Paths 2

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---If you don't want to click the reset button, click the ball instead---

Paths 2. It's fun, it's challenging. I hope you can beat it.

--level 20 fixed--

Programming: Tyler of GlaielGames.
Art: Kenney of ArmorStudios.
Sponsorship: Dan of ArmorGames.

Classic levels are unlockable by beating normal levels. The game saves if you have them unlocked, so feel free to come back to the classic levels at a later date.



I didn't really like it, it was kinda difficult, and THIS THING IS MAKING ME WRITE MORE THAN I WANT TO.!

A detailed review

Since reviews only have one score now (the overall), this is how I like to give a score: By default, everything initially starts off with a 10/10. If any problem is big enough to justify a loss of one point or half of a point, I take off the points and explain why. Basically, I explain why something didn't get a 10.
As Newgrounds has no half-points, scores will be rounded up.

And I apologize for the wall of text. I always do this. I don't know when to stop typing, and anything I try to remove afterwards finds its way back in by the end.

-1 whole point for Frustration
But I don't mean the game itself. Actually, I didn't get frustrated even once at the difficulty as I racked up deaths in levels 7 (?), 11, and 20. What got me pissed was the lack of keeping progress. I lost my progress thrice:
On level 7, when I clicked on Menu (unaware I would lose progress)
On level 6, it crashed because IE7's zoom feature is apparently only safe on pop-up version
On level 20, it just froze at random.
You've made games before that use cookies (Egg Hunter). I really think this should use one for level progress. Or, at the very least, it should remember the level you were on when you press Menu, which, if I may add, is dangerously close to Reset.

-1/2 point for some unoriginality
Don't get me wrong. Some levels are genius. But level 20 and a few of the ones right before it (and probably some after it that I haven't seen yet) are too reminiscent of earlier levels.
Try to make each level unique. If you can bear how overly-cutesy the series is, I suggest you look at some levels in Super Monkey Ball 2 for GameCube (don't bother with any on the DS or Wii, as the series took a DRASTIC change for the worse). That game is the sheer embodiment of originality. I think every level is 100% hardcoded. Search the web for replays of the game, try to guess how the developers came up with these ideas, use these techniques, and before you know it, even if you made a game about seemingly-gay monkeys, it would rock.

-1/2 point for sadism
Was that super skinny level really necessary? I could draw a line perfectly straight through 1/2 of the way across, but then I would have to lift my mouse as it nears the edge of its very confined desk space. And when I have to start drawing the second segment, static friction makes me mess up the first pixel. Eventually, I just used Mouse Keys.
And most of the levels I mentioned under Frustration are also evil. I racked up 30 deaths in quick succession in that one level (11?) with the slanted hallway and the curvy path to move. It was a miracle I didn't get frustrated over that.

Overall score = 10 - 2 = 8

...took me longer to type this than it did to play the game. Every time I touch this keyboard, I lose 1.5 hours of my life.

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Darn it...

I just couldn't do Level 5! It sounds stupid, but I seriously can't, it's that difficult!

fun game

Good game although controlling the moving parts seems kinda laggy

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nice game. but yeah it gets boring after a while

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3.75 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2007
5:19 PM EST
Puzzles - Other