Attack of the Evil TV 2

January 5, 2007 –
September 7, 2011
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Author Comments

Alright, first off, if you are not into anime, numa numa, foamy, or even the first attack of the evil tv, please click the back button and dont blam me just because of it's category. ^^ thank you, this was 4 months of hard work for me, I'd really appreciate a fair judgement...ok on to the explanation!:
The gang is back in this sequel, and Lacey is not giving up the remote. Though her friend Taylor tries to reason with Dr. Light for help, his random ADD allows Lacey to torment Blues once more. Do they escape the evil tv? Will Blues ever stop getting owned? What the heck is a Ranma gun? Well stop reading this and watch to find out!
note: on some computers the sound will slowly slip off track. if this happens, right click and uncheck play for a sec, then repeat and it will fix. ^^


please be a animator again we miss you your work is one of the funneist and the best your sense of humor is outragously funny. so please wont you be an animator again. for your fans?


Funnier than hell and if this actually happened I would be zeroo... sorry little drunk litle high, 4th tim Iv watched this

stil funny as hell :)

i still watch this its just to badass not to

Will they ever get outta there?I HOPE NOT!!!XDDDDD

Anyone remember what the name of that dance from the credits is?

But canu make something to conclude this?

this is great you rock but zero is still drugged and also seems kind of hippi in these but hes awsume and makes these all the funnier good job

it was a good idea to make nr.2 :)

This... is... AWESOME!!! By the way, why's Zero always drugged?

yup really funny lolololol


Zero is awesome!

I have to admit :

This is kinda old now..but still wounderwarm for my heart :3

I saw this 4 years ago and I still love it!

!!!!!!!! XD


weird evil girl: + Jesus is sitting over there

Jesus: sup homies


"i have this urge to use the word FUCK!!" Sadly no ot her way witch makes me a sad panda.

i found yo easter egg i wont ruin it though :3

"i'm sailor dude n i'm gonna getchoo

dude make a third one please.is rock even a girl,is zero a girl (long hair).the redhead is hot

isn't zero or x the badass of the stroy? anyway good video keep up the good work dude

...for , like , EVER...

bass is up to his evil ways lol

freakin awesome man 10:10 and what do u use to make these bro

i love this it makes me wet my pants from laghin so much. plez make a anther one

Lacey is like......funny as hell. Also seeing Zero become Sailor Dude is kinda gross.

It's awesome, love the Dr. Light part and Zero singing the numa numa song!

that was purley awsome very nice job especialy with jesus

i alomst pissed my self 10:10

it has drugs, porn, gay jokes, hot girls, games, and most of all tv. that prediy much all people want in a good flash. so coodows to you.

Lol i noticed her shirt said click on the first way thorugh and replayed to see what happend funny.


and i found a billion hidden messages ^w^


I also love mushrooms too

unniest thing ive see in a while

...where a dude get´s a sailor moon dress. You love to torture us, don´t you :P :D

PLZ Attack of the evil tv3!! these are so hilarious! i watched it when it first came out and i still almost die of laughter.

foamy blues and zero btw are you going to make more of these because this is so FUCKING hilarious p.s. sup jesus

I like these guys, they are so fuckin funny!

I keep TWO spare remotes for just such an emergency.

How come the guy in the end credits looks like me?

love it when he sings the numa numa song and chases blues(protoman) and rock(megaman). BTW the song where zero chases them is sonic the hedgehog 3/sonic and kunckles boss music.

Great movie, thought, i like the first one better, still this is a great movie. Even Jesus came donw to see it.

My favorite part, would have to be the whole thing. XD

so whad u do wit my shooms

i know tht blues is proto and rock is mega but wheres roll? oh and who are the other 2 girls suppose to be?

I love the series and i am waiting for the 3rd episode to come out. it's one of the best animated series collections on newgrounds. the animation was great and the voice acting was perfect. i can't wait for the 3rd and what's coming after that %u2665

keep up the awesome art :D

i like zero and his dudeness please tell me you are working on a part 3^^


oh yeah i loved the song by zero! nice voice!
the thing with blues and sofia was GROSS!!!!
other wise i guess it's ok

guy ... this is fantastic, it would be nice to have a 3rd party

(Sorry for my english) ^ ^

"Sailor Dude"

This review is done.

Please, for the love of GAWD Make moar videos!!

But I just wanna say:
Epic Tenjou Tenge Reference in credits. Natsume Aya's dance ftw
Im such a otaku

Am I the only one thinking Zero is hot and I'm a guy?

this is genius, complete genuis. i really wnt to see more of your videos, your good at them

more more MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plz make a sequal!!!!!! My childhood is ruined tho..... Sailor dood 0_o''

Where is the third one!!! So funny. Sailor Dude!!!

wats the song at the beginning blues is singing?

Is the guy in the white coat at the end credits supposed to be doing the lucky star dance?

i am the BIGGEST Zero fan ever!!! but then i saw Sailor Dude!!! DX

True stoner is true stoner...

HILARIOUS....love the characters and the story....WHEN IS THE 3rd ONE!!!!

I would love to see the end of this series. Its leaveing me hanging eeee!

ROFL that was great i loved it haha make more make more lol really great

EEEWWWW Zero I just saw you naked.

yay katamari damachi! i love that game...and sailor dude was funny too


When they get out what needs to happen is... ATTACK OF THE EVIL PC!!!

>:) Windows 7 for the win.

No matter how many times i see it, It's still funny as hell.

One thing though where is number one and are there any more?

I almost laughed my pants off!

I see this, thinking I see a parody... AND I FIND THIS!
Where did I must sign to see this forever? :D

click Taylor right after the scene where there on the beach.... i may get blammed for spoiling this

Liked the first one, and this one is just as good. One question that's been bothering me is Rock's gender? The character has a female voice actor, (relatively) female mannerisms, and seems to be suggested as female all across the board, except that Blues seems to think Rock's a guy and it seems like maybe he is in the Foamy scene.

shes cheap in naruto, but u got a ten

hey lacey get off your ass and end this i want to know if they get out of the tv

OK, I'll try this:

Good Points:
1. Funny Storyline
2. Awesome expressions
3. Smooth Animation
Bad Points:
This unique style of Animating is practically
awesome, and is funny no matter how many
times you watch it.

when will get out?

anyone ever notice that when lacey says "that's a good look for you blues." if you hover your mouse over the redhead girl her clothes change


This cartoon works because it is so crazy and rips on so many popular series (I especially like the "Nuerotically Yours" parody). I love the little characters and how they move. It features bikini-clad women dressing up someone as a gay man. That...is some big contradiction. I am certainly not going to apply logic to something that relishes in its randomness and insanity so well. It is simply great to see these characters without their helmets, as they even seem like original creations and I look forward to the next part.

why is zero salor moon?
why not blues or rock?

Man I saw both this and part 1 for the first time like 5 years ago, and it's even better than i remembered. But i gotta ask, where's X? Regardless, the art work is just awesome and so is the audio. Keep up the great work, Hope you think about doing a part 3 sometime.

This is funny as hell :D

Reminds me of a webcomic I once saw though..wish I could remember name because now I wanna read it again :(

u should kno that the gay song was actually a no. 1 in europe once... & that yeah... what he was saying really was as gay as it sounded

WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN... CANNOT BE UN-SEEN! Awesome art style and very funny flash.


yayz for numa numa


just awesome pure fuckin awesome

This is awesome I love Lacey hahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!

OMG!! it's even funnier than the first one. I just love Zero. I think that by know I know the video by heart (watched it at least 100 times ^_^). Great job. keep up the good work ^_^

what the fucking hell!?!?!?!?!

I agree with the person below me, and when will they get out or not so will the next come?

omg zero + numa numa = ahhh my eyes

Freaking funny xD

ha wow if making porn was that easy lol

someone is being ass here

you are a genius
if there was to be a 3rd attack of the evil tv i'll be dead for sure (well, alive but completly happy X) )

loved the whole thing!!! it would b awesome if u made a vid with Zero singing the whole song

first thing i ever saw on newgrounds, yet still the funiest, keep up the good work!

try to make another please

Now wheres the freaking pause button?!

this is just so awsome to watch excellent choice of music and animations

"clicks replay"

make more i watch it

write more

Would you believe I can do the eyebrow thing too?

But seriously, awesome. Can't wait for part three.

best so far

you should put X in here. if you make an episode that gives all of them a SHRED of dignity, ill vote for you.

I think i name characters right
Blues=Protoman (don't know how to spell)
Is that right???

That was a great flash, but please, could you tell me what system you used?

waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! god is there oh come on dude "sup homies" make a part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!


sup homies


fucking funny as heell

omg this is so funny !! xD u should do thAt to them more often x3


i want more evil tv megaman shows!! XD
make more!!! like 20!! XD
haha its so f*cking funny! XD zero like shrooms XD
blues like porn! and megaman...
have a chick voice XD hahahaha
yea in so many games megaman have chick voice but no one notice that o.O
haha nice work! funny as hell Woooot!!! X3

umm quick question ... is rock a girl or guy i kinda still cant tell .... otherr than that awsome vid. u should make a three man........


yet again good work and i'd love to see them go to the origenal shroom heads world and yes i'm talking about MARIO

Hey hey, are you gonna be making a #3? that would be prety sweet


The intro(s) are just funny and awesome xD
Every part is funny, i could just keep watching it over and over.
oh yea and Daft Punk mixed in, its all good.

Plz make a 3 I wanna see how they get out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! megaman and jesus rock in that flash!

I don't even like anime or megaman and i love this. Make another.


Zero so smexy!

this video is so awsome that you should make a third one

whats Xplay?

:3 this is a really funny.

Lol, if you click on the red head chick while she's on the floor it puts her in a bikini. Hilarious.

funny those girls were mean

i just love the evil tv series keep up the good work and i love the secret.

Nice job. You know that nobody would dare blam this masterpiece. It's funny and awesome! ^_^


i love these movies :D now u just need to make more parts >_> like srsly don't keep ur fans! (or maybe fan cause i might be the only one who remembers. but i doubt it) waiting man! and ur so mean to Blues and Rock and Zero -_- anyway DO MORE :D

haha lawl! the fighting animation was kinda awsome haven't watched this for awhile now! awsome man hope theres more episodes!

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while please I beg of you make a 3

these movies are to cool

I was at the part where they turned blues gay and i paused and accidently rolled over the orange haired chick and O_O........ I approve!


Lacey is so funny

I just can't stop laughing.
This is humor at epic level.
Please make at least 2 more.

that numa numa guy at the end made it ALL worth it

That was the funniest thing i've seen on newgrounds in a while

i love this! how did you creat this animation? i mean what program? you get a 10

i loved the foamy part! ^-^ "i have a sudden urge to write emo poetry"
"i have a sudden urge to use the word FUCK!"
"hey, wheres zero?"
"FUCK i dont know!"

Man, I love this and the first one, are you gonna make a third one?

I love this video, including the previous one. When are you going to make the third one of this series, I want to know so bad and its so hilarious?

Not knowing that Rock is mega-man one would assume its a girl. Not from just the voice alone.

Great job

I saw this on another site thx for bringing it here :P

on the leg thing buddy looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

After the foamy scene, click on taylor's(the redhead"s) legs. PS y is this vid rated M?

then the first. But where is three?

LOL you still got it go jesus AND MUSHROOMS and nice snake alert mark


awesome series i hope you make more
nice animation with blues, rock, and zero

the Attack of the Evil TV's are awesome please make more

Awesome i love it!!!! PLZ make part 3!

LOLZ! I love The numa numa song! (Dragonesta din dei)lol.....Blues is klike:YOU IDOIT! XD this is gold!


Even better than first one :)

Love it, Have watched it like 50,000,000 times (okay, exaggerated, but still, u get my point)

Please make a third one! We need closure! And more Boobies!

u should make a numa numa video with zero

hey u should shoot blues w/ the radma gun

Its random is funny I like. Evil TV lol. Need more must have more. :P

u sould make more stuff like this!!!

THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you make this Lacey??????

ahahahaaaa so funny

so good more! MORE! lol

did the wall say i like yaoi?

I loved all of it, this was one of the greatest flash movies I have ever seen and you are a wonderful artist, one thing I would like to see though is a full version of Zero doing the numa numa song.

did you you make your ow numa numa song or what?

it's a great flash but... WHEN will the next come? I personaly hate when shows stops with no conclusen...
expecialy when it's a good one

lmao that was hilarious i loved the emo poetry part lmao!!!

My favorite part was where Jesus said, "She's going to hell," on the sign. It made me laugh.

this series is above all my fav. fav part was zero singng numa numa and (not to mention jesus is sittng right there *sup homies*)

OMG!Better than the first one!!!Nice Numa Numa reference.


this is awsome!! i love how lacy didn't care about. also the ending was so funny.

maajor coodoos to using there japanese names

Another great one. I started dancin at the end. That was just amazing. You make some amazing flash. I just love the animation and the comedy makes me smile alot. Poor blues..

this is the funniest thing i watch

Lmao,great job! Kind of cool that you made that guy (>.>) do the dance that Iya does. ;3

this flash keeps getting better and better plz make another one!

yah i am with mannymoran make another one

loved the first loved the 2nd one so please make another one

please make another one

Heh, the first one was good too.

Oh, and to answer the guy before, Blues, Rock, Zero and Dr. Light are all from megaman. Theyre just the directly translated names... (Rock - Megaman, Blues - Protoman)...

Anyways, good job with the flash! Looking forward to maybe seeing more of em.

I would say that you have made most of all people very Happy I give it a 11 out of ten if i could!

wow i loved this your animations rock.
this is just a question but what program did you use for this and are those your characters?

It's begging for one, so I'm begging you to make one. lol, it'd be nice... but can't really force ya, can I?

That's all I will say!

omg! lol one of my favorite flashes ever ^^ wish you'd make more of them :P

I found it pretty humorous and enjoyed a good parody to the MegaMan series.

10 stars just cuz that guy in the credits looks (and dances) just like my bf!

Jesus"waz up homies"
lol that was funny

Jesus says waz up homies. HI JESUS!! Other people love but I am indifferent and I know you were really a Jedi in descise.

it's always cool to see the start and the ending where blues is crying. i hope you make another one man.

real funny, like:*she is going to hell* , SHROOMS!!!, or BOOBIES!!! XD

crapped myself im laughing so hard

I loved this, it just too funny. I hope to see a third one!

