Grim - Episode One

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Hey all, this is my first ever attempt at making a non-stickman animation so I apologise in advance if it's a little shaky. Also please excuse the low volume on the voice-overs, I need a new mic ;)

Episode one sets the scene for the rest of the Grim series which will be soon to follow (if all goes well), its only short but I think you will enjoy it. =) Constructive criticism appreciated!


Not bad>

It was pretty good but the older issues were a lot longer and a bit better.

Hazviz responds:

Urm, what older issues? This is episode one, lol...


uh-uh-uh v-v-very n-n-nice p-plz d-d-don't h-hurt m-me!!!! ='3

Definitely over a day's work

I really feel you got some potential kid. Your character already seems well developed and we have barely gotten to know him for more then 3 minutes. Your grim is sensitive and has a deadly temper. It feels as if this series can only continually get better. I thought the look was rather well made to look of death. I am happy you chose something more original than a tall guy in a black cloak.

My only complaint is that ridiculously overused death groan. Try to invent your own because I know it has been used more than 100 times alone on many Newgrounds animations.

Hazviz responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you feel I that I managed to introduce the character well. Hopefully the next episode will give everyone a much deeper insight into his ways. (Even I don't know where I am going to go with in yet, Ep 1 wasnt scripted as such, but the script for Ep 2 is being written now =D)

Thanks again, I hope Episode 2 doesn't disappoint.


The graphics were quite good and that even though the voice was quiet for Grim it sought of made his character with a whispered voice of death
So overall a good movie the sound's fit in and the only thing u should improve on is maybe Grim's haircut lol

Hazviz responds:

Grims hair? Dontchu be talkin bout grims hair!

Lol, thanks for the review, il give the graphics a bit of a rework for the next ep.

not bad

not great, but not bad either. made a good short film. turned out to be just a demented kid in a mask eh? lol. nice. i didnt get most of the story but o well. for improvement id just say work some more on your graphic animation, it looks like u can draw ok already. goodluck in the future.

Hazviz responds:

Thanks for the review, be sure to check back for ep 2, hopefully it will have improved alot =)

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3.19 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2006
11:05 PM EST
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