Simple Rpg(Beta)

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This is a game I have been working on for a few weeks. It was started as an overall school exam project. Covering subjects such as art, computers, and even math. I got and A- in each of them and an A+ in the computer section. I am not sure that i am going to finish it so i am going to put it on here and see wat the people on newgrounds thing of it.


i didnt like it

It wasnt that good but maybe if there were more things to do or a tutorial it would be better

Nice beginning

A lot of people said you ripped of Stick RPG. To those people, it's called a genre, look it up. Anyway, that's a well made game. One way that I think you could make it interesting, if you want, is make a website out of it. Make a world where players can log in, every player has the same world, but it's just them in it. Then you can update it and see what people think of the updates, or if they want to have a change in something. Or you could just continue making this and submit it again. Anyway, good luck.


This was good, with some work could be great. I'd prefer an option to turn off the music, as it got rather annoying after about 10 minutes, but nice job over all.


Like a lot of the others said, it has a lot of potential, but it needs more work. Try making a bigger overall area with some more minigames and the such. Oh, and all of you people saying he riped off stick rpg, IT'S CALLED A GENRE! I'm sure the maker of stick rpg wasn't the first to make this kind of game eather!

i liked it

i like these kind of games, there a lot of fun

i dont know about the sound, i had my speakers turned off =]

anyway, make more! i like i like

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2.81 / 5.00

Jan 1, 2007
7:25 PM EST
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