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F2Jam v2 Beta

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Feel the Beat (F2Jam v4): http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/451339

REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 9! IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT YET, GET IT HERE: http://www.adobe.com/prod ucts/flashplayer/


8 songs, 3 difficulties, 12 speeds, 6 crazy modes... 1728 different games to play!
More songs are planned for the release! This is beta!

- This is the Beta version. There maybe several bugs here and there, please report them via PM or review if you find any.
- This game is made in AS3. It may lag because of my lack of knowledge of coding correctly :/.

What I gotta say...
Well, first off... I would like to say Thank You to everybody that supported me in the release of F2Jam v1. Special thanks to PanicX for the constant support.
Next off, I would like to say that ActionScript 3 sucks... Okay, it's easy BUT it doesn't give enough information in the debugging mode... This made it really hard to fix some bugs but I tried my best. This delayed me the most too!
Lastly, I had fun making this (yet again) and I hope you enjoy it!


Too laggy

Ok, the graphics and everything is better compared to v1. But when I change the spped to 4 or 5, the whole computer starts to lag, the notes are not flowing down smoothly, and it just feels like a flash fast-forwarded.

Good, but TOOO laggy! O2Jam consumes a lot of RAM, but I don't find my computer lagging like hell. Please try to make it run smoother.

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hey man not bad good to see another one comming out well try and help. first off i noticed that when u choose a song it slides out then u hit play sometimes i would hit play before it would finish sliding back in and it would freeze like that so becareful all and second it does get a bit skippy but i liked it keep on keepin on man

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Pretty hard for beginners and lagging a lot

Hey gus.
i hope you'll work on this..i want the full version :)
may its pretty hard for beginners, but you can practis :)
oh yes..if you put the speed up, it will start to lag a lot....

if someone wants the consonle thing, search for beatmania on konami sites

not as good

it was just too hard...there was too many distractions(mabye u should have an option to turn off the backround and the moving stuff)


it was still really good, but it doesnt exactly compliment the previous ones.

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