Hahaha this is nice xD

dude why dont u make a attack of the evil tv 3? i mean attack of the evil tv 2 has been on since 2007 and u had 2 years to make a new one where is it ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

If there still in the TV,then that means u will have to make a "attack of the evil TV 3"


I found the easter egg =3 after blues get turned gay click on taylor and she'll be in her underwear! Its cool.And I love this vid

This flash and I am awesome, this flash is awesome for obvious reasons and im awesome because i FOUND AN EASTEREGG ;D

im sailor dude and im gona get you LOL

where my shroms lolz

great sequel to the first one, but cuz ur so great at this: keep goddamn working, bitch!! (no offense, kay?) ^^

that song is so often used for torture, don't u think?
what's it call again? duma duma... ah, whatever!

SEQUEL!!!! >.<

could've fooled me either way i lopve this flash

This rocks!! you just got to make another one i got to know what happens come on man i know you got it on ya! I need it man!!!

this rocks dude you need to make a sequel!!!attack of the evil 3 and it is obvious to be attack of the evil TV 3 because there is attack of the evil tv 2!and they still wont be able to escape!!!!!hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*is happy* XD

Great animation some parts were really funny too next time be sure to include more characters.

that was freakin awesome! ^_^

i loved the parts with zero singing numa numa and turning into a sailor warrior, that was pure genious! :D

i know rock and zero are the megaman characters, but who is blues and the others? are they original characters?

anyway, i really hope you make another, these are too good to end now!

well the title really explains it all. ive watched the first one and it was as awesome as this one! and i love foamy,numa numa and the first attack of the evil tv. its like you know me!

That was awesome! You should really make more!

the first one was cute. I chuckled. Zero owned it. This one was gold. Zero still owned it. I finally figured out who he both looks like and reminds me of: Gourry Gabriev from Slayers. Zero will forever be this way to me. Awesome.

OMG, What Do U Do 2 Zero!!!!!!!!!!, anyway, really good, 10/10

It's so awesome i love zero! And rock! blues is ok, If u like haven't seen this then get off your butt and click watch this movie, like NOW!!!! ^_^

Funny really funny especially the jesus bit "sup homies"Zero totally reminds me of my friend Dylan who acts like that alot. I love it and Blues singing I am gothic I love that song it rocks.

even better than the first, and everyone's right about finishing the series

It was even better than the first and thats saying alot

its great.........:D

You SERIOUSLY need to finish this!

You have way too much potential just to end this here.

Maybe in a 3rd one you could slip a gag in there where Blues & Rock accidently kiss.

Damn I wish I had Zero's hair and Rocks voice.

Rina-Chan did Rock's voice? lol! again, awesome flash, you fuckin rock at this!

i cant even say how good it feels to see a girl animator,cause usually when most us guys animate,well ALOT of them come out as crap,but there are some with talent

but jesus that was good!!!

laughed so hard my jeans fell off during mid-laugh
(only cause my belts gone and plus im an idiot :))

^_^ It's fun to see how Rock always gets to just be a bishi while Blues takes all the punishment XD And oh god, Zero in a thong >.<

Jesus says Sup Homies =D

Maybe something happens and Rock ends up with a cute girl? ^^;; I want him to find happiness in Tv Land, since every single Megaman game has gyped him out of it one way or another:
Original - child body
X Series - memory loss
Legends - stuck on another planet
Network - stuck on the internets and denied from Roll by 4Kids (so close...)

Give Rock happiness!

Zero ur my favorite. Also the sailor moon scenes were hilarious.

i really liked zero but i think more should be madee but still really funny

he likes shrooms(and hes on more drugs than mario) he crys over shrooms and HE IS SAILOR DUDE


as i fucking said its still the ficking awsomesness thing i ever fucking saw .s. im ratering everything u have 5/20 10 on the reiew and 5 on the voteing thing hey i stop useing the word fuck....FUCK!!!!!!!!!

the hidden thing mentioned by NHVideogroup is during the scene where blues looks gay, just move the cursor over her to see here in her underwear! Awesome work BTW love your style and hope to see more things like it.

Dude awsome even (better to watch when your high) WHERE ARE MY SHROOMS!!!!!

I FOUND A SECRET IN THIS VIDEO! the gal with the orange hair and the black shirt,
roll over her with your mouse pointer when she's OFF (on the floor) the couch (I DONT KNOW WHERE IN THE MOVIE)but do that when ever she off the couch and you might see some thin' pretty cool!!! And I really thought how secret messages( in the backround) was AWESOME Great movie!

2 things: 1) Numa Zero, although awesome, has cruddy graphics when Zero starts really dancing. 2) Megaman sounds like a girl in MM8 because, in the cinematics for the U.S. version (which are voiced by their jap actors for some reason), Megaman's voice IS a girl.

this is just awsome, do moar plz, make the guys go in somekind of extreme show and they get whooped like hell. great animation skills, voice acting and comedy.

Very funny, cool vid 10 stars for you.

but will it ever end,or are they trapped forever

blues look what u did :P

Zero is the greatest Dancer ever

Rock "I have a sudden urge to write emo poetry."
Blues"I have a sudden urge to use the word FUCK"
Rock"Hey, wheres Zero?"
Blues"Fuck, I don't know."

Combination of Megaman, Final Fantasy, etc.
and the ending was the one that really made me love this ^_^
keep it up man

Im lovin this mate, well done to you. I really dont want to sound like a ponce, but who are Blues, Lacey and Taylor?

I couldn't catch the name of it in the credits,and very funny!XD

This is an awesome series. Maybe you should finish the third episode where they actually get out of the TV, and Blues(protoman) gets back at lacey.

when is part 3 going to be realesed

this is just so cool face it people like this because its funny as heck in many ways

Stupid question: You're a girl right?
... No mater. XD
I love these movies the graphics are cool the sounds are clear and the whole thing is epic and funny as hell. XD
I can't wait to see a new part. :D

freakin' amazing. that's the only way to discribe it. keep up the good work. Hope to see more soon.


uber funny part two

come on you got to make a three to this its friggin' hilarious.
plus ive been waiting for a third one since 2007.

hurry up and make another one! PLZ

This one is a great improvement over the first one. I hope to see a third one.

Dude - you know your anime stuff so its gonna be awesome any how but the way you mixed it up is legendary. You got real talent and the whole show is really funny. Please make another one! The only thing i wanna mention is that you should try making the lips move more in sync with the voice. other then that its the best flash every. ^^

Ok I love this thing
Animation was awsome char were pretty well done
voice acting was great =O
now gotta say one thing, Are you gonna make another?

what a way to supply entertainment this simply rocks" i know u got the third one foo! i need dat third one!1" ha ha


OMG. This is even funnyer than the last one. Keep up the good work.

Do you think you'll make a sequel? I mean it would get more awards and everything ya know...

I think this is the best thing I've seen in a long time. I mean the art is good and the jokes are great.

I like x play too. Its a great show!

this was xtremely funny.make a sequel!!!!!2 THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!


Man... I wish I was in the tv so i can do anything i want do anyway... anyway 10/10!!!

it's hilarious and i love the way you draw lolz i love blue!!!!!!

"will this ever end?" my response to that : I HOPE NOT. THIS SERIES ROCKS I HOPE IT GOES ON FOREVER. PERFECT SCORE

i didnt even know anyone else watched G4. i agree with one of the other reviewers. WE WANT A SEQUEL!!!

Will the next one be out... a sequel! i demand a sequel!


That was even better than the other one! Now I shall await the third one :3

I'm a HUGE Megaman fan myself so this gets 10/10!!! XD Zero's High!!!!

will they be traped forever and be tortured by all the things on cable
i mean cable sucks
satilite is better
i bet they wish the were on satilite

I forgot how funny this was keep up the good work

This was the first video I've ever seen on newgrounds and it was AWSOME...

funnier than the first. hope you make more though, this is great

i have to say that was the best anime drawing i saw with the sonic vs nazo and master mind wc but that was an awesome movie how long will it take its near the holidays but anyway keep up the series hope to see at least a 5 or 8 or at least a 2 min video ps. would you think about a game maybe with every charector and change able songs with the numa tec remix song you used but good show

Make a 3 character of capcom, the best comedy combo and plus the random people a scene, priceless, i wanna see more of this, good job

this made me lmao its funny and dosent make a great deal of sense but its funny none the less keep it up =c]

Another fun installment (it keeps getting better, plus the animation is something else). Really enjoying this crazy series, hope we'll see more soon.

just love it, keep making more, i wudnt care if it just turned into random shows over and over again =D

Wow I can't believe I never watched this one before I've seen every other one but not this one.
It was great by the way.

hahahha Zero is sing Maria Hoo XD
maria hee, Maria hoo ,Maria haa, Maria haha XD

This is fantastic! yaaaaay!

Zero: maria hee, maria hoo, maria haa, marihaha. LOL!

seriously I can't even remember the last time I laughed that hard XD
awesome job lolz

i enjoyed attack 1 and this one was very funny, did find an easter egg with the whole clicking on the screen just after blues goes gay puts the red girl in her pantys

Pff...The guy's voice is Rina-chan's? Lame... She can be good at voice acting but I think it doesnt fit. And I hate that bitch with the remote.

I loved it all! your one of the best flash makers EVER!

you ROCK! that is thee most awsome video ever!!!

Even better than the first, well I'll be.

He's sooo awesome, its so funny how nothing bad happens to rock and all the good things happen to Zero.

hey girdl when make the nex episode? i freaking colll =P


I FUCKING LOIVE THIS SHIT!!!!! <3 sept when i went to that fuckling shit that they tell you to go to i was pissed i thought they might have more of this funny ass shit

I like it and all however I see 3 insults to CAPCOM.

1) You made Rock a pussy!

2) You made Zero a stoner!


What's more you made Blues look gay in the end of first one!

Gay as a frolicking flower in a field of purple daisies!

FYI: I'm Nobodylord!


i never would've thought your stuff was on newgrounds. Lacey your awesome!!!!!!

I luv that lil easter egg that u hid ^.^

that was a great movie nice work

Zero's brain has left the building...If he has a brain...

Jesus! Tell Jesus I said sup, too.

:P Hey, Hikari, where can I find that Blues porn? I wanna see it!

I'm writing my very 1st review,cuz I finally found a show that's worthy of my review...aaaaaaaaaanyway,I LOVE EVERYFUCKINGTHING ABOUT THIS CARTOON!!! ROCK ON BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh,yeah & people if u think this review is usless U WILL BURN N HELL,cuz I'm telling my friends Jesus & NATAS,u deserve it & uuuuuuunless u happen 2 b a MORON read my 2nd friend's name backwards LMAO ROTFL,I LOVE ME!!!X3I'm just ur everyday random Psycho Chick Badass & if my review pisses u off,than ur just 2 much of a"GOODY 2 SHOES" 2 b reading it n the 1st place,b-sides I can put whateverrrz I want cuz I'm an American & I have the RIGHT 2 do so if I plz & I do plz!!!X3 signed:=^w^=meowmeow

Better than the 1st it made me lol soo hard I almost cried!! I still laugh about it this very day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O.o still loving it aww ya I'll be watchign for more..

>:D i hope to see more of this

lol its god but im a christian and find it a littile bit isulting

Lacey you are an extremely gifted flash artist. Plus i heard that you are making AOTETV 3! I hope it's as funny as the last two. I couldn't stop laughing.

Lol, that was funny.

Numa Numa YAY! Numa Numa Numa YAY!!!

Just love them, brilliant! ^_^/

that clip is even better than the first, and nice dancing of the Noma Noma song.

Ikki Tousen at the end... or is it that Tehnj Tenje one... pfft. Whatever. You get a straight ten and straight five!

This was even better than the last. Awesome humor. Hope to see a third one soon. I want to know if the MM Crew gets out of the TV.

Totally fudging awsome. can't wait for the next one.

Good job, but as good as these are you gotta end it soon. They can't just shamble around in there....If you do proceed and make Attack of the Evil TV 3 please resolve it. I really want to see how they get out.

Can you please make Attack of the Evil TV 3? I want to see if they eventually get out.

Man though guys need to lent out let'em out so they can get their revenge allready...why teh hell the bad things only happen to Blues Seriously man just let them out. -_- Thanx if you do and if you dont plz someone make on when they get out. ... -_- don't take this the wrong way man... ^_^

its friggin awsome!!!! make one where they get there revenge.

very funny!!!!

zero singing and dancing to numa numa wass soooo F***ng funny

make anotha plz ^^ ill totally go ROLL on u and own u! >=3 * i iz a guy but owell *

favorite part

Didn't realize there was a second one and kinda answered my own question about who the girls were! Unlike Dr. Light, I could what the Numa Numa video all day long! Who did the Numa Numa remix for the credits?

The russian chick is sofia from a game called "battle arena toshinden"
I think
This is one of my favorite series :D

Who's the russian chick? she's totally badass, especially with the accent.

ROFL jesus going >:D [sup homies]

Attack of the evil tv 2 Rules..you need to make a 3rd one

if u drag ur mouse over the girl on the right right after the "YOU MADE ME LOOK GAY" part she will wear a bikini. UBER AWSUM!!

It's almost as disturbing as it is funny... yet... I can't... Stop... Watching... and ... Laughing!!! Zero is one of the coolest Capcom characters ever, yet you make fun of him so blatantly and so well, I can't find it in myself to do anything but laugh. Normally I'd eat your soul and feed your body to a rancor, but It's too funny to kill the creator.

Great stuff, Numa Numa could have been a bit shorter, but the torture actualy added to thr humor a bit. Zero was funny as hell, Sailor Dude! ha

i have never played megaman and i still found it really funny. nice work

I didn't figure out the whole mega man thing till now. whoops.

but most of it seems to be a big inside joke.
more for the common man pl0x?

Wen Is Da 3rd One Cuming?

"Not to mention Jesus is sitting right over there."

please make a third!

My shrooms love this and would love a third. I know they are really demanding huh? YAY SHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMS.

this is keeping getting AWESOME! XD

Loved the first, loved this! I hope there is a number 3!

Hey Hikari42, I hope you can keep doing this series 'cause is one of the funniest in NG and I have watch it like a million times. °o°
Anyways, keep up the excellent work!!!

To be owned twice in one day... I (kinda) feel sorry for him.
Zero turning to a sailor dude was funny and weird.

Awsome! The second was waay better than the first. Keep it up! (Subtitles help alot, Thanx)

Lol awsom. Salior dude classic. It deserves all those awards

Long as hell to load on my computer but, it was totally worth it.

Zero doing the numa numa dance, what could be better, EXCEPT HIM BEING STONED! A+ keep up the good work

just hover over the redhead and you will see her in her bra and panties you just have to keep at it then you will see her without any pants or shirts

make another one make another one please!!!!!!!

I love this it's so cute my best friend and I love watching this.I like your style of Drawing ^_^

this is too funny make more XD

Nice touch with the whole Zero doing a numa numa dance, I can't help laughing every time I see it, keep up the excellent animation, oh and bfore I forget, nice easter egg towards the end-ish.


