Cereus Peashy

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::::A POWERFUL PC IS RECCOMENDED. IF THE GAME RUNS SLOW SET QUALITY TO "LOW" AND SPECIAL FX TO "OFF" (in Options or the Flash Player right-click menu)::::

(c) 2007 Diverge Creations http://www.diverge.ws

Art/Animation by Edmund Mcmillen
Programming/Audio by Caulder Bradford
Special thanks goes to our team of testers and to Tom Fulp for sponsorship and also for programming the original Peashy prototype game!

Basic Controls:
A = Jump
S = Attack
Right/Left = Walk/Run
Down = Duck/Roll
Up = Look up
Enter/Escape = Pause
[more advanced moves and actions are taught in-game]


Top notch game!

I honestly love watching things get blown to bits,and at the risk of being banned...I only force myself to start reviewing games or vids that catch my attention,well done
(Yes,I will swear far too excessively if it sucks(Hooray)

holy shit

omg this game kicks so much ass BUT you need a save feature and check points and the save feature should just be anywhere you pause and bam its right there NOW all you little faggets who are complaining about it being too slow and "omg you spent 4 years on this piece of shit"need to shut the fuck up i doubt you can do anything close to this so go ass rape yourselves now for the creator awesome game man


Truly amazing

The game is amazing - this deserves to be on consoles! It is quite challenging and that combined with the gore creates a nice side-scroller without the feeling of a kids game.

And as to the last reviewer - ignore him, some people are just incapable of multi-tasking (in this case hand-eye coordinating while reading something at the same time). With the amount of different features just in the first level itself, instructions before the game would take half an hour to read and figure out... He is correct - tutorials suck, but not the in-game hints.

Brilliant! Looking forward to playing this on my Wii.

beats the hell out of brackenwood >:)

sheer brilliance, the brutal nature of the ecosystem you've created drives me crazy with envy.
this game definitely makes me want to go buy gish.
you guys need to get in contact with some gaming companies, i would pay top dollar for a side scrolling game like this to play on my ps3. i think a 3d game might subtract from your perfect style. though a bluray disk is a lot of memory to fill.
glad to see your back.


and as with all gods, they need to make the universe alittle more eadsy for there loyal minions. i am talkin, of course, about CHECKPOINTS!

other wise this game made my eyes bleed with pleasure. please keep up the good work and add to your ever-expanding badlands series. also,i reccomend an animaaated series about a peashy or welting and an adventure sequel to host.

why am i writing the=is in letter format? do you even read these?

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3.98 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2007
6:05 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop