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Hey everyone, I felt guilty not submitting anything for awhile, so I thought I'd submit this "gem" from the Jimtopia Vault. Seriously though, I made this cartoon awhile ago and I found this to be one of the funniest flash's I've ever made, so I fixed it up just for NG. I hope you enjoy it!

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i liked it,had a good laugh.
I noticed it was longer than most of your toons aswell...so good for you eh?
i liked everybit of this toon, nothing to complain about, no sugestions either.

keep it up =D

Jimtopia responds:

Like I said in my last response, 3 mins of it is basically talking, but still, thx for the 9, glad you enjoyed it.

Nice going!

Another Flash going to your large collection Congratulations and so on with the review at first I did not see anything special but then I did realize that these animation was pretty entertaining and funny. I also noticed that these flash animation was longer than usual which is good =D anyway good luck on your upcoming flash animations and keep em coming.

Jimtopia responds:

Thx. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed my flash. And yes, this one is longer than usual, but I don't really count that cuz 3 minutes of it is talking, lol.

ok, but...

you shoulda made like needles in the pillows and punch the changer person in the face...

Jimtopia responds:

Lol, it took me a sec to figure out what you were saying. Uhh. I don't think so though.

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3.18 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2007
5:21 PM EST
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