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Big Knight Short Preview

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Author Comments

Hey, so everyone knows this is just a small preview to show off what will be showing on newgrounds very soon. I know about the alphas don't worry, its just 1. theres less of a chance of everyone to see this to get it known, and 2. Didnt exactly fit. Anyway: NO SOUND on this file, NOT LONG JUST A TEST, Will read all comments, if anyone would like to make suggestions, constructive critisism would be appreciated. Saying this right now if you say anything moronic that I have already spoke about here I will make you feel stupid in a review response. Anyway: art done by Mike Downing, animation by Bill O'Connor (Me) and Music (though there is none in this file: Drew Irwin, So check it out leave some comments, suggestions anything, thanks.

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OK I guess....

First of all there was no sound. The preview had nothing to do with the plot. It just showed him running. Oh and was he running underwater?!? The graphics were alright. There was nothing I have not seen before in a movie. If you wanna make it funny? Do that. You wanna make it serious? Do that then, but dont mix the two. Good try though...

Billbob840 responds:

Hmmm i was ready for an idiot to view this. Preview had nothing to do with the plot.. hmm from what you have seen. It first starts with the writing telling a little bit of plot, then shows him running, he runs and enters the castle. Hmm well castles.. dragons, knights, You only saw two seconds so hmm I think all those things link up so you have to be a moron to say they didnt go together. And yes hurray you got the joke of him running underwater, good job!! And I Have not seen any seriousness yet in this, Its kind of a light humor this whole time, and you find some seriousness in it? Goodjob reading because im pretty sure in capital letters i wrote: NO SOUND, NOT LONG. Good job being the first person I had to make a fool out of

Just a warning

If your going to make a serious animation. The graphics need to be brilliant. Comedies can top the weekly charts with visuals that are barely above par because they are incredibly funny.

But they wont be looking at comedy your turn round, only your storyline... and your animation. So you best have an amazing twist or amazing graphics locked up somewhere.

The idea, looks good. It looks decent, and if nursed well and thought out to its full potential then you could deliver something very nice. On the other hand, if not enough thought goes into it... it may just end out shit.

This preview was nice, it wasnt just a couple of seconds long and barely telling us about what the flash will be about. It was informative, and almost exciting. The only problem, if you havent heard already by EVERYONE, is the fact it has no sound.

Anyway, best of luck with the release of the real thing.

Billbob840 responds:

its already been released lol


First of all, was there sound? I have my speakers on but didn't hear anything...

The drawings looked pretty good.

The animation wasn't the best but it looks like you're on the right track :)

You gave us a vague idea as to what the story is going to be about but the animation didn't seem to have anything to do with it except for maybe a brief introduction to one character. I realize that this is a preview but it's not much of one.

I look forward to seeing the finnished product :)

Billbob840 responds:

Thanks for the review

Frame Rate

Turn your frame rate up pleeease, maybe 25fps? 40fps even... The rest is good, graphics, animation... kiiinda cuts it, but the frame rate needs to be higher.


Billbob840 responds:

Lol, thanks for review, and ill play with the frame rate

Looks really good

This little teaser definately has a solid theatrical effect, so I can't wait to see the finished product. Nice animation too.

However, without any real content, its hard for me to justify it being here, or even what to tell you to make it better. Sorry, but I do hope you keep up the good work.

Billbob840 responds:

thanks for review and yeah, i completely understand, there really isntttt that much in this

Credits & Info

2.67 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
4:31 PM EST