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No Hope In Hell #2!

rated 3.49 / 5 stars
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Dec 29, 2006 | 1:29 PM EST

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Author Comments

## www.diamond ##

Hello, Will Ryan speaking, and this is T.B.O.N.R.P #2! This cartoon is a short new years eve edition of T.B.O.N.R.P! I figured I'd do one of T.B.O.N.R.P because I havent made one in a while... but now I have! So there.

## Wii is AWSOME! ##

Hope you enjoy the movie



Rated 5 / 5 stars


It seems that Will Ryan has come along way with No Hope In Hell #2! The flash was much better, in all areas. The graphics really surprised me, i was expecting the same level of work as seen in No Hope In Hell #1. This time the addition of subtitles added to the overall atmosphere of the movie. Especially the humorous remarks which were not portrayed by voice.
Audio, it was a fair bit better than the last episode. I have to personally congratulate you on this episode, you have come a really long way Will.
The humor, as i have commented above (I think?) Is actually good. It made me laugh, i enjoyed watching this movie. I think it's time that you did a feature length movie with another artist..Egoraptor?
Just a suggestion, considering your other work. I'm defiantly putting you in my favorites list, and your getting full marks for this submission. Thanks for putting the effort into making these movies and sharing them with the people of newgrounds.


Rated 5 / 5 stars




Rated 5 / 5 stars


I agree with DEFF It is great graphics and the epilepsy is funneh. But you do need different voice actors. But Sergeant and Parlo are funneh.....I like Draeton though good ideas for characters.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

amazing drawn graphics

great except for one thing, u need OTHER voice actors, they all sound the exact same! please get more actors.

diamond-armada responds:

thanx for 8! I spose I do need more voice actors. I try and get them all! But I'm sticking with cool guy and silly guy! I LOVE THEM CHARACTERS!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

not as good as the first

it was ok, but defenitly not as good as the first.
i found that the voices didnt suit teh chracters anymore, especially Draeton and the smart one who i cant remember....
i think you should have spent a bit more time on it, you still have a few days till new year, so you might aswell have used them.
at the replay scene you couldnt hear what teh characters were saying because of the random guy constantly saying "replay!" whitch was just down right anoying.
there was only one joke actually on it, but you didnt really focus on it that mutch, maybee if you had actually shown Draeton as he was flying up saying something it would have added a bit more of a comical element.
in the next episode you should actually introduce the full storyline, because at the moment no one knows whats going on other than you and the few friends youv told, and maybee you should introduce the bad guys that were mentioned in the first? possibly though a battle of some kind?
what happened to the pause, play and all that lot?
how come when draeton was talking to the animator, it wasnt your voice talking? that would have made a bit more sence since you ARE the animator.
another thing i think would be really good to add would be if you actually drew them from diferent view perspectives, because in te way they move there heads ther paper thin!
dont get anoyed by me saying but i think the characters all look to mutch the same, if you edited the way the armour looks in places to give each character an individual look it would be mutch cooler, and even easyer to memorise there names.
non the less, it was still ok to say you barelt spent any time on it, less than a day infact.
oh, and just so you know. i dont mean any of those things in a bad way, more of a helpfull way.
c ya, Ben
p.s: You dont need to say "hi everybody. this is Will Ryan speaking!" in everything! its kinda anoying. since these are YOUR cartoona and YOUR website, you should plainly asume that it was YOU speaking!
p.p.s: done leeve so mutch time between episodes this time, i think that since this wasnt a full episode, just a special episode, you should make tbonrp3 next and actually get the story going (as i said above)

wow, thats the longest review iv ever written... this damn thing would fill up a Harry Potter book!

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diamond-armada responds:

It is actually helpful, I shall try and adapt from this review in the best way I can, I doubt I will be able to do it though because there is a LOT to lrearn from.

Harry potter?! Are you mad?! XD