The Fly 2: Shoo!

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So here I am the next day after submitting the first as the first one was given a huge clap and aplaud!

Yes the fly is red this time but I think I might change its colour every time? SOUND GOOD? ao anyway witha biger filesize and so much frame-byframe I'm completey worn out I have made The masterpeice... THE FLY 2: SHOO! I thought the title was good as it rhymed and was quite funny and stuff.

This Fly episode contains more up close moments and more JUST FLY MOMENTS! I read the reviews and this is what people seemed to want most, so hopefully I'll get an awesome score for both reviews and actual score.

PLease review as I WILL write back and please vote high so I can try and get an award under my belt... but not literally... because I don't wear a belt! :P...

visit - www.fishhook.me.uk


Shoo, 0s.

Pretty cool, doesn't deserve a 0 from even the most hardened criminal. I think that it needs a bit of work on smothness, but other than that its pretty well executed and what not. I love his little magic finger stuff, but you really don't need to take so long presenting the title. Also, the fly should always have that trail. My favorite part is near the end where the fly pretty much beats the living day lights out of... I think thats you. I'm cruel like that.

fishhook responds:

hanks for your review... im not sure if the fly should always have a trail ill ask round as see wat people think...

Quite original

I thought the animation was decent, as of how you had synced the animation with the real life world so well. Please continue it.

fishhook responds:

thanks very much.. it took a long time... but it was worth it

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3.19 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
2:16 PM EST