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DualArms:Nocturnus Chapel

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Author Comments

Dual Arms: Precipice, my newest project and prequel to Dual Arms: Nocturnus Chapel, is out! If you liked this at all, GO WATCH IT!

Update: Uploaded the final revision; most complaints were adressed.

4 months of work has led to this. My first complete, serious flash movie. Reviews appreciated.

Note: This was done almost exclusively with a mouse. A MOUSE. In case you didn't know, drawing with a mouse sucks and is not prone to good results. However, I've since acquired a proper drawing tablet; expect my next work to be somewhat better in terms of graphics.

There's more story to this movie than one would think and if you're actually curious, you can look at the story section at the menu. This movie is part of a longer story and I'll probably make another movie related in concept to this one later.

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hey [nick]

i love the concept of the art, especially for being done with mostly a mouse, least i think..

just as an idea, next time you use a female character, give them some makeup to show a more feminine side. a few of the shots made the girl look almost like a male from neck up.

how many frames is that?

btw: i remember you to have some sort of artistic background, aren't you good at painting? like to see some of it in one of your videos some time

good job - love the art style


Hey nick

'Ello there.
It's Fred, from school.
I must say, with a MOUSE, this is really good graphics.
Sure, compared to some, they are horrible, BUT COME ON PEOPLE!
Anyways I really liked the weapons, and I like how you stuck with the discs, and didnt add like different guard type characters, it made it seem more... suspensful? I dunno. Nice touch.
Oh. The chick's boobs are really big. Not that that's ever a bad thing. But, you know, a little smaller would help.

silicon implants lol

who said they were. nicely done, good mouse drawing animation is like 2nd or 3rd best style, if done right like this... more :D.

im also wondering how can it be more relistic if its like a fantasy type thing? if its graphics then draw better?

Yo Nick

Heya Nick. Don't expect me to go easy on you. I'm a hardcore anime fan/artist, so you know what to expect. When illustrating characters, remember the 3 Ps: Perspective, Profile, Proportion. Let me repeat the last one. PROPORTION. We're not advertising silicon implants here, you know. Besides that, excellent work grappling with the hell of mouse-drawing. Music's awesome, kudos to you, and otherwise, a great flash. Update it when you get the chance.

RPGsrok responds:

Other than 'dud work on graphics!' the proportion complaint is what I'm getting a lot of. Since Aerou (the girl) appears in a lot of scenes, I have to go through a lot of stuff to fix it completely. Rest assured though, in time it should be. . .More realistic. Thanks for reviewing!

Yahoo~~!! Nik-kun!

Hmm...pretty nicely done for a first timer's work. The "Nyx" reminds me of Sasuke's Chidori a bit xP. The action was okay, but the enemies are...magic glyphs, I suppose? Is it even possible to destroy/stop floating drawings?

Hmm...the "true" battle scene was a tad boring, but it was nonetheless quite well done for newb work. The girl was....wayyyy too stacked, in my honest opinion. And it felt like she was brainwashed or something, if she didn't care about him the same way, and attacked ruthlessly.

This is pretty good, but would be disappointing if you are just gonna leave it like that. Some graphic improvements are needed, especially the special effects, concentrate on those first, as you've probably been told of millions of times. You should also try more on the liquid, like the water and blood. They look like simple squigly lines instead of actual fluid.

Finally, please add a sequel. This work really needs one, for questions(too many) unanswered.

And by the way, what's the name of the chick's Dual Arms? I'm just dying to know. Mmmm...blade-type weapons....nice....

RPGsrok responds:

You must've been the only person to actually read the story section. . . I don't care if it's possible to stop flying drawings. Is it possible to jump hundreds of feet in the air? Is it possible for someone to unleash a ball of blue lightning from their hands? Need I answer? I'm working on the graphics. The water is hard to fix, but I'll do what I can. Of everyone who reviewed, several people asked for a sequel, but unfortunetly my next work won't be a DIRECT sequel to this one. It'll just be conceptually the same - same weapons, etc. Aerou (the chick)'s weapon is called Aether.

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2007
12:46 PM EST