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This was the first movie I ever made, I made the movie and sounds myself.

I suggest you watch Hitlersingalong or BDZ lost footage if you want to see what I'm about atm - I'm working on a series for submission too.



pikachu lived when he got shot in the head plus when he did get shot it does not show 50 shots all over your body.
I'll keep it simple: MAKE BETTER MOVIES!!!!!!!!!
I'm with the guy before my review.

Wormulus responds:

I'm with the guy before my review?

A tool?

I know you love reading reviews.

So let me entertain you.

"Private properties"

"In Java, a private property is a property that can be manipulated by the instance but not by any other external script. ActionScript in Flash MX cannot handle true private properties. However, using the scope chain and nested functions, we can create properties that reside in the activation object of the outer function so that they become hidden to any script. The only way to access the properties is use them in the inner functions later on. This can't really be labelled private properties but it creates a protection mechanism, similar to private properties."

"As we mentionned before, once a value is kept in the scope chain of a function, then it becomes hidden to everything including the object that holds the function. Because of that it can't be really useful. Especially if you need to access the raw internal value from different function and you need to bypass the getter/setter from the object itself (not from external scripts obviously)."

"The best way I can think of, to create useful such private properties, is to create ALL the private properties using the activation object of the class itself. That way, all the private properties would exist in the same activation object. Because of that, the getter/setter for each private property will be able to access all the other private properties (by not using an explicit scope). And, on top of that, the getters/setters would also be able to retrieve the public properties using the reference "this"."

"On the downside, the public methods would still not be able to access the private properties and would have to use the getters/setters. Also, each instance of the class will carry unique getters/setters for each private property. If many instances are created from a class that implement private properties, it could be a killing overhead."

"In any case, here is sample code below:"

with love and spelling errors from...

"Making use of the Scope Chain in Flash MX"

"Parametrized functions, Static properties and methods and Private properties"

"- By Timothée Groleau -"

"First published on 9 April 2003"

Have you heard of anger management? I doubt it.

You have earned your zero.

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Wormulus responds:

I'd like to give you somethig equally thrilling to read but sadly Oxford University doesn't require my thesis until next term. Having said that, I'm sorry that I had to resort to the "I'm at Oxford you are good at rating my animations" point.

As for anger management - I've made a lot of progress since I made this movie about 4 years ago, then again I never had to make myself feel better by bullyinh people on the internet.

Have a nice life :)


It was funny, but the best part was his ass getting blown up! Yes, and the bitch part was funny.... Pretty good, especially for your first time... Moo.

Wormulus responds:

Moo indeed. I was going to write something funny here but instead I'll just what you said again:

"It was funny, but the best part was his ass getting blown up! Yes, and the bitch part was funny.... Pretty good, especially for your first time... Moo."

did you see that? That is what I saw just read, by forcing you to read it again you have just experienced the boredom which I felt... Isn't that cool!


Oh man, that was funny! Clean up the audio and the animation, and you have an amazing little movie there.

Wormulus responds:

Why are people watching this piece of dogshit. Please don't tell anyone about this movie.


I just loved the concept of this one. I have never seen anyone mix sounds from Pulp fiction and Pokemon. Graphics weren't to great and audio quility isn't the greatest, but sure is fun!

Wormulus responds:

I used ther flash tutorials to make this movie - isn't that cool!

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2.80 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2001
1:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody