EB - High Hopes - EP 3

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This is the 3rd installment in the series.
Poo and Jeff find Ness.

*Holy Hell! I made front page! I love you guys!*


Great going!

As a longtime fan of EB, I have to say that this money is nothing short of great! It appears that the person who wrote the review previous to Mine forgot this a PARODY.

M-m-M responds:

Yeah, that guy hasn't had his milk and cookies today. Thanks for the review.

bad ass

Earthbound is one of the best games and this is an awesome flash ha

M-m-M responds:

Agreed, and thanks.

Hah, this is awesomeness

I love EarthBound, and this is funny.

M-m-M responds:

I love Earthbound too, and thanks for the review.

Very good Sprite

I guess I won't be messing with poo....Funny Sprite can't wait for a 4th episode if there will be one!

M-m-M responds:

lol, yeah Poo is a badass. Oh and there totally will be a 4th, maybe sooner now than I was planning (thank you front page). Thanks for the review.

oh man, what a game that was

i've always loved the game ever since i've my layed eyes on it. even for how old it is, i think it's even better than some games now.

anyways, it being in a movie made my day. good job, keep up the good work.

M-m-M responds:

Yeah, I loved earthbound since the first time I played it (and I had the scratch and sniff stickers too). It totally is better than some games now, because it actually captivated and made you hunger for more game play. Nowadays it's just "shoot the moving things". Thanks for your review.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2007
3:43 PM EST
Comedy - Parody