~BB~ Super Adventure #2

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After months of hard work we bring you this very touching, heart-warming tribute about a man we all love. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you a Steve Irwin tribute.



How sensitive of you LOOL

It still made me piss myself though

it was for real

When I heard the Celine Dion music I thought it'd turn out like that, but around the time the last picture came up and it started zooming in, I thought maybe it was for real.

I'm sure you already know yourself that the graphics aren't great. Unimaginative pics in 'act 1' and zooming in on bitmaps is almost always a bit horrible.

I really liked the song at the end. Very appropriate and made me chuckle!

Rigormort1s responds:

Thanks for the review!


The ending and intro were done well. The dancing Steve was funny and the intro did its job and mentioned some names. The music was well throughout this movie. The part with the pictures was good. The pictures were funny.

Well the screamer was kinda bogus. It realy wasn't scary at all.

An okay flash

~Review Request Club~

Rigormort1s responds:

Thanks for your thoughts.


I really hope you weren't trying to scare people, because it failed, on me at least. Also a bit late on his death too. Seriously he did around Halloween or something. Now heres some tips for screams.

1.Start out with really soft music in it so they turn up the volume then make it opo up
2. Make them stare closely at a picture for a while then make it pop up.
3. Just make a good animation and put it in there, they'll never see it coming
Im sure your next screamer will be better
Rebiew Request Club

Rigormort1s responds:

The screamer wasn't for scares dumbshit. I thought it would be funny to add it in right before the dancing.


^^Good Points^^
Surprisingly, this was better than most Steve Irwin tributes, especially the ones that came out shortly after his death. This one at least had a little bit of humor in the end, with dancing Steve.

^^Needs Improving^^
The screamer part was a little bit distasteful, it didn't scare me one bit, so it failed its mission, plus it lowered my thoughts about this movie a bit. I would have been much more optimistic had you simply put the dancing steve part instead of the screamer.

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Rigormort1s responds:

The screamer was supposed to funny.

Thanks for the review.

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Jan 7, 2007
4:37 AM EST
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