Brain Damage!!

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Brain Damage by Pink Floyd

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Great job.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, he's talking about celebrities or people in the paper.
By "The lunatics are on the grass" He means the papers are on his grass. "The lunatics are in the halls" are referring to cutouts on the wall.

Or the song is just fucked up in general....Just fuck it. I'll see you all on the dark side of moon.

Too literal for a Pink floyd song.

I didn't think it captured the astral quality of the song. Not only that, but the sound quality wasn't very good. Also, you have 2 of this movie with different names. All in all, pretty average.


Love the music, love the concept, and I love the graphics too. Much better than he previous, heh, oh, and I love watermelon. Keep up the great work!


The lunatic is watching me write this review

Well, i love me some pink floyd, so you were off to a good start ;) You flash characters are cute as always, lots of tongues lolling out :P That little jerky motion is a little odd though, i know what effect you're going for, but it just doesn't feel that right, some parts it just looks like a fuck up, instead of someone going insane :P The grass coming in at the beginning concept could have been executed nicer, and had it piece together a little better, it started good, but it looks like you ran out of time and rushed it. I was a fan of all sorts of things catching on fire, haha, random flaming nonsense is always good in my eyes ;) Nice work sheepmasta, i wish to eat all your cute fruit one day :P


Cool video, the song wasn't that good though and you should've made the sound quality better in the publish settings... It needed more as well - it was too slow. Nice artwork.

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3.48 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2007
11:32 PM EST
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