The Wind

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I usually do clay, but today I decided to do flash. I had this dream and I decided to animate it. I don't know what it really is about or if I was thinking about something weird when I had it, but I thought it would make a good short flash, so I animated it as fast as I can before I forgot it. The way the enviornment looks is almost exactly as it was in my dream, but since I made this in only one day, everything looks kind of sketchy.


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It's not too often we get a decent sentimental flash like this. I liked the graphics, and the fact it's based on the dream automatically makes it cool.


Youve really evolved alot from those days of Bon Jovi
when youi first submitted it and me and you would keep clicking refresh to see how many viewws it got
*sighs* good times....good times.....o and call me so we can discuss this break

good story....so far

although short (and I understand why) it was a very weird but appealing story concept. you should run more with this and create a longer version.
the sound was an excellant choice.

I wasn't expecting the ending. made me check my back......still checking my back

Homeless responds:

I already am making a longer one, just not based on this dream. I had it planned out for awhile and I just got around to working on it. The graphics will be better because I will be taking time on it. This was only 2 hours of work. Thanks for the review!

Pretty good...

Normally the animation style would get this blammed, but with all the Star syndicate crap today, I passed it...

Your dream might mean that you (or whoever the guy was) have already doomed yourself to a tragedy (hopefully not death), but won't realize how you did so until after said tragedy occurs. Keep your eyes open.

Homeless responds:

I have no idea who this guy was, but whoever he is... he's screwed.

Nice work.

I like the idea for the film. It was definitely something worth making a film over, and you have the right approach in the simplicity of it all. I think the visuals could've used a little more work, but it's clear from your effort that you can definitely draw. Nice job.

Homeless responds:

Thankyou. I had to make this really fast though so I wont forget the details from my dream. I did the best that I could for two hours of work.

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3.42 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2007
7:29 PM EST
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