One thing that bothered me was why these characters are Mega Man characters. How do their personalities or the situations they're in pertain to them being Mega Man, Zero, and Protoman? I can understand the Bass fight, I suppose, but otherwise I didn't really see any reason for them to be Mega Man characters. Why didn't you just use your own characters? I probably wouldn't have been asking myself why Zero was a pothead, because he's not, and it's not even some kind of satire of his character.

Otherwise I think this was filled with typical Bob and George lack-of-punchline material and overclichéd anime inspired personalities. The "I hate everything everyone's doing" guy. The clueless passionate dimwit. The yaoi obsessed fangirl. It's a color by numbers cast.

Delivery is important to making jokes without punchlines funny, and this movie fell short. I mostly blame it on the VA's, most of them sounded uninterested and too tame for the spectrum of hyperactivity this movie was in. I did like the Zero VA, though. He had a nice tone that fit his character. Every joke seemed like it came out too slowly or it came out too unpassionately. They seemed tacked on and I didn't care about them and almost hated them. Again, delivery is key, and as I think to myself some of the same dialogue done differently, it could've been funny.

I usually keep overly negative comments to myself, but I saw that there was a sheer lack of brutal honesty laden in the reviews of the current number 1 movie, so I figured it was appropriate. You show promise and I commend your ability to work on such an expansive project and if you like what you do, then keep on doing it.

u got that off of tenge sumthing keep up the good wrk

You should do a 3rd one! They could get outta the TV but Blues somehow gets OWNED by Lacey. That'd be funny as hell! Also X-play does rock, but I like Attack of the Show more.

Zero is NOT a pothead!!!

....hes a shroom junkie.

Ah, the combo of megaman, blues and pothead zero.
So great. So funny.

I cant say this ints good but i cant say i like that too so its 5/5 and 5/10 i hopes your happy.

Just totally awesome!!! But did you have to make Rock such a girlie man?!?!? Hope to see a 3!

dude im fucking dying of laughter!I loved the part where you made them look like there from foamy the squirel you shoulda made zero pillzy (squirel with glasses that takes alot of pills for those of you who dont know) that woulda made it a shitload funnier

you are seriously...so funny!!!!!!! i love this...it's amazin' you seriously gadda make a third =P

*Stares with funny look on face* HAHAHAHAHHA Zero as sailor moon = hilarity

this is the best show on newgrounds and it has good graphics and any1 that watches it should laugh

make a sequal!

heh it sure suks for them they dont get out >:)

you need to make a third one this is awesome

Was so hilarious :'D I laughed to this so hard... god as good as the first one

Whoa this is so fucking funny i almost died laughing from whatching this.

this was great^^

but, where is part 3?

Hey whats the name of that game u this video acted out, as the girl with the whip and the guy with a i forgot. but whats the name of that's game? I use to have it. please contact me as soon as possible k. thanks ^_^ nice video to. 10/10 stars!

when is 3 and evil tv collab coming out on ng please tell us we love this series

man i loved this thing i could not stop laughing so when r u going to make the next one please make it soon

this is to fly 4 words

make a 3rd please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome series you make good flash!

Man I hope you make another.

roflmao lol OMG NO! lol better than first!

Its was funny and the art was so great! you are such a great artist!


I've heard 3 different versions of the 'Numa Numa', and this one made me feel like my brain cells were dying. UGH!

Hilarious... >.> <.< Boobies! XD

twice as good as the first one! i wanna see a third one...

make # 3 please you are sssssssssssssooooooooooooooo awsome

this rocks can't wait if you'll release the 3rd part :)

dude the first was great but htis one is perfect really funny and wat sre all the characters from never heard of them MAKE A 3RD ^^

I think this is funny as HELL!!! You should make more!!!!!!

But still pretty good.

Make another one i begg you on my knees

mack more make more make more

shrooms ahoy mahn this has every thing to make it fuunie hehe those ckicks made him look gay hehe

Awesome enough to be in the Awesome collection, although it's not based on a video game. Funny! I love this!

I think I was imagining but I think I saw taylor with her braw and panties! Anyway
your flashes are awesome!

i think its megaman legands 4 the ps1

you had to make a second one just to see how many damn cameos you could fit in here didn't you...ranma and sailor moon in the same space means nothing but trouble.

this REALLY takes 'ownage' to a whole new lv!

That is so freakin' funny. Please make another, Please!

please for the love of god make attack of the evil tv 3 hint:south park+evil tv=funny shit


Dude that is sooooo funny. I didn't imagine Zero would sing numa-numa. Also if you have the time you could draw me a picture of Blues, Rock, and Zero. Pllllllllleeeeeaaaaaassssssseeee.

I'm sailor dude, and I'm gonna get you!

Where Did you Get The Numa Numa Music From?
it Kicked ass. and it was funny when Zero was singing ot it. BLues doing the Emo Thing.

Amazing animation your doing Keep it up!

XD XD XD best on here >.<

Its the best mega man video on newgrounds.
And Zero is so a stoner.

see my review of the first on and add MWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHA
stoners rock

LOL!!!!You gotta make a third one

that was fuckin hilarious!! OMG I rather liked blues make over. XD animation sound all of that so smooth loved it I WANT MORE DAMMIT!!!!!>:@

that was really funny make another please it would be awsome
if you did i would be really happy

one of the funnier things on newgrounds make another

Even better than the first. it damaged me so badly that i bet if a third one came out, i'm gonna die. don't take that the wrong way PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER

" 'sup homies."
i always laugh at that one.

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the jesus part was freaking hilarious, the graphics were the best for a home made film the music and sound was amazing LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is the funnest thing Ive seen for some time now. I hope they make a new one I know I will injoy it.

This movie is soooo wrong that its soooo right!

I have watched this over and over along with your first one, i cant wait to see # 3 when it comes out


Awsome! Really hilarious. Oh, and the Easter egg was nice too. It was a easter egg, rigth?

I want a 3d these are so random an hilarious

good job on this vid is thaer a 3rd i hop so

Hehehe found an easter egg somewhere & I aint tellin! =)

ha that was funny



this is my favoirite flash

FTW!! Hahahaa... Zero likes Yaoi XD

This has to be one of my favorite animations I have seen on Newgrounds. This on and the first one. Please make more!! :D

hahaha! i think it will continue attack of the evil 3 for sure...

lol the first one rocked like tha fucking earth, this shit rocked tha fuckin moon!!!

plz make another on man!!!


Nice that was a great animation. The girl who Rina chan plays is a babe and she sounds like a babe too lol.

Great animations, seriously, they were awsome. One question though, why did Rock, get off so easy like that? Oh well, alot of great videogame references and jokes, please make more now.

That was funny dude

me and my freind were watching this and he said that i was just like zero, anywho great animation and voice acting this is one of my favorites

thats great like all of ur submistions im a big fan of ur work i hope u keep on making this stuff :)

Great Flash!

Damn... i never laughed of something so much on Newgrounds ever.. xD
And all the small jokes in the background... whew... Haha...haa....*breathe*
*set on replay*

i love the little stuff in the back, on the walls and computers. just one question... what song is blues singing in the beggining?

you should at lest make one or two thing happen to rock great work by the way.

sooooo.... you got more?

blues still is a pervertic idiot. (is that a reason that he suffers in this TV?)
and why he lie muschrooms.(mayby.... it is drugs for him see ep.1 he says:
man... i feel stoned.)
but still is is above the 9 but lower a 10

Damn this was funny!!! I never pictured Jesus saying anything like "Whats up homies!" Even God probably found this funny!


jesus is saved blues big time and zero lost his heaven lol keep on making this

"Hey were did zero go?" "FUCK I DUNNO!" Lol omg so funny make a third!

im a huge fan of megaman games. so on newgrounds i love the megaman collection. out of all the movies ive watched so far in this collection attack of the evil tv is by far the best so make a 3rd plz.

these flases are amazing so plz if you can make another

Youre work is as good as allways, keep it up!

This was uber awesomeness i tell you there must be a part 3

make another one plz

MAKE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!! PLZ

that is funny and i was wondering is there going to be a third? its marvelously done so keep up the great work! You rock!

love it man
(the sad thing is i get all of the obscure game/anime stuff)

yeah that was cool

great ideea and graphics and music
by the way im from Romania from where that music "numa numa" comes
i'm totally freakin'out and i'm annoyed becoase that music makes our country
like shit,but i'm proud of you becoase you make fun of that "OZONE" formation
thx alot

that was pretty cute, though the characters could have been anyone - there wasn't really anything 'Megaman' about them besides the fight with Forte. Probably would have been better with your own characters (though I found zero being a stoner amusing haha)

overall solid effort, and pretty entertaining for the most part! graphics were clean and the sound/voice acting was nice.


A third one please make it


I'm Sailor Dude XD. Can't wait to see how they use the Ranma gun, I mean Blues and Zero already used girls clothes.

yeah its realy somthing for zero to sing that song what whas the song again ???? Dragosta Din Tei from o zone rigt ???? srry for my english im kinda bad in it

I just discovered you a second ago, and you've turned anime into something.... AWESOME. =D!

and i like most of your animations including attack of the Wonkybirds

I dont understand the Ranma gun bit and how it would help them

.....................music osum,funy
it ssssssssuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkeeeeeee eeddddd
i taste 10 hahaha!!!

i cant wait 2 see the next one, but it needs more to have more vid game references.

What was the song that the blond guy was singing?Great flash!

This was so funny and I love your drawing style! My favourite part was Zero's numa dance.

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was funny as hell. But this is somewhat distrubing. Anyway, ideas for a part three, make them appear in some classic tv shows. This is great, keep it up.

Love Megaman, But rock sounds too much like a chick. hemm... "click here" does nothing. you getg 9 for that no werk! 5/5 tho.

awesome!one of te best vids ive seen on newgrounds!(is there going to be another?)

awesome just awesome. ^_^

esta xorizooo haha!! si no vfuera por la parte donde dice "lol" porfavor see cren bkanes por decir esa wea de pernos bueno no inportaa muy lindaa x3

quote=Zero: "OMG where are my shrooms?" LOL
It would've been funny if Forte sounded like "A big black guy named Bass"

oh wait I don't need them to give you my 5

I liked when blue jump at sofia boob


nuff said wait no before i submit ill say more! MAKE more

I like it >:D

i couldn't breathe because this is so funny tell me you are making a sequel.

i like Zero, never saw the actual animated series on tv, great ranma reference, and keep at it.

I like the girls in this animation you can make po*m :D So i'm giving 10/10 not about the po*n but for the funny :D

ah the sound part ^^

I Love the Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Jesus was great! en everthing else was awesum 2 i guess.

lolol but still whats with jesus not talking and holding up signs


Another work of perfection ^^
This one got a bit off track in some places, but that made it all the better!
Can you do nothing wrong? =^^=

Please, for the love of all video gaming, tell me there's a part 3 coming. This is funny stuff! Weird, definitely, but funny.

my twin sister and i were watching this and laughing so hard are mom came in. then she started laughing so hard my step dad came in and said WTF! greet vid. the red head chick was like my twin sister (who looks nothing like me) and the brown head chick was like me.=3
*twin sister*:I am the MAGIC RABBIT gez and it is true when I am out of the room someone really wierd comes in the room and my sister is violent and she hogs the remote. (sister: boy is that true!)

numa numa ya numa numa numa yay

cant remeber where i heard that but would be best video parody ever...if it wasnt for the...................MINI SKIRTS ON MEN!!!!! I MEAN THATS GROSS but awsome video

lol!!! shes going to hell!! ahhhhhhahahaha!!!!...
sup homies
lmao this is some quality stuff

both this one and the first (although there is obvious improvment in the second) are great animations not too long not too short and perfectly funny

sup homies lolz

will there be second one

It was hilarious and had a great storyline, plus fluid anime art. I can't wait for the next one.


This was SOOOO funny. I hope there's going to be more.

Not bad man i RLY liked it!!!!

I love this series. Long live A N I M E!!!

This was so hilarious I actualy MADE a account just because of this video! Cant wait for number 3!

This series is hilarious.

ZERO: Im in heaven
hahaha cant stop laughing

I'm not saying anything about this movie.

plz make a third attack of the evil TV!

haha that numa numa music sounds so gay. lol

it was like real anime just with enough humor for stomachache.make more sequels and the stupidity was well great

that and Dr. Light likes Daft Punk, which also rocks. Good job on this one, it's better than the first in my opinion. Lots of cameos, which I enjoyed.

when lacey is siting by the couch put your mouse over her to see her bra and panties

Me and a bunch of my friends watched this for who knows how long on DA I Can't wait to see The 3rd one (G-sus ftw!).

It makes me giggle like a little schoolgirl!

omg this is funny

this 1 wuz way better than the 1st 10/10

I don't know why people keep begging for a third one. This one is awsome enough!!!!!!!!!

this is so friggin funneh I MUST WATCH THEM ALL!! so when can we expect theext one? and if and when you make the next one can you put them in assasins creed? or halo 3?

lol, that was funnier than the last one...actually they both hilarious XD hope theres a number three...and so far the blonde is my favourite cuz its just like my friend spencer...he a crack head -.-...but we luvs him anyways, just like this flash ^_^


PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE A #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was friggen funny!

it's awesome but will there be part 3? lol numa numa!

This is the best anime episode ive ever seen! especially seeing jesus anime...sup homies! LOL! Hilarious!

That was so hilarious! Especially Jesus holdin up the sign

She is going
to hell

you've inspired me to be as funny as possibe with what im working on. thanks.

my 100th review :P . anyway , I love your anime , its really funny. The desighn's are smooth. I like all of the parodys as well. Great job.

if i could vote 100 stars out of 10 i totaly would pleaze make another

When will you make another movie? If this one is funny, the next one will be hilarious! Maybe you should make them go to the internet...>_>

Is it possible for it to get even funnier? This is halarious!

man, that was funny
luv the part where the gay guy says that he is in heaven
pure genius

loved this flash :D i justplain love it

Jesus: Sup homies!
I nearly pissed myself.

Aewsome! Sequel, sequel sequel!! ^^

I am ashamed to say I enjoyed this. D=>

Now I must go do manly things and wrestle some bears, maybe eat some slim jims and piss a tree somewhere. HOORAH!

this is the best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw the first episode and let me just say: You've done it again. Good job iI love the humor, characters, voices, parodies, and the flash in general. Another 5/5.

you should really make a third one

Um... Refer to my review of the last one, just make sure to edit out that part about the animation...

Funny... >.>

AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow awesomes pls make a third, and, is rock a cick or a dude?

p.s why dont u bloody do it?

This one was even better than the first! And longer.. yay!

Dude, there's just one little favor I wasnt to ask you...

