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HI!!!!! This is my first submission to Newgrounds and I decided to do this! There are some hidden secrets in this game for a secret character and something i am working on. MOO! TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!! oh tell me any bugs, besides movements that look strange...


Nice Game

Wow i Watch Invader Zim and it is a nice show your game is a VERY good one and i like the music:D you should make a another because you have a good flash game here!

Julianrocks responds:


i will...

What is this ?

I didn't understand the point. What am I supposed to do while playing ?

Julianrocks responds:

Hmm.... Read the instructions then the other reviews.... they dodge the mouse...

maybe i should chang the nake to
Invader Zim: WTF thing.

oh well...


I'm sorry, but what? It's a nice looking game, but I just don't get it. What is the point of the game? I tried moving around, but it just doesn't work right. It may be just me, but try and look into it so that you can see if there's a problem.

Julianrocks responds:

they dodge. move the mouse next to them. hmm.. i will see it again....
thanx i will try to fix that!

Great Idea

I've always wanted more Zim orientated material on newgrounds, and well anyways, you have a creative and original idea for a game, and i really liked the sound effects and music (the invader zim theme rox! ^_^) well considering this is your first flash, you did a great job. I look foward to your work in the future.

Julianrocks responds:

Thanx. I got the stuuf from sibre kat. (free downlaod site of zim stuff) follow the link on the name next to the music thing.... thanx again!

Yaay! i did it!

I think its a little wacky fault. but i made ALL of them fight! Zim and a robot guy, nick and bib? I dont watch the show...
But it was a cool game! two and a half thumbs up! Loved the animation too! original idea too!


Julianrocks responds:

So, you like it too?

yeah robots name is GIR

and its Dib.

Watch Zim. Its Awesome.

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2.32 / 5.00

Jan 6, 2007
3:30 PM EST
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