The Red Line

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This is a collaboration of several members of the Newgrounds Art Forum. The idea was to post drawings that contain a red line, making it possible to conjoin the single pictures.
There were more than 100 drawings, so I had to leave some out. Thanks to everyone who contributed. My apologies to everyone who didn't make it into the flash version.

The Original Thread:
search the NG BBS for "Red Line" or click the link in the movie.

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In a word?


o_o wow...

Easily one of the most interesting collabs I've seen for a while, I'm kicking myself actually for not taking part XD, props for such a unique idea


I can't belive mine was there too.This is going to my favorites as 1.
Thanks Heretik.


HeRetiK responds:

Thank you for being part of it.

Nice idea.

I like the "red line" idea. Nice work!

Hard to judge, great to watch!

First of, I would just like to thank the author purely for the music he chose. The artist's name has escaped me ever since I heard a Chris Morris Blue Jam skit on Radio and I've always wanted a copy of it. So thank you very much... Amazon is sending me his album with the Nighttime track.

A nice concept, but as you may notice, I've ranked "Graphics, Style, Sound and Humour" all as 5. This doesn't mean I think it's average but it's hard to judge from one piece of artwork to the other. Same with style because there's so many different forms of style and also with Humour and Violence.

Great animation, hard to judge :)

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4.30 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2007
5:26 PM EST