Can you make a loop animation of that dancing guy for me? Put it in like a square for an avatar or something.. That would rule!


these are all great but there is one part for a split second where orange haired woman is in bikini and right before the screen change she flashes back in her original clothes also you might want to use a muffler or whatever its called so that when voice acting your breath dosnt hit the mic then you dont have the annoying sound when the charecters talk so it sounds alot better also love the randomness in the animations

I LOVE ZERO!!!! *huggles him to death*

SO FRIGGN AWESOME!!!! im waiting for the next part!


Loved it, waiting for the 3rd part.

Loved it! Made me laugh out loud a few times. Katamari reference FTW

man i love it
u made a good mixture of mega man x,mega man and many other things not to mention Jesus
man ihope u make the 3 one soon
and plz hurry =)

The first one was good and the second one was even better. keep it up

definetly... the best flash i've seen until now... i see i t like 3 times every hour... and i love the part of the concert of blues...

keep working like that... i hope you someday release a 3rd part... ^^

Its a great flash... Jesus says "Sup! Homies!"

It was a really good toon. Funny too. My favorite thing about it is the shroom obsessed guy. Hahaha!

i loved it it was so funny ha shrooms

Great job! Blues looks way cooler in these clothes than in his armor. And Jesus never looked so cool. Great Job!

I'm sailer dude and Im gon getchoo!!! LOL!!!

One of my very faivorites on NG!

Please make a 3rd one! I love watching these flashes from time to time. Your artystyle is great too, and of course, your humor :)

I beg you to mack a 3rd EVIL tv.

Sup Homies

I enjoy this series a lot. The time and effort you put into this shows.

Now go! Make another! Chop chop! What do you think it is we pay you for?!?

Can't wait for the next one.

OMG!!!!HE HAD THE REMOTE ALL ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Out of all the handdrawn videos and series that i'vde seen, this has to be one of my favorites. VIdeo Games, Evil Telelvisions, manga/anime/cartoon/insert descriptor here style, and a good sense of humor.

Great Flash you have here. You get a 10.


I liked this vid and i watch often,good job!
The evil TV rulez!

amazing how many showes they go through sigh i wish i could b traped in my TV so i can avoid my moms and pa good job keep up the good work

Sheesh, i love the series but where is number 3 an when will u actually let them put on the armour....i think there are some pretty good jokes u can get from the armor...like how do u go to the bathroom and how fkn often does rock wet himself fighting enemies? (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO METTELLLL!!! I DON WANNA FIGHT U!!!!!!!!!!!) just like always.



tom fulp will there ever b attack of the evil tv 3


:( i wana do good voice syncing :( and comidy... i got flash for christmas! :D how long did this take you? also the torture by singing the numa numa song... lol

I read the computer screen!And every little extra not.FUNNY!Your Lacey right?She's my favorite.

Hi I liked you video same with my friends he said it was hilarious even though he despises anime but I don't anyways I hope you make another video and also...

Awsome video dude it rocks!!!!!!! lol Lacey-''Who am im going to torture?'' Jesus-''She`s going to hell'' Lacey-''not to mention that Jesus is sitting right over there!'' Jesus-''Sup homies?''LOL HILARIUS!!!!!!! alot of random stuff lol you made one of the most funny and random video game parodies i have seen!!! Make part 3 please PLEAASE!!!!!!!!

make part 3 pls

I MUST SEE THE NEXT ONE! This is one of the best things things ive ever seen. Congrats. Keep ut the god work.

nice work ! cant wait til 3 comes out
5/5 10/10


i hope you come out with a num.3 blues is the best next to the shroom head zero
and why dosent anything happen to rock?

the numa numa remix is not by o-zone it is by hadduci

this is a cool vid and i hope there is a number 3 coming soon i love this one and the frist one to?

You're really good. I hope more's to come. Till then, your new fan's just sit and wait.

Very well done my friend, it must have taken you a lot of time, you deserve my 10

It was awsome funny, keep it up! I just love Zero >< shrooms<3 X3


make more.

Man this serie rocks! i ask the same question mill it be a 3#? !!!!!!I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

OMG were are my shrooms u took them didnt u....U GUYS ROCK so this reminds me of my 2 friends and i those three remind me alot of us

I have the same question as the last guy"Will there be a #3?"

#3 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Need.... Third... Part... Now... please...

Lol love the cameos by Jesus and other peoples. But seriously, we need a 3 soon =P.

Fantastic. Toto awesome flash. were's three? MAN I NEEEEEED A 3. POOR BLUES, BUT I FEEL WORSE FOR ROCK.

Yeah, no offence lacey, but if that pic of that chick on ur website is you.. u shud prolly draw urself like her.. *cough*HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, your flash is funny, and decent unlike some of this stuff on NG.

GREAT! But maybe you should have let rock get pw3nd by bass.


I laughed at almost everything, accept making of Dragostonti Tia (misspelled), or the Numa Song. I know Romanian anyways =D

Movie! Numa Numa time I love this nice Ranma 1/2 reference as well

That was the most Funniest thing i've seen in my life!!!!

I WAtch this everyday! It's my all time fav! Can't wait till the third!

I love AOTET are you going to make a 3rd?

that was awsamlly funny those chicks made blues look gay, taylor scared the crap out of DR.light. and blues got owned by BASS!! ur #1 lacey. keep it up.

turning zero into a salor scout creepy i give it a 7


BOOBIESSSSSSSSS T.T i salute the shrooms

R O F L M A O !
Nice slapsticks xD U did a really great work! Go on!

That IS kind of mean. They REALLY should get let out of there.

Just like you first one you are getting 5/5 ^.^

I think the last time I watched this flash was way back when I'd just started, and a friend had told me about htis flash. Your drawing ability is one that I wish I could compete with (Hands are horrible to draw >_<) especially compared to my... obscured doodles. Just like I rated then, 10/10 ^-^

I love this stuff and for the easter egg, When Blues gets his "makeover", and Lacey exclaims it's a good look for Blues, roll your mouse over Taylor to reveal her other side!!!

"Where....the HELL do you come up with this stuff!?" lol nice work

love it! hilarious! and awesome....good animationi absolutly love it.....


Love the animations and the comedy is fairly good. I think it's run on a little too long though, maybe it's someone else's turn to get televised?

very nice love the jezus part;p

Omfg so funny! xD

you have to make more, its all i ask.

i love this and the other ones please make maore

p.s NEVER make fun of jesus k^_^

I almost died man, you gotta keep doin these, they're the best!!!

WOW!!!The funniest movie ever!


that is the funnyest animation i have ever seen in a long time dude u rock



Funnier than the last one! I love the idea!

Awesome! A Great idea, for sure.

LOL Looks like they are screwed...


"BASTERD ILL KILL YOU!!!!111"unquote rofl

I hpoe you make a 3rd one, It kick ass

that was perfect in every way
the music
the anime
the sound
the humor
all of it was kik @$$
the saliormoon park was funny and creepy
u got to make it in a series

you have got to make this into a series i mean u cant jus leave them in the tv come on man seriously....graphic good and the humor?...priceless although the numa numa thing disturbed me

nice vid and graphics + humor but blues sucks game and on this he's always geting pwned XD

This movie is awsome, Tottaly sweet

make part 3 quick cauise this movie`s sweeet : )

man this flash rocked and the first as well bring on the next

this just getting better and better : ) can't wait to see the next one!

"You mad me look GAY!" hahahahahah ^^ great flash man, :D

i continuous thinking zero is gay, LOL

the title says it all and plz make a 3rd

I love it!

lol hahahahahahahahaha more funny

it was ok :p

this is one funny video!!

so hkairi .... whens the thrid one coming out? i bet it'll be even funnier.

This is way more funnier than last time. Eispecially with Zero and his antics. Sailor Dude and his shrooms, HAHA!

nyahahahaha!!! nice work!!!

hehe great work as always! XD I loved all of it XD...now i just gotta stop laughing enought to watch it all hehe

LOL Numa zero rules lol

when is the 3rd one coming i cant wait

wow that was FUNNY AS HELL.

Another awsome one. I think this would be a great one to make into a series. keep up the great work.


lol that was awsome you just kept on switching channels!!!and i love how you did sailor dude lol.i hope this can be turned into a series and never let them out of the tv lol you should make one with halo lol

will u mary me i love megman numa numa

That was awesome. if there is a part three i wonder if the ranma gun will be used?? i love it when Zero turns into err sailer dude lol.

That was gret especially when zero starts to sing numa numa. One question though, why does blues lose every single fight he's involved in>? Anyhow you have got to make a part three!

my only issue is that Forte(Bass) has RED eyes!!!! why the **** does nobody know that!!!!

this thing was also funny i was cracking up especially in the end when zero keeps a spare and then blues starts beating him up and lose it total lol PLEASE make a part 3

"Im sailor dude an' ima gonna get you" HAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.............
........*Dies of Laughter*

so funny it hurts hope theres more

Uber funny flash.Plz make more.

man that was so! funny! make more!

dude i almost died laughing... it was so funny with the jesus and everything plz make more

that was just more funny i had a tear in my eye i was laughing that hard :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

this is the best vid I've seen all week,make more of these types of vids(Attack of the evil tv3 or something)then you'll have lots more viewers and reviews.

I thought this one was hiliarious. Make another one. now. please.

AWESOME! I've got a not-as-random-as-I-like idea. Make a Numa Numa Zero flash. Your awesome, and I'm sure you can handle the Numa Numa song for a few days. ^u^

Sooo Awesome. Nuff said

lol this is so funny. i hope you make another one. definite 10.

lol i loved that part
u get a 10

i cant breath im laughing so hard do a 3rd do a 3rd with extra zero =)

1 of the funniestthing I ever saw. Is there gonna be an "Attack of the Evil T.V. 3?"

Where is the third one its been a while???

Go chickens copy and paste this... Kidding

I actually liked the first one better, but this one was funny too. Are you going to make a 3rd one? ^_^

Oh, and people, quit it with the STUPID chain letters. -_-

And that's a fangirl's idea of a good idea. Once you get over that initial hurdle, and everything that comes with it (Out of character behavior being primary among that), it's decently entertaining.

Zero sounds like a sober kid's idea of a reeferhead, though. Wonder why that is?

OMFG this must be the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!

I'm Sailor Dude and I'm gonna Getchoo!

this isoneof thebest drawn things ive ever seen! cant find any flaws.... exept that blues doesn't get owned enough. make the 3rd one soon! yougot like a million people killing themselves because the 3rd ones takin too long.

put some guilty gear into the 3rd

its realy awsom.and ur probaly not going to add any more people(most people do that ^ ^) this siries is almost as good as pie.Hope Ep.3 come out soon.

I LIKE THIS SERIES I LIKE IT LIKE I LIKE PIE oh and can u put a custom char in it like ME!
white hair green eyes an pisses ppl off alot but is not retarded oh and when he gets pissed his right arm turns to ice and he freezzes things oh and make a channel with a black hole and there all spinning oh and i want the chars name Xaviar and i want there to be angry faic in it if u can do anything of that list YAY!!!!!!!!!

the numa-numa dans
sweet lord save me

i liked thje first one because seeing blues get raped was pretty funny and zero would definitely be a good pothead
also i love mega man and was surprised to hear rock..b/c thats wha he is really called..you should throw roll in the mix lol

I have to say i love the way you draw! the animation was great! so was the voice acting! :3 great job!

I did not think there will be a third part... T___T
I love that movie.
And I love the hidden nude Taylor ;o

I don't have much to say except that I love your work and I only have one question and that is when is Attack of the Evil TV 3 coming out!

I would like to start off with.... dont listen to Bubbathon he would know humor if it bit him in the ass. This was one of the funniest things i have seen yet. As far as attempts at drawing i will say that they are really good... Bubba there has no room to talk cause he hasnt submitted anything... Zip, zilch, nada, NOTHIN!!! I hope he gets banned and never allowed on Newgrounds or dA again. Do all of us a favor... keep up the good work and dont let assholes like Bubbthon get you down... as far as i am concerned he is scum at the bottom of my shoe. Good luck with your future animations and everything you may or may not do >.>;

even funnier than the last one! Zero is the best really.

dude i freakin love these vid's and how on the credits you took the tenjou tenge dance thing from that chick XD genious!

That's one of the best movies I've ever seen!!!!!!
Can't wait for part 3 :D


I WANT MOOOO00000000000OOOORE!!!!!

omg this was so funny i love it please make another please.
good voice actors i guess the work payed off

Man, it was so incredibly random, but it was hilarious! I love it! Can't wait to see more.

and i thought the first one was funny! this was mad funny! zero doing the numa numa dance, that part with the people in the ball and some guy rolling it, a definate 10 outta 10 congrats i hope you make the 3rd one soon if you will make 1... im loving these flashes!

I think I rated already but this is really good. I KNOW I HEARD AN UBER GRADIUS TUNE REMIX WHEN BLUES WAS FIGHTING BASS! Good Call!

This is def. one of my favorite videos on newgrounds! I love it i crack up every time i watch it, even though i know exactly what is going to happen! I hope you continue to make these and good luck with any other projects you are working on!

LOL ROFL LOL thats funny an by the way if u have time mind tellin me wat programs u need to make a good flash????/?/?

This is one goeth into mah favvs!

adding foamy was fucking genuuis

"Oh my god! Where are my shrooms?" XD Freaking great, as well as the whole "Sailor Dude" deal. XP
The entire flash was absolutely awesome. One of the best, and funniest MegaMan parodies I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Heck, probably one of the best parodies in general that I've watched. I eagerly await number 3 :)


Running: Oomgwtfbbq.exe

Now why are you reading this
wierd ass computer screen that looks
worse than MS-DOS when you could be
actually pying attention to the flash
movie? Wow your wierd...or bored. Not
shure. Sup.
Press any key to continue...
not really...it wont do jack.

Wow, your spelling and grammar are terrible, also, yes I am sad. But it only actually took me 2 seconds to print screen and put it on paint, then 3 minutes to copy the writing onto here... So not THAT sad... Omg cloud. =P

Love your animations by the way, funny and well animated! Please make more!

i love it for its robot chicken style and the humor! please make another attack of the evil TV.

The animation skipped a little during the 360 thing but still awesome. You GOTTA tell me how you animated that one.

I absolutely LESS THAN THREE'd the last one, and I LESS THAN THREE this one as well!
I LESS THAN THREE all of your flash!


