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=WoW ~ Gnomish Tales 2=

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Ok... sorry for any mistakes in the author's responds, was in a hurry while writing them...

Wow! I can't believe I'm finally submitting something here... Well hello there everyone! First of all, I'm from Russia so sorry for any mistakes in my English. The whole movie is in my native RUSSIAN language, becauese I had problems with my microphone and couldn't re-do all of the voices in English, so I had to add subtitles... hope it'll be enough for you to understand.

I created this piece eons ago, but still tell me whadya think I should improve on and stuff like dat...

This movie is just one episode(which I'll most likely remake, because I can't stand it) of series based on the different MMORPG cliches I'm making, being inspired by adventures of my ex World of Warcaft guild "Gnomereganians". It consists of gnome only & we played mainly for fun and some decent PvP and PvE ownage. We just loved to create all kinds of events from 10lvl-10 people raid to Dead Mines to Gnome-Dwarf only raid on Thunder Bluff.

Although I don't play anymore, because I just don't have that much time, I keep in touch with some of my friends from the guild. These friends and me are the 10 gnomes, who are going to be the leading characters of the series. I'd love to tell you more but making such a long commentary to such a crappy movie is just awkward.

And yeah, it's the second episode because there is episode 1 which was even crappier than this one. I submitted episode 2 it in order to learn something new and improve a bit. I have some huge plans for these series, and It's my goal to create something original apart from these wacky parodies that will take an honorable place here on NG among with all the other great animations.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different projects simultaneously, but I'm not going to upload something earlier than... I dunno... 2009 maybe due to many issues such as work, uni-entry exams... you know the drill :|

Well I guess that's it... relax, enjoy the movie, review it fairly, and see ya in future!)
Good luck fellas!


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Respect tebe chel,cam gamau gnomom rogoi a ozvuchka na vblcote!

Funny XD

that was really funny. one tried to trade epics for cookies and got mega pwned, one tried using fire on the most powerful essence of fire EVA! (even if it hit it woulda just healed him) and the rogue was just plain moronic :P. make more!


nice but could u make it in english so i dont have to read

I liked it.

It was good.. 8/10!! =D

kuory responds:

Thank you!

I'm glad that people enjoy the movie, which totally sux. Good thing I kept improving for all this time though...

I might submit something Gnomish Tales- related soon, so check it out some time or another.

Hilarious! ^.^

I thought this Flash was very funny, especially him offering three cookies for an Epic weapon. It was side-splitting (very humorous)!
I gave it a 5 in sound because it was in Russian, but I didn't mind that much thanks to the subtitles!
A 6 in graphics because they were a bit better than average.
A 9 in humor because... well, see for yourself!
Overall I give it an 8, because it was very funny and original! Keep up the good work! ^.^

kuory responds:

Thx man! Reviews like that really encourage to keep practising and improving!