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Just Wanted To Be 2

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Author Comments

I just wanted to be in the NN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


based on tru3 events


whats NOT based?

what isnt based on tru3 events?

This is cute.

Too bad you didn't make it through validation.


Actually i found this piece kinda cute.. "Oh oh, i wanna play with you guys! Can I can I??". Well, if its true what you say in comment, i feel bad for you, but it is a cold enviroment on the internet, cause of all elitist peeps, who thinks perfection is the only way..

I dont really know what to say about the flash.. you could have taken a little more time making the characters move some more.. Not just twicth around.. Thing is, ive tried to do flash, and i cant do much better.. Most people on NG actually doesnt make flash, they just scream at everyone else to do good ones.. And this one is acually quiet cute imo..

Keep it up man! Dont let everyone around you spoil the fun :)

No not really

Unlike the person below me, I think this flash deserves to be rated low... and when I say low I say, "%#@ if they could go in negatives I would god so do as well."

Things that the author tries to make funny are very poorly drawn. I would considerble note on three things: backrounds, dialogue, and characters.

BACKROUNDS: a backround of a website isn't so appealing to look at and it is hard to focus on the characters. I know you are trying to make it look non-realistic, but just choose a different color backround.

DIALOGUE: God awful. 90% of the time it wazn't possible to read what they were saying. Most great flashes on Newgrounds have actuall voices and sounds, instead of annoying playaround music. Few of the best flashins here on Newgrounds have dialogue or voices, but just character expressions and such so many different people of different countries can understand it.

CHARACTERS: Ok it may be me, or just your drawing style but these were the least bit worst looking things I have ever seen. I would try much harder on the character apperaness.

Good luck next time... but for now I give the author of this movie 0 on everything for the reasons above.


numbers responds:

At 5:00PM EST (an hour after this movie was submitted), the author (numbers) of this Flash commited suicide because he was deleted from the NN. He gave me (lauchzx) his account.

RIP numbers.

Numbers an outcast trying to find a place to belng

A flash featuring a depressed numbers searching for a higher quality of penis to enter his life. Interlaced inbetween some fairly generic and some unimpressive drawings lay some really nicely detailed images - even though they are of penis, they are drawn in a very unique and detailed way and look quite good. I think that if you were to incorporate your animation skill with something a little more mature with something that has a plot with characters and dialouge and such, it could really showcase your talent that may not be shown in something like this.

I think that you should get a fairly good grade because it's funny. That is why. The characters both look pretty well drawn, especially the main character. The addition of the various happenings with different objects were seemingly unnecessary but did look neat. I like the use of audio.

This startling rendition of numbers draws attention to the drastic problems that society is facing and how anyone can become part of the Nacker Nation culture. It was like watching a flash movie based upon Requiem for a Dream.

Newgrounds doesn't deserve such a masterfully crafted vision of a perfect world translated into a stroke of a internet equivalent of a paintbrush. It saddens me that this will be underrated by the dumbasses that will vote low because of your other flashes, but if you had to cease your dramatic rendition of the world in a realistic but chilling montage.

There's nothing to say is bad here, really, I can't see a fault, the menu is smooth and the drawings are good as is the choice of color.

Soon the world will tremble before the might of numbers in an apocalyptic struggle for global supremacy. Not even Revelations could have foretold of a power so fierce that the religions of the world would become heresy in its path.

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Credits & Info

2.15 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2007
4:09 PM EST
Comedy - Parody