.... especially this series. I'm an Uber Rockman Fan ^.^ Please keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

zero is freak'n awsome plus his idea of heaven and mine are just about the same, mine has more guns

You should make part 3 and have the yourself and Taylor rescue Rock, Blues and Zero, which are trapped in the TV and need help from someone outside of it. You and Taylor should bring a spare remote with them (they can use one to save Rock, Blues and Zero). You should have them get into the TV in order to rescue Rock, Blues and Zero. You should have many different people enter your house with at least one spare remote. They should surf to many different channels to help and hinder you, Taylor, Rock, Blues and Zero. You should put in multiple endings (such as one where you, Taylor, Rock, Blues and Zero lose the remote you and Taylor just brought with you and her). Oh, and make the sequel VERY long, and include a scene select. And last but not least, include a sequel based on the ending where you, Taylor, Rock, Blues and Zero lose the remote you and Taylor just brought with you and her. BTW, this series should be on YouTube.

This series is so frigin entertaining! i love it!

this series RULES!!!! this eries is almost better than snowdragon's
for the love of ??? finish the next one.

Megaman still sounds like a girl!:)

Grats on front page, daily feature, and review crew pick 8D

More,More,More!!!!! this is just too funny...you need to get part 3 posted!

more give us more.

this is too funny too leave hanging

A lot of these are really good ideas and made me laugh a lot. If you decide to make an AOTETV 3, maybe I can pitch some ideas to help you out.

that was too good. Hope zero goes into his armor, cuz you kno there's gonna be shrooms stuffed in secret hiding spots and all that. Maybe his Z-buster will dispense them. Anyway, can't wait for #3.


this is the most hilarious thing ve ever seen:D please for the love of jesus make more

Will Blues ever use his Protoman powers to stop getting owned? Will Zero ever get over his shroom addiction? Will Rock ever stop being a whiny little emo bitch? Find out next time on... waiddaminnit, THERE WON'T BE A NEXT TIME UNTIL YOU MAKE THE NEXT FLASH FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!!!!! (sorry jesus) Don't leave us hanging here. PLLEEEAAAASSE?!?!?

Make another one T.T Thankies :3

yo you should really make the last one. i really want to see how the get out of the tv and what happens when they do.

it would be a shame if you don't finish the last one.

best ive seen yet man

Lacey is my kind of evil XD XD
Are you making more? ^_^

OMG! This one is soo cool! I luved the first time I watched it and the 1000000000th time!

Lol,I even downloaded it from your deviantart,it's so great,and I really want you to make more of them =3 (I want a Ranma gun xD)

Blues is SO cute ^.^ lol This is great and your art is in general <33 I look forward to more from you ^_^

great step up from the first with some great humor!
way to make it longer, with kinda a story with trying to get them out but most of just them in the tv! which is the best part


that was too cool it is like the first but better because it is longer and funnier^^ i hope you are going to make a third <3

that was koo

(Bit late on the last review...^^" ") Keep it going, doing great, and keep the funny going! :D

AWsome! o yeah on the next battle seen give rock and blues and Zero there suits.


Kiby: That one was even better than the last one, I think you should make thiss a series for a while. The animations improved more than the last one and Blues almost died. (Yay!) Ehem.. anyway overall great movie, can't wait for number 3 to come out.

Oh now it makes sense... (sorry inside joke)

I absolutely and utterly, adored this flash. Even though the parody itself only took rock man characters and put them in random scenarios, I still found it to be dripping of Megaliciousness. Overall it had: Nice Audio, good voice acting, solid animations, and tones and tones of random humor; which I happen to be a big supporter of :D

I was lmao watchin it love jesus and numa parts

That was one of the most funny things I have seen on ng. keep up the good work.

watched the first one, and this one is even better!

two words-this is great :)

even better than th first one,i cant find a single thing wrong in this one.
(except for the salor moon bit, that show scared me for life;~,^)
it is simply one of the best flash movies i have ever seen.
(ps,Johnny and Axl rock my Guilty Gear sox)

GOd that was awesome. Its cool to see the cast of mega man in something other than a fight. I also like how Zero is a drugging. Any way good job

This is the best Flash I have ever seen on newgrounds... now WHERE"S 3 DAMMIT! I NEED TO WATCH THIS!!! [foaams at mouth]

I've seen alot of good shows on newgrounds in my day, but this is probably one of the best, the animations are good and sound and everything is perfect. Flawless sound [except for Blue's voice actors microphone is a little meh] and the combination of lip syncing when you were talking was amazing, I congratulate you on another perfect show, keep it up :D!

wow..i didn't think you could pull it off but you made one better than the first one, i thought that was humainly impossable, good job and continue making flashes.....also , where can i buy a ramna gun? so i can turn my friends into chicks :P

this is even better than the first one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !


lol i love this flash you gotta make more plz ill be ya best friend...i wont stalk you XD but really plz make more

I know I said all this about Attack of the evil TV 1, but I personally believe these are the best cartoons ever to grace Newgrounds!

I have fallen completely head of heels in love with these cartoons and I won't stop preaching about them until they reach the Top 50 of all time, because that's where they belong.

Please keep these going!

easily THE funniest movie on newgrounds. i wish i could animate like that... hmm well i have to... uhhh... go make another bad flash movie...... Yes thats it! make another bad flash... but seriously funniest thing on newgrounds. you should do a tutorial for people that suck at animating(like me '_')

I'll base this rating on both "Attack of the Evil TV" movies:

Graphics: Have you been taking art classes? Because that's some professional artwork and animation that you've done. Pretty detailed backgrounds, good usage of colors, and smooth anime-styled drawings are all reasons why I gave this a 10 in graphics.

Style: A comical take on the Megaman series. However, I do wonder how and why Rock and Blues from the classical Megaman series, and Zero from the Megaman X and Zero serieses are in the same movie?

Sound: Excellent choice of music and usage of sounds. That's about all that I could say.

Violence: Comical for the most part. The only time when it looked serious was when Blues was fighting Bass near the end of the 2nd movie, but that was still not as bloody or gory as several other videos that I've seen. I like what you've done in this category. Keep up the good work.

Interactivity: At least there's a button that I can use to start the movie and a replay button.

Humor: So much humor, so little time to write it all. I liked Blues's, Zero's, and Lacey's antics the most throughout both movies.

Overall: Excellent work. I can't wait for part 3 of "Attack of the Evil TV." Both movies are definitely going to my favorites section. Keep up the good work. ;-)

this is the funniest thing ive ever seen and is easily one of my favorite flashes ever when will #3 come out?!

i am a christan and i thought how u dipicted jesus was f***ing funny with the sup homies. i fell out of my chair laughing(not rolling just laughing) any way the entire movie is funny as hell
i showed it to every one in my moms house and aunts but i heard some music right befor zero chznged into *trying not to laugh:~ * salior dude wat was it? also whens the next one coming out?

this was awesome zero is funny as hell. i laughed my ass off when zero started singing numa XD

will the boys ever get out of the evil TV? Stay tuned for another amazing episode of Attack of the Evil TX!


This is the best Cartoon I've seen so far all I can say is congrats. You should go into the cartoon making buisness because you've got quite the cartoon there. BEST DAMN THING EVER!

plz!let me be in one of these just one!i beg you.-bows to your greatness-plzzzz!

i like this make part 3 like where the guys get out but blues wants to stay with that woman that kicked his but or zero wants his shrooms or the girls gets in to the tv and they get through crazy stuff and jesus and that guy or Dr. Light meesses around until they are free and 3 people like that women wit the whipthat beaten up blues that guy that raped Blues in part 1 and some other person like that kid from part one or some other guy either way justmake part 3 if you ever will.

It was really funny, and the part I liked most was when Zero found his shrooms and lost them. And the part where Blues and Rock(?) played as Foamy and Germaine. 99/10 Great Job!

Never seen Bass with his helmet off and if you drew that then damn you did a good job. Hope you add more MM characters.

Dude! i've watched this flash over and over again. it's awesom.

Is there going to be another? I would really like to see how they get out. Good stuff. Shroom addict good touch. Fighting of Blues and Bass, you are great. Make more. Make more now! Or else!! Or I shall DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!!!

Good lines in this film

Rock- I had the sudden urge to write emo poetry


Zero-Dude these chicks have shrooms on them--> Blues: thats lipstick u idiot


Yours Truly,


Just like the first part, this one was really funny.
The characters and places were very well-drawn, the jokes were pretty good as well.
Keep it up!

OMG iv got is Blues is Protoman
Zerois well uh Zero Rock Must Be Megaman ty for helping get figure that out wooo

Please continue the series!!! This is one of the best flashes ever!!!

Like RocMegamanX said, I hope you continue the series!!!

Hope you continue the series!

This is probably THE single most hilarious flash involving Megaman I have EVER seen! I like the fact that the music was mixed in well and you could hear the characters voices over the music that was playing. Now I really can't wait for #3 to be done.

Oh, and tell Zero to give me back ma shrooms!

Oh man the Yoshi sound and the shrooms!!! IM IN HEAVAN!!! HAHAH

howd u get that cooler version of numa numa??

I've never heard of numa numa or foamy, but after watching this I think I'm interested.

It was ok. Still, the first, I would say was probably better.
Also, the jiz on the ceiling? I see nothing humorous.
And lastly: X-Play sucks. :3

Lol, overall, it was good. Make a third, but stop there. Dont milk something thats already good to much.

For the love of God please make #3 and submit it soon

You are teh uber-best on teh planet!!!! Say hi to Nathan for me.

u should make another 1. plz plz plz plz make another!!! it rocks! come on! like lacey! she is the kind of charac all animes should have. evil tv 3 should have something like a run in on the news or something... i bet u have a ton of ideas alredy... so make another damit!!!!!!

It´s one of the funniest flash series i´ve ever seen.
I hope the next one will be as good as this (or better).

Dude that is the weirdest movie in the world, drawing those characters in flash must have been a pain in the ass. Weird movie, but it was still pretty good.

Very awesome. I like the use of random gaming references and use of Megaman/Megaman X series characters. I'd love to see another one. @.@ Keep up the good work!

Dude that was awesome! You draw so awesome dude. Your artistic skills are amazing. Keep it up man. We all need a part 3 soon or we may die of suspense.

Roll over the red head after bluse looks gay...hint Awesome!!!

This is the greatest thing ever and when is the 3rd coming?

OMG, that was so funny! A Numa Numa song in the beginning? Awesome! I couldn't stop laughing! 5!

pls make attack of the tv 3. y not make a series of it?

plz make 3 soon

fuckin awesome make #3 pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssseee it so damn hilarious i laugh my ass off every time i watch it it never gets old omg love the anime style too its just fuckn awesome what else is there to say

this is awesome stuff. we need more. love the characters too don't change a thing on it.

Man porn like that making that much money? Who knew? Please man make number 3 soon. I must know what happens. Will they get out? Will the girls be punished? WILL ZERO GETS HIS 'SHROOMS??????

Fun as hell! :D

dude that was awsome it be kool if link was on there kicking blues butt and also jesus looks like dr light but in a robe and brown beard lol but be cool if i was in it lol watching the three being tortured rofl

dude I hope you make another attack of the evil tv flash! I wonder if you put gundam on the third one,if you make one,other then that nice job!!

More...more...must have...MORE!!!

But seriously, you did a great job with this. I loved every single moment of it. It's just so funny. And seeing someone's take on the casual life of Mega Man characters definitely amplifies the humor. (BTW Mega Man rules!) I hope you make more because these (this one and the first one) are so entertaining.

Once again, great job!

Best. Flash. Ever. XD i'm still laughing my guts out

This one was just as good as the first part! I loved how Zero is all for shrooms and he turned into Sailor Dude! OMG! A parody of Sailor Moon! I love that anime, and you rock because you made a reference to it. Just awesome! That and Zero kept appearing inside the TV and back out of it. That's trippy! But, in a good way!

Also: Lacey is a huge asshole. But, I love her personality! Come on! Who else can she torture? lol Also: Movie! Make more!

*sniif* okay first the voices.......... wait a sec (long distant sniffing noises)
thet need work a little to............. scripted and f*** it im done


OMG that was one of the funniest flashes i have ever seen.
You should make a third one because you have some real skill at making flash videos.

HE SAID EXACTLY THat THIS IS A SEQUEL!!!!!!!! Hes not making
any more of this series for the last time, so stop asking for 3!!
Anyways thats a pretty good flash i liked it dude! To make sure just private message me to tell me if there might be a 3....

Dude! im in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

Zero is so funny in this one, love the dance and the eyebrow thingy... great touch! Blues Rocks!

*shamelessly begs for more *

when is number three coming out . this is awsome!!!

This is pretty funny!

Blues always getting tortured, Zero being a dumb ass kinda gives him a funny edge from being so serious in the Mega Man X series! While Rock being the innocent one and sounding like a girl sounds pretty weird aside from being my favorite character in mostly any Mega Man game even the fighting game ones! Well Lacey and Taylor really did a hell of a good job on making it funny and the Numa remix really sounds better than the previous one! 'Sup Homies' That always makes me laugh! When are you gonna make Attack of the Evil TV 3? And is Blues really Protoman? And is that dude dancing in the credits Kyosuke?

Good Luck Homie! ^_^

this is some funny shit!!!!!!!!!
lololollololololollolololololo lololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!! <3 >.<

that is !@#$ed up... in a good way...
but when the numa numa came on i was about to shoot myself... litteraly...

As an artwork and animations this is pretty damn good job but most of the jokes are already overdone even long time before the first Attack of the Evil TV (Which was better i think)

that woz funny as all hell, some fun wuld happen wif da ranma gun.

Poor blues he has no luck wot so eva

adding axl will b fun, im sure u can think of KOOL thingz to do wif his shape changing abilities XD.

This has to be the top thing for megaman flash on newgrounds.
Keep up ur terrific,splendid and KOOL work up, eager to see number 3

SWEET i have never seen anime this well drawn.


I loved it so much I gave it tens all across the board...even in intactivity and it wasn't interactive! Make more in this series, please! though I don't know if those girls torturing them were supposed to be from some game or show and I just didn't know or what? oh well, GREAT JOB DUDE!

Funniest thing ever. Let it never die.

I liked the Zero numa numa part and the jeses thing (also person who commented before me im pritty sure Rock is X)

what the heack is with jesus?

Zeros Heaven is a bunch of shrooms? Zero needs to lay off the shrooms. What the hell was the Part with the Giant ball with people attached to it from?
Also wheres X? I mean If Zeros there then where Mega man X. If you put X in the Attack of the Evil T.V three Make X a drugy also.
This is the Best thing i have seen on newgrounds!
I think i would kill someone If they Tried to make me look gay.

Yes, another good submission. You need to make a third attack of the evil TV! the part with the giant rolling ball with people attached to it was the best!

This is the best thing since well slice bread. Dude u have to make number 3 man, we all are on the edges of our seats for you to make number 3 if you get to it....

The 10 in Interactivity is showing that this flash kicks ass. :-)

I loved this movie so much I watched it five time and still want to see it. I highly recomend this movie to anyone with a sence of humor. My two favorite parts were wen Zero sing Numa Numa and his eyebrow raises twice, and the whole foamy spoof. "I have the sudden urge to say Fuck!"

Great job as always. Wish I could be in it.

This was awesome I liked when Zero was singing, and when Zero saw all the mushrooms. Especially the part with jesues. please put the third one on newgrounds. Deviant art hates me.

What was that background music when they were talking about mushrooms just before Zero becomes Sailor Dude?

.............I love you.........................

OMG! As great as the 1st one! Please make more flashes

Ummm lol dont get me wrong With the "Umms", i love this thing, YOU QUENCHED MY DESIRE TO SEE YOU IN YER FLASH!! However... just to check and make sure it's not just me.... and/or some mental perve disorder, but WHY IN GODS SEXY NAME DID U PUT IN THE TRIGGER IN THE SCENE AFTER BLUES GETS A MAKEOVER AND YOU SAY "Thats a good look fer u blues" that made the red-heads clothes dissappear revealing some red launderee

Beautiful work man, can't wait until the third installment

Girl 1: "Liek OMG, Blues you need a liek makeover!"

Blues: "Oh dear lord no, GET AWAY FROM ME!!"

As a Dry Bones, I will wait until the afterlife for the 3rd installment....kidding!

No, seriously, when's the third coming out?

P.S.: WTF was the Ranma Gun for?

Funniest stuff ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on making AOTET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this flash. I've watched it...possibly more than 10 times...wow I must be addicted.
Zero: OH MY GOD! Where are my 'shrooms?
Zero:You took them didn't you?!
Blues: You already ate them!
Wow you made Zero the funniest character...ever! :)

this is a good show very funny so funny i kept laughing after the show good graphics hope there's an attack of the evil tv 3

Couldn't stop laughing. this is good stuff.

what is the im a loner that blues sings called

1. dont let them sing ever agin {sept mega dont know how he sings yet :3 }

2.im strill a little blind from zero but waz a little funnie but plezz dont do that agin

3.ran out of favors 2 ask u so now complements

thiss one felt faster but was actuly a little longer so sweat

and over all good flash

This was just as great as the first one except this one had a lot of gender weirdness to it but overall was still funny as hell,excellent job and i hope there is a part 3 coming soon. =)

I cannot believe that I couldn't find a sequel to one of my favorite flashes! Holy crap that took forever to find but it was worth it!!!!!! U did it again!!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!!!! Another 10 for u!!!!!!

This is an awesome flash, one of the best I've seen. The only gripe I have is that the speech is a bit hard to hear at times. Also, why is there a rollover of the redhead in her underwear?

This was funny!!! Make a Three!!! Lolol I cant wait!

this movie rocks hey is there goin ta be a attack of the evil TV 3 comin' soon

Intresting story you've got here, and the many antics in the flash were pretty funny too. Hope your 3rd part of the series is going to be the best.

Yeah, not much more needs to be said.

Those of you waiting for the third, head to her DeviantART. Theres a small intro there.


I had to add this, and Attack of the Evil TV 1, to my favs so I watch it every day! If everyplace that those 3 went on the TV was something really on TV, where did the beach scene come from? I'm guessing Laguna Beach...it looks like it....god I hate that show....

i like ur movies[1 & 2(eventually 3 plz plz plz plz plz)] and the Zero bein a shroom addict is EXTREMELY funny[btw can i use that idea for a sprite comic o mine??!?!] but X-play disses Mega Man games....i don't agree with it cuz the first game i ever played was Mega Man X....anyway still love the movies bring us #3

Hilarious and well drawn flash. Just two things that I found odd. I honestly thought Rock was a girl with his voice until the Foamy part.

1. After being in Battle Arena Toshinden, Katamari, Final Fantasy, ad that game Nights is in back in the first episode, it took Bass to make them realize they were in their own video game? Unless it WAS X-Play of course.

2. The purple lines on Bass' face were there for one second, then gone the next.

Besides that, this is one of the most well drawn flashes I have seen. Keep up the fantastic work.

I like it when Blues tackles that girl and says "Take me!"lol

Love it! Make more please!

Omfg I love your Attack of Tv's 1 & 2 ^^ their so freaking awesome Make a 3rd one!!!

You'd do well as a pro, cos I can tell this is something you love to do. I had an idea, which I formulated when I read how you haven't beaten Sephiroth. PM me if you would like it, Lacey. As for your vocal capabilities, you're right with those as well. Playing the cruel one is a real gift with your character. I can tell that you and Taylor are not copyrighted by anyone except you.

Rock's the pure one, Blues is the perverted one, Zero is the fun drug-addict, and Lacey is the evil one. Also, I love the little details in the backgrounf, I mean, could they get any funnier. "OMG Cloud!" Was hilarious. Also, Zero is the pure meaning of disturbing idiot. Ayway, it's totally perfect.

dude wtf what was up tyalor she was in a slut sluty suit

OMG!! I loved this one as much as i loved the first one!!! MAKE A SEQUEL!!! Oh yeah, and GIMME BACK MY SHROOMS!!! MORE PORN,oh yeah, in the sequel, make sure to use the Ranma gun!!!! Ranma rox!

make a seacul

and i really liked the mixed up numa numa song at the end

can i get a duplicate of that gender changer ray gun?


AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would give you a 20 in humor but the limit is 10. make more!!! i like how u made zero a complete moron. i like all ur flash.

Dude! This is the funniest thing ever! The intro with the chick and the chibbi Blues was both adoriable and pissed me off cuz I wished I was Blues for that one moment...I couldn't help but almost laugh my ass right off at everything!

Graphics: Love anime! Only problem was some was sketchy but I'm one of those fckers that zooms in to see how you drew it. Other than that, flawless!

Style: Random! PERFECT!

Sound: I'm still scared that Rock is played by a chick...but it was made up with "BOOBIES!!"

Humor: Anime+Numa+Foamy+Sailor Dude+BOOBIES+everything else= the funniest thing I've seen in months!

At some points, it looks like Forte/Bass is missing his cheek scars. Just wanted to point that out. xD

Awesome, aside form that little flaw. And the Zero > Sailor Moon/Dude change was hilarious.

that was twice as funny as the last one. make another one, you rock! *protects*

i loved that video and can see whyh it got front page

Dude i LOVED this movie! i loved the numa numa part best!!!!!!!!!
dude i expect great things from you in numba 3
consider me your biggest fan

oh this has to be one of the best flashs i have ever seen it was made perfectly i hope there will be a number 3.

I expect to see #3 and give it 2 thumbs up!! This movie was just awsome!!!!

w00t!! the best one EVER!!!

That poor soul, he had to watch Zero go through a sailor moon transformation!


Dude, that was even better than the first one. The best part was when Zero thought Blues took his shrooms. I've been meaning to ask, but what inspired you to make this series, other than Megaman?

i hope this gets into the collection. nice work. make a third please!

God, this is funny. Please put this and the first one on google video so me and others who enjoy it can carry it with them on their Ipods or PSP. This could seriously make a great minni seiries on TV. I'd watch it!

omg this is like so funny
all my 5 are on this cant wait till 3

ZOMFG!! this is frikkin' hilarious!! the foamy scene was hilarious!
zero is great!! this is probably even funnier than the ultimate naruto fanflashes and WHEN IS #3!!!!

man this is funny.It took me a while to fiqure out that the guys are from megaman.i hope there is going to be a #3.

that was awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please do another 1 !!!!!!! i loved it so much especially the sailor dude part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and blues is really kool!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay that was good and all but the dance from the credits are from the main character from an old Japanese show called Tenjou Tenge

Keep up the good work and also nice site

You are good at making a video like this I mean your excellent this is one of the best. ps: Where are my shrooms?

bout friggin time im so happy :D i feel like my life has become complete! God i want to download both episodes onto my psp so i can watch it whenever i want.

OMG! That video was better then the first 1!!!I love Zero and his shoom obsession!!Please make more!!!!^_^

This is very good please make more they are funny

Next episode plz (^_^) these are GREAT!


Perfect submission, man. It made me LOL. And I'm also the third one to agree about turning Rock into a girl. ^.^ There should be a frickin' poll on that. All in all, nice flash movie, probably as good as...say...me putting 8 pieces of chewed up gum on my face, singing "Sweet Child O' Mine" and hoppin' around on one foot. Alright bye.

This is a really cool flash. I think it may be BETTER than the first
Flash. I agree with the last reviewer on the turn rock into a girl thing, EXCEPT switch out rock with blues, because watching blues being tortured makes me happy.

Hey have The brown girl zap rock/mega cause the voice sounds hot but im not gay so go figure just do it it be funny changing rock to a girl but its a great show overall oh and put a full version of zeros numa numa dance with full song and danceing that be great

it was pleaseing to the eye yet also quite disturbing. the music was verry interesting. german?

This is freakin' sweet! When is number three comin' out?

two words: "Sup Homies" lol!

I busted out laughing at tihs movie, Great Job! Everything was so random, and funny especially the random pictures of people and words outta nowhere! MORE I SAY!, MORE, MORE, MORE! *sinister laughter*

I love you!! You make great flashes that are so awesome and make me so happy. Make more!! I want to see Blues suffer more!! yay!!

friggin awesome, AOTET, i guess is how you'd abreviate it, is teh funneist thing i have seen/heard even over Dane Cook and the blue collar comedy tour. can't wait 4 the 3rd.
minor issue, with you, zero and blues there was some audiable static, fyi, not being a pest or anything just lettin ya kno.

That is a funny movie!When will u make part 3?


1. in the first movie, when they were on a FF battle, DUDE!! A DDR PAD?!?!? LMAO!!!!!! I thought it was a wood for a split second then i was all like....WTF?!??! LMFAO!!!!! =D
2. Where the hell did the "stoned" guy get the remote if they were inside a TV? AND WHY DOES HE KEEP A SPARE?! LMAO!!!
3. When they were inside their "own vider game" who was that guy? Bass?
5. Will blues kill stacey???? <(^-^)>
6. When Jesus was next to the couch it was random, "SUP HOMIES" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

i think im going to piss my pants i LOVE it its probably the BEST movie on newgrounds hands down and if anyone dares argue i will kill you and your mother! all 10's simply because i LOVE IT!

Its pretty cool to see some one finally make a reference to x-play!!! I would say you have a good taste in tv shows.

this is one of the best videos ive seen

Another awesome flash in this weird series, I hope to see an episode 3 as I anticipate you will make. The animation style is better then the last and it's longer too...my best wishes for that damned T.V.


i want lacy soo bad!!!! take me!!!

I loved it! This was great, and now I must watch the first one! Please make more! (Also, if by any chance you need another voice actor...)


this is the single most brillant flash i have ever seen!
i mean i thought the first one was good but this great

Please make more

for the love of god u must make attack of the evil tv 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

or my life has no meaning! *sob* :'(

This one was better than the first! Especially with the threat to Dr. Light. I had to stop ROFL just to keep up with the movie. Great flash, great fic, same ol' Blues... yeeeeesssssss; Blues Turture!

make more it could be like at least 2 more eps long come on,do it.

One thing I love about this is all the random things in the background. (The statues, the computer screen with running:omgwtfbbq.exe on it, the "I like yaoi" and "Jesus was here" written on the wall during the numa numa song, etc.). Partly because I always notice them and it's hilarious to piss my friends off by pointing them out constantly.

Er...Okay, slightly random review. But still. It was funny xD;;


i really felt as though he really put more effert into this one than the first. the humor was much less "case sensative" in this one (see my review of attack of the evil tv 1) and was more expansive. i love the effert he put into this one. the catch phrases are priceless. "im sailor dude, ijm gonna get you!" lol.
great job, continue the great effert

need i say more

confusing and retarded
not funny

Heh... Ranma gun. Be sure to use that in the next one. (preferably on blues.)

is that guy dancing in the credits traced from the tenjhu tenge opening?
nicely done anyway

You combine all the forces of your animations to hit exactly were we wanted to be hitted, in our emotions, because this very well done movie make me laugh like crazy and also enjoyed all the characters and sound;music you put around every single object. Hey!!! keep up the nice work!!! Excellent!


For you next one, please send them to the following locations...
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Let's seriously mess with Blues...)
Full Metal Alchemist (... What? I like this series)
Wii Sports (Blues etc as Miis, come on, could you punish them more? Also you would have Total Control over them)
A Harry Potter Film (Suffering!)
Transformers (... I love toys...)
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corner of the World (Send them Insane... and as well as the frustrating bugs, the game is kinda freaky too)
Rayman Raving Rabbids (I'm just being really cruel here)
Naruto (... Eh, I'm sure you'll make them really hilarious)
Tenchi Muyo (... Well it punishes Blues if you make Rock Tenchi)
Red Vs Blue(... I wonder who would be on which side?)
an Aliens Movie (... alright, I'm just saying random ones now)
Paranoia Agent (.... Hey, it was bloody awesome the first time, but too short a reference...)

So umm yeah, keep up the awesome work....

And please please send them to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni.... It's an Awesome series...



iv seen some good flashes but this takes the cake. cant wait for number 3!

I've gotta hand it to ya, you have a talent, keep up the good work, hope to see Attack of the Evil T.V. 3! :3 And just as a double whammy, the first one was just as good, and I continually come back to both of them and watch these movies over and over again and it always entertains me!

loved it..thought i'd say that
(plus this is my first review..so feel special)

ac x

This was suprisingly good I liked it there aren't many artists who can make me fall out of my seat laughing. I'd like to ask, do you have any advice for an upinspiring artist who's trying to get his bearings?

awesome dude. what's the name of the song in the beginning?

Well this was a great clip one question though why not make the movie longer that's why I rated it this score.........................

Dude this was just as funny as the first one and i hope that wasent the end.

LOL it was awsome!! thx for that

This had me laughing for a long time. Keep up the good work XD

This just top the first one by a high level. New characters, Lacey, she is just evil! But I like her. Poor Blues, he's going to be tormented for awhile. And I think we need to get some help for Zero and Rock. The only sane person i saw in this entire flash was Lacey's friend. (By the way, if you click on her when Lacey talks about Blues' makeover, you get a treat. Trust me) All in all, this flash was worth sitting thru and i can't get enough of it. and at times, i tell my friends all about this and they laugh their asses off. So keep up the good work and i hope to see more from you. By the way, add Axel and Arena if possible to this, it might drive it harder then before. (Boobies!)

LMFAO That was hilarious man... I love this series!!!! Can't wait for the third if you do make it :o and to the person below... Welcome to the so-called INTERNET xD

amazing but please dont dis emos >=( it was funny but you dised emos (to piont out again) are you going to make a 3rd movie in the series AND DONT DIS EMOS (i belive freedem to speech but also freedem to disisoin and I shall stand up for all emos geeks moshers goths nerds ect.. (not neds)) LOL still funny though

Where can that remix version of Dragostea Din Tei AKA Ma Ya Hi AKA Numa Numa?

yea dude that totally rocks i like the first one but i didn't wright a review i forgot my password and stuff AAANNNYYWWAAYYYY this is awsome im kinda wondering if yer going to make a third one cause it will be cool and will make my day really im not lying its really funny when lacey says "whoa is this couch changing sizes anyway i cant let blues die like that" real funny keep it up. preety please with sugar lumps on top. im over doing it right, sigh sorry

nice job though a little cheesey XD

This is a pretty good series you got going here.Very comedic,animated,and fun to watch.

In fact, it's probably one of my favorites to date. My friend and I are always quoting it now. Congrats, you created a monster. ^^;;

On a different side of it. The Guilty Gear jokes and sounds (Attack 1 being included) only hooked me into the now series even more. They're only the best fight game ever made.

And since I don't want to close a review for your flash with a quote from your flash... I'll just stop typing after my period.

I've watched this about 6 times and i still think its really good!
The graphics look odd when you zoomed into people but everything else is good!

O.o This is brillient v.v Your going to kill somebody with this movie?! Do you realise the damage you are causing to these people hilarity sensors through over-stimulation?! y.y The humorous-ness-ity of this production will cause more deaths then I previously thought possible from a single animation xD How can you live with yourself when you are causing so many people to die laughing..

BUT! On a lighter note.. The is one of the best things I've seen in a long while and hope a sequel arrives that will slowly devour this one and produce a heathly slightly green turd( like when you eat fruit loops). You are building up my hopes with this! Don't make a flop V.v I CAN'T live through another matrix xDxDxD Actualy I didn't think that wasquite bad.. Just not as good! Which brings me back on topic! If the next version of this amaz-zi-zing chronicle of tom-fooliry is of and more then slightly less quality then double the quality of this, I will be ashamed! Muahahaha! Now you know movie maker peril T.T you have fed the beats of the people gold and now it has grown AND NEEDS MORE!!!!!!

*looks quickly around and re-gains sense of self* >.>;

Well I'm sorry for all that...

But the movie is quite good ^-^;

5 all the way!!!!!!

Man to think the first one was funny, I can't believe the second one would be this funny.I hope there's a third one is twice as funny as this one.

Something about it just made me fall in love with this flash. Cant wait to see what else come from Hikari42

you have to make a sequal becuse i want to know what happens to them thanks

dude how did u come up with this masterpiece.this should stay in the front page.i told about 5 friends about this.will you make part 3.

i swerare u r asowem make more!!

I loved the submission, great artwork and lots of "inside" jokes...
great work and I cant wait till your next submission

also is there a chance i can get you to make me a dancing guy avatar?

DUDE! This is awesome, you need to make another!

Man, that was awesome!! Keep up the good work. and a very big thank you. Hope you release another sequel cos this series rocks!

can i get this one too? i mean can i get it so i can put it on my myspace? there are no words that can display my happyness about this flash! you have made my year! (may all my thoughts go into the next "Attack of the Evil TV" ) can you put inuyasha in the next one? LOL OH! edward from full metal alchemist! and have blues call him short!!! LOL!!!!

I never say that but this is the only word that describes this movie if axl was on there it would be perfect you recieve a perfect 5

one word describes this flash.......and it is.....SWEETUMS....keep pumping out those good movehs ^^

Love it ^^... one question though... why is there jiz on the cealing in the Numa Numa song scene? what were the guys up to while the girls were at the lab?... or don't we want to know. Also the ><# shirt changes to >< when they go to the lab. There may be more stuff but idc anymore ^^ yay.

Well there should have been Roll replacing that chick who's a friend of Lacy, anyways good flash movie! That was funny when Zero ate the bad mushrooms! XD And how come Rock refused to fight Forte? And also, how come Blues didn't put on his suit that he wears in the games when he fought Forte? Please respond! :)

I have to say that i prefer the first, only because of it's insane randomness. This was pretty good but still...
I really like how you've improved on graphics as well, good job! This was definetly worth watching

I would like to start with saying this movie is absolutely worthy of the award it got, and I’m glad I caught it because it was just awesome and hilarious in every aspect, nothing was below average and hardly anything that wasn’t flawless. So, visually the drawings are marvelous, detailed characters, figures, clothes and...Boobies. Animation fitted it and was just as incredible, smooth motion and accurate lip synching. Despite having to change styles of drawings pretty much a lot, from small sprite like figure to full sized human pouncing on breasts. Another reason you deserve a standing ovation. The style was constant in its genre all the way through. The comedy feel of it cannot be denied and it just worked out perfectly, it made me laugh and would have made no matter when. Voices while often having 2 played by the same person ( I can understand a person can only get so much help on getting voice actors ) it was still wonderful and a joy to hear, though I think some voices may need a small touch on the clarity. Music was at an abundance and always seemed to match just right even though I don’t think you mentioned that numa song in the entry page, though I think credits had it, no matter. Next up is violence, another serious matter, turned funny. There were a couple small fights but it’s nothing you haven’t mentioned in “Mild violence”. Now to interactivity, the good old play button, a site link and the replay. I however missed a bit first time watching it, so I had to watch it again, though it was of course not boring, a pause, scene select or a seek do come in handy every now and then. A quality control isn’t so urgent as the quality of the movie was average. In regards of humor it was brilliant, just about every second I did watch it was funny and fun to watch. Every scene was great in that field. Diversity says a lot in just about every flash and makes it either interesting and being able to watch it again or being dull and intolerable. This flash however did great in diversity, it kept things interesting all through out the flash, credits and even on the 7th time watching it again. As well as the clearly great effort that was put into this, the originality of continuing the random adventures of the now series, you created. Congrats. And overall, it’s beautiful, a bit of a touch on interactivity, and even I would be of no right to complain. I’ll shut up a bit and move on to more objective descriptions now even though they won’t be.

Graphics: 10, Clear animation and drawings, well drawn as well as animated. Ranged a bit through different types of animation as the channels switched but overall it stayed the same and good as such. And of course the most impressive part, the animation of...Boobs.

Style: 9, The style of comedy that sticks all through out the movie, varying from different types. From emo jokes to physical and verbal comedy. I for one thought it was great and funny. I don’t understand how any one could not like that form but I enjoyed it plenty.

Sound: 10, Voice acting was nearly flawless. And despite the minor fact that often 1 person plays 2 roles it still usually goes unnoticed. It’s probably getting enough voice actors any way. Background music was very good and only complemented the voices, which may need a bit more clarity.

Violence: 5, Not a lot of fighting or swearing or anything like that, only mildly and that was already notified so there is nothing any one can complain about, but it was still funny. The couple of fights definitely raised my interest in the movie. Good work, keep it up.

Interactivity: 6, It had the classic standard play button and replay, a link to the site, but it could have used some other touched. The seek option or a pause button, even a scene select would really help. But I will give you this, it was interesting enough to watch several times if you missed a bit.

Humor: 10, Very humorous flash in my opinion, just about every moment makes you laugh. Absolutely nothing here any one could ever complain about.

Overall: 10, Awesome movie, enjoy your newly acquired series.

That was great. I lol'd at the whole thing. Zero having an addiction to mushrooms was comedic genius! Can't wait for number 3!

AP.S. after thmakover put your mouse over thred head.

You do know that I loved the first Attack, and this one is even > the first. It has inspired me to improve my drawing skillz. I've taken around 22 different screen shots in order to study the style and technique on drawing characters like you. I've tried to see what would happen, but the result was that i needed to study and practice a bit more :P Great flash, can't wait for the 3rd.

This was WAY better than the 1st one! You are going to make a 3rd one, right? If you do, can you check out my music and see if you could use any of them PLEASE!!!!? (Except Soul. That was made by my sister.) PLZ respond as soon as you can!

I love the o-zone part!

I wuldn't kno whur to start holmes. All i needs to say is. HURRY DA HELL UP WIT THE 3RD EPISODE!!! funniest flash yet seen. All props given to u dawg.

THIS IS SOOOOOOOO frikin random that it makes me forget my name after 10 times watching it...
OK now here is my opinnion about the flash

The goods:
Graphics are a hole lot better the sounds are now understandable without subtitles (but they still help + they add to the hummor)
Voices are now mach there characters
For instance Rock:He is a panzy and a boring wuss so a chick voise works for him. Blues:Hes a porn a boobs crazed selfsenterd overconfident joke a cool guy voice works for him. Zero:Hes a shroom eating dresing a like a girl idiot a boxhead voice works for him. Lacy:shes a porn seling Blues tortureing BIACH a funny anoyng voice work for her. And all the other voices are good to!
(Note:These descriptions are not ment to insult or abuse the voice actors im just describing the characters in this flash please dont sue meeeeeeeeeee XP)

The bad:
Whats this for???

This is the best flash movie ever made!!!!Great graphics great sounds great humor great everything!!!The main thing if your planing to make a third one do not i reapeat DO NOT CHANGE THE VOICE ACTORS (well meybe Rocks but i dono)
Great work keep it up and your likely to win a GREATEST FLASH MOVIE MAKER OF ALL TIME CUP!

HA, that was good man, you have talent, truely, the randomness is the best part. "Is this couch changing sizes!?" >> "OMG Yaoi"

Truely man, you need to make another one, I won't stop laughing at the "Sailor Dude" >-> Really!

This was even better than the last one! You sir, are truley talented. The only problem was that sometimes the voices were of very good quality. It only happened about twice though. Also, I loved the easter eggs. They were hilarious! My favorite was the one you got to click thought(not going to spoil the suprise for the rest of you). I hope to see Attack of the evil TV 3 soon!

I've been looking for something like this fo a long time! It's got excellent comedic timing, interesting characters, excellent voice acting and it's really nice visually. Keep up the good work, hope to see more from these characters.

it ok and all of that but ur kinda makeing zero gay a bit but other then that sweet if some of u dident know wicth i know u do rock is megaman zero is well..... zero and blue is protoman sorry if i named blues wronge

I have watched both of them and there great I enjoyed ine alot and i thought 2 was even better. Me and my friends Think that Zero does alot of thing i would do in those sistuations expept the salor moon thing. But i wish u didnt put basses helmet on he looked much cooler with out it and I kind of thought it was an unfair fight since Blues (or Protoman witch ever people like better didnt have his armor when he fought Bass lol.) But still overall a great job. I hope u keep making more.

That's one great flash, I love the style and humor of this.

The (sorta) hidden easter eggs are a bit much though :D

I love Rock's voice, as I don't know the Megamen series (at all) I sorta figured he just was a girl, I love his/her voice actor ^_^

Keep up the good work.

Okay, this review probably going to get over looked amongst the other couple hundreds of reviews for this flash but what the hell.... I am bored, hyper and need something do! So Whatever....
First off, this was basically a flash that makes fun of a bunch of television shows and video games. I love random shit. Without randomness and choas, this world will be too boring. And since I saw most of those shows, and played all of those games... it made it even funnier..... LOL. Graphics was great.... better then some of the other flashes that I seen. As for Style... no clue on how to comment on this... Help? lol. Sound.... considering I am hearing impaired and still able to hear every word, that was good. And good emotions too! lol. Good idea to put sub title in too. That help. Violence was appropriate for this kind of flash. That all I will say for that. Humor I believe I commented on. It was just fucking awesome. I like the music too. *listens to the song "I am Gothic" from DDR.*
Overall, one very good flash. Good job. Someday I would like to make my own flash but I lack the imagination and skill to do such a thing. lol. oh well. Now if you don't mind, I got snowballs to throw at people. LOL. I love acting like a kid.... even though I am at university. Either that or I finally lost it...... LOL!

Keep up the good work!

I have no words to describe how awesome this is. Can't wait to see the next one.

Even though i don't like anime much, I've gotta say that this animation was pretty hilarious. I'm still laughing my butt off.

Man as soon as i saw that i couldn't stop laughing. You have to make an ATET(attack of the evil tv) 3. If you don't.....I'll cry....then hack you to pieces with an axe....then cry some more.

Wow...just wow... This was the first great thing I've seen grace newgrounds in a long time. You're a god man... You're a god...

That was an awesome flash, everything about it was awesome. keep up the awesome work

Im talkin seriously about that^ and I thought that Sofia was blond
Why da hell Dr. Light created that stupid Ranma gun?

awsome the comedy is good the drawings r awsome but the voice acting was kinda bad so i recomend u work on that cuz when uhhh the guy ith long blonde hair was crying just by the tone of his voice u could tell he was smileing while he was recording

Trapping guys in a tv just to get a remote back just to get so lol keep it up.

another one of my favorites

LOL i love this i remember long time ago when i watched the first 1 that was funny to but the second 1 is even funnier LOVED IT!!!!

Hm... I like anime, I like your drawing style, it made me laugh, but the sound was a bit fuzzy. Overall, very nice in my opinion, keep it up.

I don’t usually review flashes in this format, but I suppose this is a good time to test it out. Also, I’d like to you to understand that this review is completely unbiased in regards to my opinion toward anime.

Graphics: The graphics were perhaps the most redeeming aspect of this flash. They were well drawn, but they were a tad bit too cartoony—a new color scheme was needed here.

Style: I judge style on a particular basis: how original it is. And straight-up and PLAIN anime is NEVER original. I don’t care how much you or I like it or dislike it—there is never an exception. You would have received more points in this category had you added your own twist, but you unfortunately didn’t. Even storytelling-wise this flash was regurgitated anime. There's noting wrong with anime, but you simply repeated what everyone else has already done.

Sound: The words that the characters spoke were intelligible but there was a distinct fuzziness to the audio. This detracted greatly from the telling of the story.

Violence: Anime has a knack of depriving a flash of violence. Those flashy effects cut out the actual violence. The message is clear, but the resulting effect is poor and again detracts from the flash.

Interactivity: There was none.

Humor: The humor in this flash was very corny. It was the sporadic sort of humor that only makes you chuckle, sometimes.

Overall: It was a great concept that harnessed much potential. But terrible execution of this concept was its downfall. Anime had nothing to do with it. Instead, it was our inability to add uniqueness to the flash.

Good job on this one. First thing, is there a first part? never seen it lol. But anyways, I thought you had some really good humor in here. And the art, awesome. The most I can draw is basically a stick figure. Hehe now..... Where are my shrooms....

this shit kind of funny

can create bad animations. Its bad, but not horrible.

this is so good, the graphics are great and is very funny.

I would like to lead this review by stating that I am by no means a fan of the anime genre, yet I will refrain from allowing this fixed doctrine from intervening with the flow of this review and get right down to evaluating the individual elements.

