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Pooter 5: CrouchingPooter

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Author Comments

My dog ran in front of a milk truck. Totally deja vu.

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Well, there's no goal here, but it's good.

At least... I didn't find one. :O
The music got on my nerves a little bit. Something softer and simpler would have done nicely.
But the circle of magnification you have there is a great idea! Really! Keep up the good work.

Theres potential

Hey, I'll let you in on a little secret.

this game entertained me longer than a game that is currently on front page, called "Cat Fling".

Now. If you make your maze game, with the circular filter concept you have going here, include:

Grass, hedges, a person walking, a door here and there, a trap here and there

and if you make the game

Smooth, look nice and with a nice calming song that wouldnt annoy anybody (maybe something soft and slow that loops, something simple)

You would have a frontpage game. I mean, If "Cat Fling" the biggest peice of shit to ever hit front page can do it, then this concept can.

I really like the whole circle filter concept for a maze game and I think it can go far, you can make something really good my friend.

Peace out, hope you keep going with this idea

Yours sincerely Liam Fin.


"Navigate the ball through the maze."

To where?

I like it i really do!

I like it that you make it like a magnifying glass! Really kool! its challenging! and fun too! It's fun to play when you've got nothing to do...... And when you just feel like Slacking off! LoL! Really good! I love it! but you should make it so the rest of the labyrinth isn't visible so it keeps them guessing!

It fun...

I like it but it seem a bit slow.