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Collect! - Pure Code Game

rated 3.92 / 5 stars
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Jan 1, 2007 | 10:49 AM EST

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Author Comments

Update: I have added streaming music, since it was a very common complaint.

Collect! started out as an experiment in API Drawing and coding, but soon turned into a full fledged game. It took quite a while, and some head kneading to get it all working correctly, but it was finally finished with my first highscore table. Hope you have fun playing it!

Game Information:
1 frame
Roughly 680 lines of code
0 items in library
40 fps
640 by 340 frame size
6.23 KB file size

Instructions: Collect the stars by navigating the square with the arrow keys. As your score increases, bullets will begin to come across the screen. Avoid them, as they will cause your health to decrease. Try to get the highest score possible before your health drops to zero, and get your name on the high score list.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i find pure as game easy

first i draw want i want it to look like in flash, find out the coordinates and anchor points then i make the code and delete the drawing. if you want something hard to try, try animating using pure as like with the _x+= or _rotation= i tried it ounce and gave up after a few hours because it just gets frustrating.
anyway nice game!


Rated 1 / 5 stars


Not much fun.

Naois responds:

I'm sorry you feel that way. But perhaps next time you could give some reason as to why, so that I can improve.
- Naois


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Getting there.

The game is not bad, i enjoyed it for a short while. (Then started aiming for the bullets)

The game is enjoyable at first but it gets boring the longer you live. Which is quite long. You should introduce new items to the player. Like mentioned before power ups etc.

Also it could be interesting if the platforms moved. (up down & left to right)

You can also make the bullets change there course. Eg: Some form above then left right etc.

Cool power ups to think about.

Reversed Gravity, Shield, High Jump, No Gravity, Something to catch the stars with.

Ps: I like the way the background changes color as your health depreciates.



Naois responds:

I think that the two most frequent comments I've received are 'live too long' and 'power ups', which I'll look into in my next game.
The moving platforms idea is a good one, and one that I'd thought of, but as I already had them changing positions, I decided not to add it.
Bullets changing course I hadn't thought of, and is a damn good idea.

Thanks for the review.
- Naois


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
This game was decent. You can't beat the file-size on this one, 6kb takes no time at all to load. The game is kind of challenging as well, since it has the moving platforms and the bullets.

^^Needs Improving^^
The game lacks substance. First off, the bullets should take more than one health away, since its not really hard to avoid them, and it would take ages to lose. Also, perhaps some type of power up system with something that will make you jump higher, move faster, etc.

Naois responds:

Thanks for the review, especially the "Needs Improving" part. I agree that it lacks substance; it was designed to be simple, yet marginally addictive. Maybe the bullets should take more, but later when there are swarms of them coming, you would die in a snap if they took away any more. A power up system has been mentioned by others, and my next game, which is already started, does have a power up system. Thanks for the criticism.
- Naois


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun for awile

I enjoyed this game a lot. I also realized that when the black lines move the game gets harder. Here are a list of things that would help this game be better.

2) Different things that can hurt u
3) possibly a diffuculty setting
4) possibly powerups or way to stop the lines

I hope to see more stuff from u!

Naois responds:

Thanks for the response.
1. I addressed this in the comments, and in my previous responses: sound would have either bumped up the file size or caused lag while loading. (no one reads the comments)
2. Good idea, possibility for my next game.
3. Also good point. The moving platforms were moving to sort of achieve this
4. Very good idea.

Thanks for playing and constructive criticism.
- Naois