The actual definition of the graphical elements is not displeasing, yet the manner inwhich the characters and background items have been rendered is somewhat lacklustre. The characters look messy and poorly coloured, some degree of smoothing would be recommended to make your lines look a bit less like wet yarn.

Style: I can't exactly credit you for the style, as you did not come up with it. Anime has to be the most overused style in art related establishments on the internet, and this is no exception. The reason I give this a zero is not due to the poor execution of the style, but merely the fact that it's simply non applicable.

Sound: For me, the compression and clarity or sound is one of the most important vices for defining the overall sense of quality that a film delivers. The voices in this film are poorly compressed, a higher quality would raise my opinions of this piece slightly.

Violence: Cartoony, displeasing violence, if any at all. Nothing worth evaluating.

Interactivity: Stop giving this a 10 in this category, you numbskulls.

Humor: Terrible tired jokes, hilarious to the mentally handicapped and the anime fans (same thing) yet painfully unfunny to I. My evaluation of the film in this specific category is not nessecarily an average.

Overall: I just don't like this film at all. If it weren't anime I still wouldn't like it. It's not funny, the idea is stupid and the graphics are bad.

I hope you have yourself a rainbow day.

Simply Amazing, one of the best movies I've ever seen! great work! (P.S. X-Play is awesome!)

I Love anime, numa numa, foamy,and the first attack of the evil tv so u know that i loved this it was great the music fit perficly and it was relly freeking funny and X-Play is a good show so is Attack of the Show glad 2 see u like G4 as much as i do keep up the great work ^_^ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this flash is way awsome! I've watched it 5 times and I am still laughing!!!

for everyone here it would be best to keep this show going

Don't... stop... animating... lol.

Hey there ive been a member of newground for erm lol a long time ^.^" and been around flash for about 3 years =3 I RARELY review a movie. But this is deserves one =D

Graphics: Wow. I really dont wanna think about how long it took you to draw everything o.0 But this was like watching a very funny anime. It was fantasic. Never stop drawing its your talent.

Style: Even tho it was, like anime, for some reason it felt as if it was your own style of anime. Extremely fun to watch. Good work.

Violence: This wasnt a violent movie which doesnt really matter and i bet everyone couldnt care less. Its obviously not sposed to be violent.

Interactivity: Lol its a movie so...

Humor: I giggled quite a few times whilst watching this and your first movie of the series. Now a lot of it was parody but you also through a lot of your own plot/jokes. VERY Amusing.

Overall: Spectacular. Never stop animating. Your good at what you do. Congrats on your work n such. You did such a good job. Ive seen a lot of flash in my time but that was one of the best and creative movies ive seen. =]


I loved the first one and this one is even better. Didn't think you would make a part two. So now this is the most complete circle of life ever.

Although you should've tortured Rock at least once. And Zero also needed to be tortured. Blues was over tortured. Also if you are going to make another one, you should include: Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, and (just cause I'm bored, and want to see something funny) Pokemon. That would boost my happiness :)

I really enjoyed the First Attack, and when I saw the sequel, I knew it had to be good. But it was really great. I also found the easter egg with the red haired girl:P
Good work

as usual its funny as hell that i can die laughing well me not good at reviews so sue but still funny as hell

It's really rare that you get submissions that make you want more! Most of them now-a-days are just one hit wonders, but this... I cannot wait to see the next one! That is ofcourse, if you're planning on doing one.

Anyhoo, the voices were excellent and so was the animation. The jokes were ace and the plot is love-able. The music is perfect.

Keep up the great work! I hope to see more of your stuff around!

This is top 50 quality in my eyes. You and this submission are both on my favourite list! This is one of the best submissions to hit Newgrounds in the last month or so.

I liked the Flash itself. But Props for your good imitation of the Tenjyo Tenge Intro. XP

good job this was freakin hilarius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love these movies they are so funny and in their world this could happen but great flash movie and it would of been funny if megaman X showed up in the background looking for zero or somthing but other then that great movie keep it up.

Fact: I watched this and its prequel 20 times eac in a row.
Fact: These flashes rock
Fact: You should make more
Fact: Ignore above comment. YOU MUST MAKE MORE!

that was great make a part 3

i loved this sequal and im so glad its out, i wish your awsomness didn't take so long to make oh well, please keep up the excellent work

Ok first off, I loved this movie... it was very funny.. i found myself laughing constantly... and I noticed something about the end credits.. The luttle guy dancing is dancing the exact way as Aya Natsume in the opening of Tenjho Tenge.... lol anyways nice job guys

Lol! That was very very funny and nice XD That Zero?Ls Sailor Dude was bad and Numa song XDD Well those all scenes was funny XDD

I think you wern't kinding when you desided to make a sequil! This was a perfect flash submission! The anime a chibi syled character's were brilliant as always. The sound was a little scetchy, but okay. The humor was well writen! Something tell's me there is going to be a third...Please say yes. The end WAS a bit of a cliffhanger.
[btw, this is my first review]

hilarious u should make more

i hade to bite the hell outa my finger jto suoress the laughter. that was just to funny.

im gonna just run through my 10s down there cuz i cant begin to describe the awesomeness of this:

graphics - two resons
1) i liked the graphice
2)although the charcters would normally b pixelated u drew em out anyway

style - the movie was awesome (what more to say?)

sound - numa numa

violence - end part where blue was kickin zeros ass

interactivity - cuz a zero didnt look good with all the 10s ^^

humor - it was funny as hell. want a better explanation? too bad ^^

and 2 the dude below me: a voice is orgasmic?

I love all of Rina-Chan's work, and this one's humor matched her voice so perfectly it was almost orgasmic.


blues keeps getting his ass handed to him, rock sounds like a girl, zero is, well whats with him is he high, gay, or both, this one made me wonder. good work, and BRING ME A 3RD!!!!! danke.


This was so awsome. I loved it. It was just so funny.

why zero??? oh well... it doesen't really matter as long as it is funny!! great searies anyway!! like it a lot! MAKE MORE MAKE MORE!

This clip rocks I love the numa numa remix and the clip was so funny aweome clip!

That was awsome!!! weeee

in other news...WOW i never knew anyone watched G4 anymore i thought the whole channel was gonna get canceled from lack of veiwers but i stand corrected

this is a totally perfect submission!
its just plain awesome, still i gave it a 3 in interactivity because it was just a play button XD.
and you gotta make more of theese! they rock.
this is going riiiight to my fav list.

____keep it up_____
ps: make more! xD

DAMN you're good at these! this is one of the funniest movies I ever watched! and it's a good idea too. especially the fact that Blues gets owned by Bass and that girl I don't know the name of because he wants to look cool. definitely worth watching if you haven't already.

As the legendary Squizgar Squigelf once said: "This flash is likes potato chips. I can't stops watching its!" The only thing keeping it from a perfect 10 was probably the fact I was expecting a really bad Adam Sessler impersonation giving the Megaman senario a 3 out of 5 right after asking "Maybe it's X-Play?" Oh well, it's still pretty good, and I'm waiting for the next one.

This movie series is F'n awesome.....I can't wait for the next one.

I seriously frickin' fellOVER when Zero started doing Numa Numa!!!! WTF, MANG?!! -shot-

first thing first... YAY!!! SOMEONE ELSE WHO WATCHES G4!!! EVERYONE I ASK SAYS: "WTF is that" SO yAY!!!! AND U pUT X-PLAY IN!!! YAY!!! oh, plz put link to the original, i want o see that one too

Thats was lol! hahhahahahhahahahahahahahahh omg go blues!

one thing still bugs me... y hasnt lacey been zapped into the tv like the guys were? i mean, she uses the remote a lot. (and yes, there is music when she complains about it sucking... its just quiet)

well i thought it was great and look forward to the sequal :)

im sailor dude and im gona get you! great submission and i like the easter egg <3

YES, I loved this! I was SNORTING I was laughing so hard!
Yeah it's all good. :3

All i have to say is HAWT SHIET! cant wait to see the next one

I love that! lol. Zero and his shrooms...that's probably the best! Keep at it! Hope you make a 3rd one ^_^

This is one of those flashes that are just, overall COOL, y'know? You did a totally awesome job, and I hope you do more. *high fives ya*

I totally LOVED sailor DOOd

I have no complaints.. but I would love to see a few background images for my desktop with some of the chicks. I'm totally put it on my work computer.

I am glad you made a secon one. I loved it as much as the first.
I can not wait for another one! If there is one, that is.....

Hohohoo...great stuff man.If u are planing to make 3rd part(u will) then i cant wait for it:D

9 points for that flash,and 15 points to hot red-haired chick from it:D

Lol to b honest i hate manga and all that stuff but u just knew how to make good use of it :P this ownz rly make more like dis :O dont make me kill u....;) rly i do kill ppl :O
btw Rock looks sooooooooooooo gaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol xD k man good job :P
stay (sic)

That was an AWESOME continuation to the first episode!! I'm still laughing! XD

Oh...oh man.That has got to be one of the best flash submissions i have ever seen on here.Also nice and smooth animation of the guy dancing while the credits roll. :)favs 4 shure

It Was Perfect in Every Way LOL!
and to the other guy down their
uhh she/he could of just have used the bored that has the pen so you can draw and it shows up the the screen [like how they make games]

That was awsome, although I didn't get much of the reffrences, because I haven't played alot of megaman games... only the zero series I think.

I, however, simply must ask:
I refuse to believe that was pure skill...... YOU USED A MOUSE DAMMIT!!!!

Hellz yeah nuff said

And so do you, Hikari42! (Except for the yaoi stuff; I HATE yaoi.) Maybe you could teach me a few tricks, regarding anime drawing in Flash...

like the first! lmao but the 1st was better =( i was like one of the first people to watch this when it came into the portal and i voted 5 its awesome and now its on the front page i might as well review it lol i think you could do bugger all to improve that btw is ranma that anime where whenever he touches cold water he turns into a girl and his dads a panda? and the english voice acter sounds really gay like one piece? lol cya

Now why are you reading this weird ass computer screen that looks worse than MS-DOS when you could be paying attention to the flash movie? Wow your wierd...or bored. not shure. sup.
Press any key to continue...

not really...it wont do jack.

Lol @ lindux

Do I have to say more? Well yeah, I normally don't like parodies but this one is just awesome.

I didn't really like the first one. This one was good, varying microphone volumes aside. And a certain part made me scratch my eyes out, but other than that, good!

This is a great animation with awesome humour and some of the best animation I've seen. Great characters and voice acting, also very well drawn. Hope to see more of the Evil TV in the future.

i don't know how anyone could hate this masterpiece.

Hah, most of the time I usually stay away from anime videos but damn, that was great. Nice work.

Ranma 1/2 great show. Blues he did not stop owned LMFAO and Foamy I just gatta say Fuck.

This was great keep it up cause I gave you a five.


Friggin hilarious.

i really enjoyed it, i liked the salior dude part and and when zero sings, those 2 parts made me laugh pretty hard. anywho keep puttin random ddr songs and ddr stuff in your flashes. ddr is the man

That has to be one of the most random things I've ever seen. Sailor Dude cracked me up...

Your drawings are awsome and ill give you a 10 on interactivity because of the "click <3"

funny,yet slightly disturbing.i like this. hooray for blues' pain! I LIKE PIE! so.. when is number 3 coming out? probably in march.

I liked this 1 a whole lot more, better animation, better voice acting
, better everything, Oh and by the way, I like your deviant art.

I really just don't like the humor in this movie. I'm sick of things like omgwtfbbq, and all that kind of thing. I don't mind anime at all; in fact, I liked the art style a lot. However, I got really tired of the XD and the >>. The subtitles were generally what pissed me off. It's not just you, either; a lot of people do that, and it really detracts from the quality of the video, in my opinion.

I'd like to compliment you again on the visuals; superb job. Otherwise though, the humor was a bit drawn out, and the sound effects overused.

I don't quite know what to say to that besides... wow... that was one of thee greatest things I've ever seen on the internet.

That was some sweet shit man, lolz, I liked the easter egg when you roll the mouse over that one girl's body and she is in that sexy ass outfit, dang, also make stuff with more sexy outfits and boobies. ( . Y . ) nice!

COWS ROCK antways that was awsome make more make more. this wwaaaaaaay better than the 1rst one

I actually liked the first one better. I love randomness... I really do... but this is on the border line of random and retarded. I liked it a lot, don't get me wrong... But I liked the first one better.

The animation was good, except for apparently idiosyncratic roughness in the drawing. Selection of sound was a bit shallow, but crisp and entertaining. However, since this is supposedly a comedy, I must say that this is the flash's biggest failure, bland and a bit contrived. It did have moments where it made me grin, but belly-laughs save lives, not grins, so whoever wrote the script either needs to get out of the breadline and hit the books, or hit himself, one or the other. However, the humor would have been far better if it was delivered properly. Comic timing would suggest that they were close, but that would be misleading. The dialogue sounded stiff and half-hearted, and that will kill the best of jokes.

I probably wouldn't care so much, but I clicked on this submission because it was so highly rated, and so was expecting something good. Who did you suck up to to get so many awards for this sophmoric tripe? There are better submissions here that don't get half the views. The people who recommended this should be ashamed of themselves.

"I'm sailor dude and I'm gon' getchoo" that's all i have to say about this.

absolutely hilarious

If I could give this a 25/10 I would. It was absolutely hilarious! And just like you said, Bass was in it. Although his part was way too short. I would like to know who that one guy was that randomly appeared on the couch and just stared Lacy.

Foamy part was AWESOME.

You really need to find a high-voiced MALE to do Rock, he has too much feminimity. =/

Being tortured by a woman to the full extend was very funny, but please get that guy away from the shrooms and bolt his clothes on XD I just hope Dr. Light finds a way to get them out before it get late agean, or guest who gets to star in another porno XD I wounder where they will land next? I wounder if the angry red heaad myth is true. *duck and cover*

I thought it was funny I dont know why some people are criticizing it, Though I didnt laugh like hell,i though it had some good humour, I wont say it was intelligent or Stupid, it was just random, that is what made it funny.
Anyways, the animaiton wasnt the best but better than a lot of ammateur work I've seen around here.

Keep up the randomness ^^!

Long live Metal!

This is a highly inflated score. It seems to be written by a bunch of twelve year olds. Apparently the audience is 12 asa well.for some lame humor. I just cant stand it. The jokes i've seen before on other flash's on this site. They are not intelligent, new, or even stupid funny, just lame. Quite frankly i was surpirsed that there was no fart jokes in it. I do have to sau that the animation wasnt half bad. The score is waay to high for this.

this is pretty good i cant wait for the next one and gata love the jeasus bit ^^ was funny

Plz tell me ure gunna make another 1. I found the secret by accident And im gunna rate ur'e submission 5 because this was awsome and I watch it almost every day.