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Duck Luck Episode #4

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Author Comments

Duck Luck Episode #4: Financial Burdens
Stevie gets a job.

I put a ton of effort into this episode, and I really hope you enjoy it! Thanks for daily feature and front page.



I like it. Simple and stylish, with good concept, good animation and good sound. A lot better outlines in this one too, it seems the graphics are slowly improving, keep up the good work!


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phantom what r ya some sorta newgrounds spy writing 800000000000 word reports
on flashes
this wasnt funny but it was very imusing

wats laundry?

great song choice for the part wen he said im ur father.i love that song.air supply rules!!!.lol.im gonna finish watchin the series now.

Honestly, dreadful voices.

I have taken the appropriate time to watch the entire series that you made and quite honestly I must say I was actually a bit disappointed. In many flash makers you see improvement from each movie they make, a new technique, better voice acting. You however remain drifting in the same level of animating skill and voice acting which I found disappoint, now agreed, I have not made any flash worthy of submitting, but I have been judging flash successfully for over 2 years and I should know the difference. Now, visually the series progressed very little from first. It still has that simplistic way of drawing and animating, the drawing isn’t bad when it’s still but the animation usually only makes it worse, not a lot above average in my opinion. Same goes with style, just another attempt at comedy, one I find a bit boring. It just isn’t so funny, I mean, even the “Oye” as the guy gets kicked out of the house just isn’t right. It’s all wrong in essence. And the voices, I’m sorry to burst the bubble but it needs much work. The microphone just feels cheap and the voices lack clarity. Not only clarity but character, it just isn’t right for the voice of a small child to be that of a grown man. Get a new voice for it or improve your own. It just so horrible my ears bled. Violence was odd as well some how, the spanking? It is just getting too weird and less funny if you ask me. Interactivity was actually the one thing better than what I had anticipated. You had subtitles which made it nicer mostly because voices were nearly unbearable. I understand you were awarded for this flash but I also don’t understand how so. Yes, it’s not bad but I would have never figured it would a slow enough day, and a medium well flash would win an award. However I still believe it’s nothing to be excited because of since it just disappointed me. In humor it was no success either, for some reason or another I just didn’t find it funny it all, like a sunken ship if anything. And overall it just not that good. It’s average, absolutely average and it must have been a slow day for you to win. But I will suggest some things for you to improve and maybe earn that award again and even more. Biggest problems to me, voices and animation, improve those and it will be much better. Now for the detailed explanation:

Graphics: 7, drawings weren’t awful but I suspect your animation needs some improving. You need to learn a bit on proportions and while the comic book style isn’t bad you might consider improving it as well a bit, you know, it couldn’t hurt now could it.

Style: 7, the simple style of comedy. Even though I hate calling it that as it’s not the least bit funny. Yes, you did try to make something, and to make it funny, but it just isn’t. If there is anything that will help you improve this is the voices and animation. The voices being the worst.

Sound: 5, The voices were no good if you ask me, they all sounded quite similar and blurry. The clarity level of the voices was pretty bad. What you need is distinguishing voices that will not sound alike, not to even mention the main character has the voice of some small child.

Violence: 4, Violence does exist here but is poorly done. All I could see in this one was the whip, but that was both weird, badly drawn and boring to be considered violent. Needs much more work.

Interactivity: 6, It did have subtitles which is good considering that the voices are pretty annoying to listen to. But what I believe it needs is not a seek, or a pause button. What this flash needs is a mute button.

Humor: 5, It wasn’t the least bit funny in my opinion. It was boring and didn’t manage to maintain my interest, much less cause me to laugh or really enjoy it. Needs a lot of work to improve. Put in some real jokes instead of this dull and failing physical comedy. Make a remark, make a come back to it, any thing as long as you remove the dreadful boredom.

Overall: 6, now you’ve heard all I have to say and you probably hate me, but that doesn’t matter, because one way or another, it’s due time you improve man. Good luck next time.

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Snubby responds:

Woah I looked at your reviews and they are all this long. Dang! Thanks for the review (or should I call it an essay?), as I'm making DL5 I'm realizing how not-so-great this one was (though I still think its good). Thanks.

You Have Really Improved!

See what happens when you keep trying? This is way better than the others in the series! The graphics were alot better and try to make it a little funnier. The voices could be a little better but i guess theres nothing you can to about that...
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3.57 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2007
3:36 PM EST
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