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Hey everyone, I felt guilty not submitting anything for awhile, so I thought I'd submit this "gem" from the Jimtopia Vault. Seriously though, I made this cartoon awhile ago and I found this to be one of the funniest flash's I've ever made, so I fixed it up just for NG. I hope you enjoy it!

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Jimtopia responds:

Numba 1


Wow I liked how the pillows sound when they hit each other!

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Jimtopia responds:

Nice and squeaky.


That was the best thing you ever made!!

Jimtopia responds:

Lol cool


OMG this is really hilarous. One of the best jimtopias. I laugh myself to death everytime i see this one. and really, the fightning thing is the best. Pillows xD
The end too..
..... okay."
haha. i roll on the floor everytime i see this. A miracle.

Jimtopia responds:

I'm glad that I my movies can bring a smile to your face. :)

I'd enjoy seeing a remake

I really liked the basic plot of that.

At the start, I liked your loading bar. Looks kinda like the Armorgames one... did you get it from somewhere?

Also, I liked the Sega-ish font for the title page and the 'Gigli' font for in the office of the corporation (though th numerals didn't really fit. If there aren't any numerals in that font and you actually mixed in Times New Roman or something, you could've used letters to spell out the numbers...

I found the background music loop a bit overly repetitive and simple.

I liked the pink-haired Jim and loved the fight sequence. For me, the fight sequence pretty much made the movie.

The ending really felt like a big cop-out.

The graphics, I don't like at all, mainly because of the style. The whole 'thin, crisp lines with simple shapes and solid colours' look just reminds me too much of someone's first tinkerings with MSPaint or whatever.

I'd enjoy seeing a remake if you were to make it a 'real' story rather than just end the thing in a cop-out 'this isn't real, it's actually (a dream/story being told/whatever)' manner.

Jimtopia responds:

Yes well, If I were to remake it, it would be awhile from now. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thx for your review, I always love hearing from fans! =D

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Jan 3, 2007
5:21 PM EST
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