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[KK]Sonic Smells gay

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Great but too short!

Good that tails and sonic died, but u have 5 AUTHORS and its less than 2 min!

Worst flash ever!

Sorry Alvin Mc tittys you totally failed, the only thing that didint suck was the Green Hill zone music, If you make a next flash about Shuting Down Keyworders and blamming them out of Newgrounds for good then I'll give you a good vote because no ones done that yet.

It was extrem sport bullshit if you asked me, 5 different artist and it turned out like a little kids game that you get rewarded after you complete your math sheets.
The text was cheesey the flash was so short that I blinked and I missed it.
Loaded it up again, tried to keep my eyes open but I then blinked again and just decided to Throw a hammer at my computer. You owe me a new computer bitchity bitch bitch! Biggest bitch of bitchs I want my 500 dollars stat!

And quite frankly I think you were going better with Dana's birthday for christ sake, I mean this kind of daggy shit is juts hanging out Newgrounds bumhole wait to be blammed and scraped off (Errrhh!).

Theres just absolutley nothing in this flash that we havn't seen before.
Hey every one! I clicked the right arrow and sonic went right!
Hey every one! I clicked the left arrow key and sonic went left!
Oh my goodness this is a true master peice alright. Whoo hoo!

If I downloaded this very very very very short film footage!
And took it to my school, There would be no restrictions because the flash media player or what ever was used to make this is out_of-*****!

And by the by, whats this Authors Response about Sonic and Tails making sweet milkshakes your a sicko!!!
This is the worst flash found on any website in ANY UNIVERSE! YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 out of 10^

yuck sry dude

the sprites were good the dialog ok but the storyline was crap.a 1/10 for sprites


101 10001 1001110 1001 It means that you are stupid fucweeds, if you can't understand computer binary language. And plus it only takes one author, that is if this author has a short term memory problem, and forgot the next day that he decides not only did he make it by himself, but to add some morons to this joke for no reason at all. 101100 1010 110010 Fyi if you would like to know this joke should be blam just like you and all of the other KK mofu out there):/

maddflashDP responds:

it says and i quote from unknown-fagtor



zomgomgomgomgomg waffles lolzzzzz 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

maddflashDP responds:

omg lol spam