was nice, it was very fluent, very smooth and in conjuction with the violence it was good. Alot of nice pans and zooms to go with it too.

The only real problem with the animation was it was pratically all Motion Tweens, dont get me wrong, the way you showed them in this flash is as if you've mastered them. But really put some effort into some frame by frame and you could be getting a much higher score... it would make this flash look more clean and alot more exciting than a little circle going nuts.

The song was good, but im not really basing the score around what music you choose for a random killing. The style of the animation was nothing new, something just goes nuts and kills everything, meets a big bad guy... alot of mess... madness holds copyright on it pratically.

I liked the bloodsplatters, they were decent at times. But I think with your style of direction and effort in your animation that you could go for something more than just a circle making some kills for no reason. Think of a storyline, a good one and try to tell us something and excite us.

Best of luck.

Keep On Practicing, You're Getting There

The animation was for the most part smooth, but in some places it was either choppy or too smooth. Remember that not everything is perfectly smooth but lots of things are smooth to a degree. The blood was excellent, absolutely superb. The artwork could be better. The character design was subpar, and although simple character designs aren't necessarily bad, those seem to be way to simple. If you want to keep that style of character designs, add some better shading and other details to them and maybe when they jump and land their bottom could squish and un-squish. The background was extremely simple and needs some work. Maybe add some lighting or a more complex background to it. Remember: Shading is your friend. The sword and the grenade could use some shading and overall more detail as well. Once you choose a basic color you can use different shades of that color to make it look more detailed, you'd be suprised at how much better something can look with two shades as opposed to one shade of color. The AK wasn't bad, but it looked like it could do with some touching-up. The song went pretty well with the animation and was a good choice. Audio is extremely important in animations, and you seemed to have gotten that down. The effects (gun shots and what not but excluding blood) could also use work. Try to use filters (if you have Flash 8 or Photoshop) or use gradients and once again, different shades of colors. But remember to not go crazy with color, a good muzzle flash should be maybe a yellow-orange and orange-red color that mesh together well. I think I have covered everything now. Keep practicing and don't be afraid to try new things. Good luck with your future projects.

Wow Wicked

I really liked the blood work, the whole weird camera shifting, and the fighting. This would be a wicked game. gave you 5/5 and 10/10

With work...

I think with a little more creativity on how they died and better sound effects that this could be a very good flash. I like it because its similar to those stick figure things only it was circles. I also think it could have been longer...keep at it.

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
8:21 PM EST