Bumper Craft

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A Chemical plant has started production on the top of the river. Chemicals have now started polluting the river and you are the only one who can stop it with your home made hovercraft.

Good Luck!

Programming by Nicolay Edin
Art by Axel Hammarback


nice idea....just needs to be better...

The part with the sharks swimming around didn't make any sense... If they were underwater then you should be able to go right over them with nothing hitting you, if they are above water and they can hit why can't you shoot them?

To Hard

It was to hard!!!Next time you want to make a game,try to make it easier a bit.


you get a 9 instead of a 10 because the 30th lvl is IMPOSSIBLE wat do u do with the buttons lol, i pressed em all, and they didnt do anything to the robot thing, plz tell me wat we DO TO BEAT THAT LVL!!!!!!!! ty lol


wow. this was great. it kept me busy for like an hour... most online games can't do that. the only reason i quit is the boss was too hard... i got like half-way through him but then he would ray me to death. lol. an awesome all-around game.

bumpy ride of your life

wow super fun rainbow bright action packed 30 levels can never die insane thrill ride if you absouletly love getting blown up by muslim sharks and a robot with a lazer eye then punch yourself you have downsyndrome the end. or is it youll never know and ill never tell now go talk to god to keep your soul out of the devils hands master plans blanket the sky shot with a needle in hopes to overdose and die westside bitch or east i dont judge

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3.53 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
3:34 PM EST
Skill - Avoid