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Ok... sorry for any mistakes in the author's responds, was in a hurry while writing them...

Wow! I can't believe I'm finally submitting something here... Well hello there everyone! First of all, I'm from Russia so sorry for any mistakes in my English. The whole movie is in my native RUSSIAN language, becauese I had problems with my microphone and couldn't re-do all of the voices in English, so I had to add subtitles... hope it'll be enough for you to understand.

I created this piece eons ago, but still tell me whadya think I should improve on and stuff like dat...

This movie is just one episode(which I'll most likely remake, because I can't stand it) of series based on the different MMORPG cliches I'm making, being inspired by adventures of my ex World of Warcaft guild "Gnomereganians". It consists of gnome only & we played mainly for fun and some decent PvP and PvE ownage. We just loved to create all kinds of events from 10lvl-10 people raid to Dead Mines to Gnome-Dwarf only raid on Thunder Bluff.

Although I don't play anymore, because I just don't have that much time, I keep in touch with some of my friends from the guild. These friends and me are the 10 gnomes, who are going to be the leading characters of the series. I'd love to tell you more but making such a long commentary to such a crappy movie is just awkward.

And yeah, it's the second episode because there is episode 1 which was even crappier than this one. I submitted episode 2 it in order to learn something new and improve a bit. I have some huge plans for these series, and It's my goal to create something original apart from these wacky parodies that will take an honorable place here on NG among with all the other great animations.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects simultaneously, but I'm not going to upload something earlier than... I dunno... 2009 maybe due to many issues such as work, uni-entry exams... you know the drill :|

Well I guess that's it... relax, enjoy the movie, review it fairly, and see ya in future!)
Good luck fellas!



Well, what do we have here?

That, my friend, was pretty damn good.
You could improve a bit more, pratice your skills with your mouse or that thing that is a pencil, although I forgot the name.
This was a very good flash, I enjoyed it.

Graphics - You could improve alot on this, maybe try black out lines instead of LF's style of flash characters, see how that goes, if you don't like it, you can do as you please, not saying you havto, I mean, It's a suggestion.

Style - Well, your style of these things are very interesting, so I don't really have much to say here, sorry.

Sound - What was that language they wher speaking? Gnomish? Spanish? French? I don't know, never heard of such a voice. And maybe but some better music, not really all what you need there.

Violence - Wacking the gnomes with his giant hammer? Well, Id have to say, making the Gnomes fly is violent, not much to say.

Humor- Oh the big ooonee, The Play Succuba was that most interesting things ive seen in this. Id get my own damn copy of that. The Cookie dealing part, wow, I laughed pretty hard on that, considering he offered only one more cookie, and also got wacked twice. And the MISS part on Ragnaros, I just had to let out the humor.

Overall - A worthy flash! Not front page worthy, but hey, it's better then the crap ass submissions ive seen lately! Youve done a very good job here, I appluad you.

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kuory responds:

Why, thank you, I think that's the first time I recieve a constructive review!

When I was creating this I didn't knew much about that LegendaryFrog animator, so I didn't bother about that. However I do work on my own style, and it'll most likely be something between tweens and frame-by-frame combination with black outlines.

Anyways, you are right about tablets, the Gnomish Tales episode I'm making now will be drawn with mouse but still going to be much better than this one in all aspects because I practice all time. I'll start using the tablet after that.

As for sound, well that's my native language you just heard - russian :P
I had problems with my microphone and wasn't able to re-do the voices in English, but it's allright now fortunately...

Ok, I guess thank you for a nice review, and stay tuned!)



Good one friend :) Well i kinda watched it 5 times)) Yeah and guy that reviewed this, gnomish tales 1 suxed so he will remake it.

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kuory responds:

Yup, you're right, glad you liked it pal)

Nice going!!! Don't stop now!!!

Message from ÈËÜß!!!
Man you're good!! But it should be in English!!! And one more thing!! If this is Gnomish Tales 2 so where is Gnomish tales 1????

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kuory responds:

Hi Ilya! Thx for the comment! Episode 1 was just crap! So I'll just remake it and submit it one day here as well...

WoW isent my favorite MMORPG.

But this is an overall nice piece of flash, I look forward to your next submissions.

kuory responds:

Thx! You won't be disappointed))

Pretty good

Nice flash, will definitely pass, rideled with bugs though, lip sync a little off at times too, graphics were pretty good, for someone startin out, didn't even mind the fact it wasn't english good job

kuory responds:

I'll definetly work on that in my future submissions, and I absolutely don't plan to keep this and my next movies in English.
Glad you liked it))

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