Seven Deadly Sins

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Mild mannered Ed has been challenged to depart from his mild English ways and commit the seven deadly sins. Enter the quiet English town of Gorpsdale and use your skill, guile and ingenuity to find suitable ways of breaking each sin.

-Use the mouse to navigate your way around the layout and converse with the many voice acted characters, and play the many minigames.
-Use the keypads to dance on the dancemat styled minigame. -Use the A and S keys (or left and right) to punch in fights.


Why is it so hard? I commit most of these on a daily basis. The envy one was frustrating as hell, and the women in these games must be stuck up to not settle for a manager. This game was needlessly hard and unrealistic.


i got to heaven

Very Boring

This game brought me no entertainment whatsoever. I hate to be mean, and sound like a complete asshole, but the "game" was animated very poorly, the game itself lacked the wonder of createivity, and it was slathered in dullness. I am only stating the facts and i hope the author will understand my point of view. -Music.Fantasy.Life

It's not good.

I totally dislike the idea it makes you commit sins.

dude that kinda looked like jesus what was that ab

i don't see how ant body can play for hours on end on this game i got kinda pissed because he's making fun of jesus try again on that and leave religion out of it.

DissoluteProductions responds:

Actually he wasnt meant to look like Jesus.
I originally drew him as having neat trim hair, then added more hair for the orignal pre beautification look. But yeah, also obviously the real Jesus was a short haired dark skinned semite rather than a light skinned scruffy englishman.
But several people thought that so Ill let you off.. on the otherhand you're too uptight about your religion, this isn't having a go at religion at all, its just fun with a religious theme.

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 8, 2007
12:34 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click