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Paths 2

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Author Comments

---If you don't want to click the reset button, click the ball instead---

Paths 2. It's fun, it's challenging. I hope you can beat it.

--level 20 fixed--

Programming: Tyler of GlaielGames.
Art: Kenney of ArmorStudios.
Sponsorship: Dan of ArmorGames.

Classic levels are unlockable by beating normal levels. The game saves if you have them unlocked, so feel free to come back to the classic levels at a later date.


not my kind of game

but i wont vote low cuz of that i like the idea and some of the puzzles in the game all so the shoud be a level where the ball gose realy fast so its hard to get past puzzles


Whoa, nice puzzle gae, didnt figure out 3 till i realized u can mvoe the green things while the ball is moving. Keep up the good work!


This was easily one of the hardest games I have played in a while. It combined intense strategy with lighting fast reaction time and percision. The amount of thought that was needed to beat each level was so great it was almost to much.

The game started off pretty rough with me on the third level having no idea what to do because I didn't know you needed to get the key the go back to the door sign because nothing told me that. You may want to make a little note of that at the top of the screen just to help out people who havn't already played the previouse game.

Getting towards the later levels things just became way to cluttered and you barely even knew what you were doing anymore. It started to become a game of reaction time more then strategy and in a puzzle game you always want strategy to be at least a bit more important.

What I think you should do is just completly get rid of the whole key and unlocking the doors thing. It just overcomplicated things and seamed pretty pointless to me since you are just doing the same thing you did before exept in a backwords order. If you really don't want to do that at least make it so the ball doesn't move faster once you've gotten the key.

I would also like a few changes with the drawing of the line. There should definantly be an erase tool. I have no idea why there isn't already because you would think that would be an important part of a game like this. I would also like to see some sort of onion skin of the line after you've erased it to make it easier to compare your new line to your old line.

Frusterating this game may be, but it was still fun and very well made so it's not like I can give it a bad score just because I had a hard time beating it. I would just really like to see some of the changes I suggested becaus I know the game could be much better.

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Very Enjoyable Game

First of all, I loved the graphics and sound, good job.
It is a very amusing and fairly easy game. A lot easier than the original Paths.
The only level in which I had real trouble with was level 17. It is extremely hard drawing a straight line with an old mouse like the one I got. When I went down to reset the game for maybe the 10th time I accidentally hit the menu button instead and the game reset, which was a bit annoying. Do you think you can add some kind of confirmation to it, so unlucky people like me don't have to start all over again because of something like that?

Glaiel-Gamer responds:

you can click the ball instead to start drawing the line, but in paths 1 people couldn't figure that out so i added a button in addition

quite good

very challenging. it got addictive as it went on, and harder at the same time. i liked paths 1 better tho

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Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2007
5:19 PM EST
Puzzles - Other