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Thanks for the front page. =)
And also thank you to everyone for your helpful reviews.

This is a RERELEASE of the game "Hearts." The previous one relied on servers, and when the servers failed, the game could not operate correctly.
This game has been simplified so it does not require a server to play.


Have fun and happy holidays!


I thought this was a really unique game. It's mostly because I thought it would be a "Kingdom Hearts" game. I mean that was what I think of when I think of Hearts games! Instead, it was something different. I still am really bad at this game. Well, I guess I can't compare it to other people.

Even with three arrows, it was difficult! I guess I'm just not used to these kinds of games. The music was too loud. It just seemed that for this one game. It was pretty nice visually.

Works perfectly, liked it a lot and it made me check out the music of Flashburn, which alone would be worth 5 stars. Record hunting was a lot of fun.

If you want to expand on this game, adding some other characters would be fun.
- A slower charged but strongercrossbow. Introduce "hearts of stone" or "frozen hearts" that you have to hit several times with the bow, but only need one shot with the cross bow.

- A gun or rifle that is fast and has no gravity penalty, but relies on ammo that you have to shoot for (flies down alongside hearts and also has negative ammo that eats away your current ammo if you hit it)

- A ventilator gun. Can only destroy hearts indirectly by collisions or blowing them towards some needles you may put on the level in advance, opening up tons of strategies to rake up combos

Different planets with different backgrounds and different gravity values. Also wind would be a nice factor, especially if you could change the wind's speed or direction hitting certain targets or power ups.

Regarding the power ups:
Nice variety, but I felt the game would be even better if there was a mode where you picked up power capsules instead of power ups and could activate them similar to the Gradius weapon upgrade system making things less randomized so you could prepare big combos and enable your own playstyle instead of only reacting to whatever comes up.

Another mode could be a room with fitted buttons that make a power up drop (or outright enable that status), letting you choose that way.

You could even make a campaign mode where experience could be added to skills (like dropping certain power ups more often or getting more impact or duration out of them), including being matched up against a bot player that tries to hit more hearts than you.

I honestly believe this here could perform the basis of a variantful and multilayered game with polishing and deeper gameplay. I'd love to see you come back to this (or someone else taking up those ideas for a sequel in spirits).

Anyway, some well-deserved 5 stars for you!

Very fun game.
I liked the artwork. The main character was cute. Nicely drawn. ^^

T_T This was my childhood. I couldn't get this game or this song out of my head for years.

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Ive been reading alot of the reviews for the game and noticing how people dont know where to find this song...

I COMPOSED IT, I PRODUCED IT, you can find it on my NG AUDIO page the song is called Crimson Keys.

Oh and thanks again Dbarbarian and Goldsickle for using my music in such a mindblowingly fantasticht game. I played this one for a loooooooooooooong time

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4.19 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2006
2:05 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed